Happy New Year!

Wishing you a wonderful celebration tonight in anticipation of a wonderful New Year! While the end of 2018 has still held a lot of fear, it’s fear that has been built up over the year. After December 6, when the lessons of the year concluded, we fell into being easily spooked that more bad was coming, even if what we needed to learn from the negativity had already come and gone. Although we may not believe it based on how 2018 has gone, there are some great things ahead. Here is information I’ve gotten from my Guides, Angels and Ancestors about what’s coming up.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, one of the ways I receive information about changing trends in energy and rhythms for coming weeks, months or years, is from getting the same messages for different clients over a short period of time. These clients can be located all over the world and are of different ages, races, religions, genders and careers. When there is nothing else than connects them but the commonality of advice from the guides, I know to pay attention.

The messages I’d gotten for clients at the end of 2018 were a heads-up for the way things are going to be in 2019. We already feel/know there’s going to be a very different energy flow for the new year if for no other reason than 2018 was pointedly contained in its year-long lessons – they came, they hit hard, they left. Whether or not we learned anything was up to us. But we’re ready for something new and refreshing. And we’re going to get it.

For almost the entirety of 2018, we faced difficult self-awareness lessons in dealing with as-yet-cleared karma. Men were forced to let go of the Piscean Age righteousness/entitlement to become emotionally mature and conscious human beings, stepping above and beyond the traditional male role. Women were led to remember lessons learned thousands of years ago about their own inner-power and how to recognize and utilize it, breaking out of their traditional female role. We were reminded we are all of the same energy, we are One.

2019 will be a year to put what we’ve learned into effect, something almost impossible to do in 2018 while we were still facing lesson after lesson. It felt like we finished a challenge, completed that karma and another one popped right up, or they happened all at once. As we move forward, we’ll be finding who we are in this new awareness with more conscious, individual choice than we’ve had before. We will be learning to find a very different vibration in the path and rhythm of our personal lives while being aware of how we affect others and how we participate in the bigger picture. It will be almost as if we’ve been living on land up until now and will suddenly find ourselves living under water from here on. We will have to learn how to adapt to our new environment of swimming rather than walking.

With the doors open as if we’ve been in a cage of forced self-enlightenment for all of 2018, the danger is in running too quickly to make up for the confinement. It will already be a fast year with great leaps forward – that’s the upcoming energy. But we can easily lose the just-accomplished self-balance by trying to make up for the seemingly stagnant energy of 2018 by moving too fast too soon, most likely fueled by the frustration and resentment of the lack of action last year. That can lead to us tripping over our own feet.

Obviously, 2018 wasn’t really a year of stagnation, but it seemed like that because it wasn’t the “bigger, harder, stronger, faster” energy our society is used to, especially in the United States. “Bigger, harder, stronger, faster” is no longer our rhythm, but it has been a credo for so long, it’s became an innate way of life. However, it has hit its ceiling. We can’t go any further without it falling apart, as it has already started to do. How many people when getting a cold or flu feel they have to take medication to make sure they’re at work no matter how sick they are? Should they be home, resting and healing? Yes, but Piscean Age says “NO!” We should push ourselves for fear of losing our job or of being judged, or just because that’s the accepted rhythm. Not resting denies us time to heal, makes the cold/flu worse, takes longer to recover, but still doesn’t stop us from “carrying on”. In this case, “bigger harder, stronger, faster” endangers our health in an accepted way. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons the cold/flu strains have gotten stronger and stronger, laying us out flat for longer periods of time so we can finally get the message to take care of ourselves.

As the energy of 2019 and the Aquarian Age naturally speeds up – in a completely different pace from Piscean Age speed – human beings are naturally speeding up, too. What we consider important from Piscean Age standards – more money, higher position in career, how others judge us, the survival of me-me-me – is all a result of the Piscean Age push. In 2019, we discover the Aquarian Age speed gets us what we want through enlightenment, awareness and knowledge of how we fit with ourselves in comfort and with the way of the world. We can relax into the speed and it carries us to our goals.

“Carrying on” is part of the system we created. In 2019, we will begin to create a different rhythm and importance of action: how we’ve reacted to life while living on land necessarily becomes different if we are now living underwater. If we aren’t aware we’re supposed to be adapting and shifting, it takes a while to get comfortable with this rhythm. If we are aware of it, it happens quickly.

The strongest messages I’ve been getting from my Guides, Angels and Ancestors are to be kinder and gentler to ourselves as we move into the open-floodgate energy of 2019. In the first few months of the new year, we will have the opportunity to learn a new lesson about our rhythm being in harmony with the rhythm of the Aquarian Age and the planet. The super-accomplishment push of the Piscean Age is no longer the base rhythm. It has reached a point that puts us in jeopardy regarding our health (as mentioned), relationships and general well-being. We are to establish a new rhythm that respects ourselves more than expectations and is in harmony with All rather than chaos.

We’ve been set to learn the basics of “Let Go, Let God” (or Goddess, Creator, etc.) for the last two years and that will continue in a stronger way. It becomes “trust in the vibration of the Earth” vs. “forcing it to be the way we want it to be”. If we let go, fall back in trust, we get what we want and where we want to be without pushing. It’s scary to believe it’s possible, but it’s where we’re going however we get there. I frequently use a rushing river as an example for the path we’re on – if we go against the flow to try to get back to where we were thrown in, we’ll drown. If we go with the flow, find our current in the water through trust, we’ll be taken exactly where we want to be without having to force it. It’s a leap of faith that gets us to look at things from this completely different mindset.

Levels of stress will be a vital indicator of what to pay attention to. If we continue to put ourselves in a stressful environment (mentally and physically) or can’t recognize stressful situations, we miss taking that inner soul-breath that allows things to come naturally. The energy takes care of itself and us, just not on the frenetic level we’ve been used to. If we practice being kinder and gentler to ourselves, we automatically become kinder and gentler to each other.

On the upside, surprising positive opportunities will be given to people in the first several months of the new year, not just to test how we did with 2018 lessons but as rewards. Business opportunities or a relationship can come out of the blue – as if by Divine Intervention. This can happen to move things forward for some and to give others an opportunity to get out of negativity.

As we move into 2019, watch making resolutions with a time stamp, especially expectations for things to solidify or become opportunities in January. January is the clean-up month for 2018 and more for prepping for new energy than being the new energy. January will be like taking a shower after a hard work out. February 5 is when the 2019 energy kicks in.


January 3 – the new Congress is sworn in, which represents the shift in energy where we and the Aquarian Age/Earth vibration are in harmony – an exciting anticipation of the next two years of positive change.

January 4 – we will feel the shift of calendar 2018 to 2019 more on the fourth of January than on the first. We’ll be in the Dark of the Moon energy, so we will feel lost but hopeful.

January 5 – New Moon with a Solar Eclipse – as eclipses move things faster in a surprising way, expect a burst of energy to finish off 2018 leftovers and bring anticipation of 2019.

January 20-21 – Full Supermoon with a Lunar Eclipse, where we will start feeling in our bones the excitement/new energy of the speed and success available in 2019 as the Sun also enters the sign of Aquarius! This eclipse brings the culmination of releasing and cleansing self of all of 2018s harshness. This moment, with the change from 2018 to 2019 being so profound and the eclipse bringing in unexpected high energy, is really important and powerful. Releasing rituals for this day clear leftovers for ALL of 2018!

February 5 – Chinese New Year of the Female Earth Pig/Boar (more on that as we get closer) with the New Moon in Aquarius! 2019 energy finally starts! Start swimming!

I will post more on 2019 as it comes up. Meanwhile, get centered, balanced and stay in the moment. While 2019 is still a challenging year in that so much will change quickly – which we will see on the news daily – it will be a year to remember in a positive way as 2018 has been a year to remember for all its negativity.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

p.s. Look for a Discount Thursday for January announcement tomorrow!!!

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