I’ve been talking all year about 2018 being the Karmic Catch-Up Year. We’ve had one opportunity/challenge after another to face our karma and lessons-yet-to-be-achieved, from heavy planetary influence (the Summer of Retrogrades) to the changing vibrations of the Earth to our own time of Aquarian Age human evolution. It has been a very hard year for most of us. Goddess bless those who were already “with the program” and skipped the difficulties for themselves, although I’m sure they were affected by those around them not as fortunate.

Just when we think it’s safe to go back in the water… We’re not done. Even though we’re winding down from this year’s pushed-to-the-wall lessons with the last Mercury retrograde finishing up on December 6/8 and the (sometimes forced-happiness) release of the holiday season, the tail end of the karmic catch-up energy won’t let those of us who refused to participate, change, or adapt graduate out of this year without one last attempt to get our attention.

Years ago while I was working at the Psychic Eye in Los Angeles, a longtime client, Ruby, came to me with her boyfriend, James. He had run afoul of the law and done some prison time but had turned his life around. She was a major force for that. Recently, he had a minor parole infraction and was headed for a hearing within days to see if the court would revoke his bail and send him back to jail, something he obviously didn’t want to have happen. They asked me to see if it would.

Everything I saw in the cards, felt in my gut and received from Higher Source was that he wasn’t going back to jail. But on the day of the hearing, Ruby came to see me immediately afterward to tell me the judge had indeed revoked his bail and he was back in jail for six months. Both of them were understandably very upset, and she wanted to know why I had been so wrong.

My accuracy rate is 85 to 90 percent so I know I am not on point all the time. Only one other case in the past came out “so wrong”: that of Celia, an older woman, who was heading back to her doctor the following week for results after many tests. She wanted to know if she had cancer. In my profession, answering questions about a serious health issue, especially cancer, is a minefield in itself and a heavy responsibility. Being wrong can be devastating without giving any help at all.

I was “wrong” with her, too. All the information coming to me said Celia was clear and her symptoms were something besides cancer. But was she diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer and was livid with me for telling her differently (although having me confirm that she had such an intense diagnosis before she saw the doctor wouldn’t have helped much – seven days is a long time to live in fear, which is why a lot of psychics won’t touch the subject).

The point is that both of these situations involved a heavy dose of karma and my “wrong” readings played their part. When I re-looked at the situation, James’ karmic lesson was that he needed to feel confident that he wasn’t going back to jail so when the opposite happened, he was shocked into a surety that he would never skirt parole or do anything just a little illegal ever again. He would remember this lesson strongly for the rest of his life. While he might stay mad at me for giving him a “bad” reading, he would never again be in jail. Without that karmic Godsmack, sliding a little here and there would have led to a life he didn’t want.

Celia got another Godsmack but for a completely different reason. She was a master manipulator who controlled her family with passive/aggressive behavior and had frequently played small illnesses to their hilt to get attention and demand compliance. She got what she wished for: a really serious illness that brought her complete attention and compliance. The shock of the diagnosis was supposed to help her change her ways. But it didn’t. She milked her cancer and tortured her family until she died. While James learned a great deal from his experience, Celia learned nothing at all.

This isn’t about my reading accuracy, however, it’s about how this year-long lesson isn’t done with some of us. Within the last two weeks, I’ve had clients calling for help because their worlds have been suddenly crashing around them. I was able to recognize what was going on as part of their karmic work because the first client, Tracy, got a “good” reading that turned out differently than expected. So I was reminded of the shock and depth of my experience with James and Celia.

Tracy’s husband was afraid of losing his job because his place of business closed due to the fires in California. The business wasn’t burned down but it lost customers because the surrounding area was hit hard. I saw and felt (confirmed by the cards) that the business would re-open for the holidays, take a while to recoup but would survive. It’s what she and her husband desperately wanted because her husband was his own worst enemy at getting work and she had supported their family for years while he was figuring it out.

Tracy called two days after that reading to say that the business owner (a hard-to-work-for bully) closed the business permanently. What were they going to do? While it was scary, especially since Tracy had worked, pushed, threatened, cajoled and supported her husband until he had gotten that job, it was a forced opportunity for him to finally step into his talent that he was afraid to face by finding a job that was worthy of him (and not with a bully). By not facing that fear before, although he’d had many options, the end of 2018 brought the fear back stronger for both of them.

Ellen had a similar situation with her husband, another very talented man who settled for less than he could do because he was afraid of pushing the envelope. In his case, easy success in his last life also gave him an entitlement in this one; he innately expected success would fall into place. When it didn’t and he was required to work for his success and recognition, her support and his fear allowed him to take small jobs not equal to what he could do or financially earn. They had come to a place where finances were in extreme difficulty. He’d had one opportunity after another for years to step out of his own way. He hadn’t taken any of them so karma came calling.

There are many other examples of what’s going on now. If we don’t look at these situations as being karmic lessons to help us achieve personal growth (that we wanted in our Accomplishment Checklist we created before we were born), it can seem as if God or the Universe or a curse is to blame. But that’s missing the point. It’s on us to face ourselves. This year will not be complete until it gives us one last go-around.

That being said, there are also many of us who are getting karmically rewarded for the work we’ve done throughout the year. Opportunities for growth and success are being presented out-of-the-blue in anticipation of the fast-forward flow 2019 will bring. Clients have called because they can’t believe their good “luck”, wanting to see if this was a test or for real. Gratefully, all of their “luck” has been an accumulation of karmic points they earned throughout the year paying them back.

Even though we’re heading into holiday time, pay attention to what’s put in front of us. This year isn’t over (and won’t be until the Chinese New Year on February 5, so don’t expect relief on January 1). The lessons won’t stop until we start new 2019 energy. Even then, for those who are choosing to stay stuck despite every opportunity to grow up with the rest of the world, next year – and the rest of their lives – will continue to be a challenge.

If you’re involved with someone who has continually been getting Godsmacked without changing, look to self and why you’re involved with that person. It might be time to reconsider spending time with someone who is so in their own way that they don’t mind taking others down with them. That can seem harsh, but this year has been about each individual and our own self-awareness. If someone else is having a problem, look to self to see why you’re involved. If that “why” is clear and you choose to stay anyway, that’s a conscious decision, not one dictated by fear or blind tradition. That kind of fear and blind tradition have no place in our future.

Hang in. Pay attention. Even though it might not seem like it, the majority of us are doing a good job.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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