We can look at the situation we’re in right now, as the pandemic directs our lives, in a couple of ways. While a lot of us are taking it seriously and following the recommendations of experts by sheltering in place, using masks when going out for necessities and practicing social distancing, quite a few of us see it as more of an annoyance than a threat, while others are denying its existence completely.

Those who are just annoyed either can’t see the bigger picture (because they don’t want to—and “don’t tell me what to do!”) or are so self-involved, the pandemic is seen as getting in their personal way for how they want to live (their ego’s “shoulds”). Without really taking this seriously, they become part of the threat but won’t see it that way. Some young souls feel they aren’t going to be affected because their physical age (and ego) make them immune—if they believe it’s a threat at all—and don’t consider they can carry the virus without showing symptoms and thus infect others…because, you know, it’s never about “them”, it’s always about “me”, in their way of thinking.

It’s the raging, ongoing battle of the Piscean Age me vs. the Aquarian Age us. “We’re all in this together”, the current saying goes, even though there’s a significant number of us who don’t want to play it that way. Most people perceive the world around them as what’s happening to them, not how they are affecting others. That’s a clear indication of where people are in their development, or lack thereof, in this 2020 transition. Young souls are only going to see how it messes with their personal lives while older souls see how this is changing everything about our world, and how we see things, for the better.

In the end, the Aquarian Age wins, because the vibration has already shifted and we can’t go backwards. But until that new energy takes over (by the end of the year), people are still fighting the change, almost like when the Civil War ended and several battles cost many lives after the surrender at Appomattox because the generals had yet to be informed. The difference here is that everyone has been informed but some don’t like it and/or are holding on to self-righteousness…they’ve been given their head before, so they think they can get away with that kind of thinking now.

Yet, we all know this is different. The feeling of the importance of what’s happening to human beings this year is deep in our soul-consciousness, which means those who are fighting the realities of 2020 are also fighting themselves. And that usually means they’re getting in the way of everyone else.

For every single version of how people are dealing with Covid-19 (or not), there is one common denominator: karma. The pandemic is not an annoyance or punishment, it’s a balancing act. Karma makes us see ourselves and our journey clearer if we look at it without “should” and “why me?” It’s a way of relearning about life and death, it’s a sweeping payback and clearing of the past. We’ve been given one moment after another in this life to raise our vibration, to move forward instead of being stuck, to get out of self and self-interest above all and grow into the “us/we” vibe, but a lot of us haven’t.

This lifetime is so special. We’re in the biggest awakening humankind has ever had, and within that, we came here to take advantage of the accelerated energy change. That means we can do multiple lifetimes’ worth of karmic work in a single span of years. And we’ve had the opportunity to do that our entire lives this time around. But many have forgotten that or have given up because the fact of life was harder than the theory of it, so we have this year to give us that forced karmic reckoning.

Every individual who is affected by Covid-19 is completing a karmic journey, whether or not they’re consciously aware of it. That means those who become sick, their family and friends, their community, the first responders and health workers, the hierarchy of the medical community (and the subset of the “business” of insurance), our leaders and those who support them, and pretty much everyone else by extension throughout the world, is facing a karmic conclusion, one that we all agreed to before we came into this life.

That may seem hard to believe, that everyone who has gotten sick and died, chose that. But this is higher-self at work here, not our day-to-day consciousness. No matter how evolved each soul is, most of us aren’t in touch with everything we programmed ourselves to experience before we were reborn. And many times, not remembering we agreed to face hardship is part of the journey.

For example, while this pandemic is hitting everyone, it’s far more fatal to our elderly. There’s a karmic reason for that. Over the Piscean Age, we’ve gradually forgotten our connection to the life-death-rebirth cycle so most people are afraid to die. Given that our current population of elderly have some connection to The Great Depression (either they were alive then or were taught by parents who were alive when it hit), they’re still holding onto the “survive at all costs” mentality drilled into them. With the massive profit-oriented medical community offering all kinds of ways of keeping people alive just for the sake of staying alive, and organized religions controlling through the “power-over” fear of what happens when you die if you didn’t live by their rules, the vast majority of elderly have no idea how to accept death with a grace and understanding that we all know in our souls. This pandemic gives them an out.

And not every person who has died and will die is doing it for the same karmic reasons. While there are those who have forgotten how to let go and are given an opportunity to relearn that, others are volunteering to die (on a higher level) because of the overall Aquarian Age lesson of transition and growing into higher awareness Covid-19 is giving us. And as each person is an individual with multiple layers of reasons for why they’re here, what they want to accomplish, and the people around them their actions affect, each person’s individual karma is also in play.

So when looking at why this is happening and why some people over others are sick, or experiencing loss, know there is higher purpose to all this that many have forgotten about. This is hard, yes. But the pandemic is the tip of the iceberg of the transformation that is on us this year. Try to keep it in perspective of the great karmic work being done for the good of all humankind and the “karmic points” we all accumulate by facing what we’re supposed to learn and leaning in instead of hiding behind Piscean Age ego.

Another thing…the president likes to call this a war, but that concept is so very Piscean Age, it no longer fits our new mindset. We can’t bludgeon the virus, or nuke it, or take over its land. We can’t beat up or attack something that is non-physical. This is not a war, it’s self-evaluation. This pandemic lasts as long as it takes for everyone on the planet to either “get it” or lose their power-over when the vibration shifts at the end of the year. Let’s all choose to evolve together.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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It seems obvious, but FYI, I am only doing phone readings at this time. I will reassess seeing people in person at the end of May. But as I feel more widespread infection and chaos will reign over the summer, I’ll have to see on a month-by-month basis.

Stay safe! Stay conscious! Stay healthy!

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