Here comes another Big Planet event. “Big” because the planet itself is the biggest in our solar system; and “big” because this move brings significant change to everyone’s general outlook – as Jupiter has a tendency to do. The effects are slow, deep and long-lasting in this 13 month journey.

Master Astrologer, Gahl Sasoon, whom I have quoted before, relates the effects of this change on us and his article says it better than any other I’ve read. Take note that at the end of the article, he specifies how this planetary event affects each one of the zodiac signs.

Also note, even though it’s only mentioned once, that this time will be especially beneficial for pets and pet owners (or becoming a pet owner). With my great love of animals, and the world’s growing interest in how we are caring for them (or not), these next 13 months will make that interest and action explode in a positive way.

So here is Gahl’s take on Jupiter moving into Virgo:

Jupiter in Virgo: August 11, 2015 through September 9, 2016

On August 11th, Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, opportunities, expansion, and luck will bid Leo farewell and enter the monastery of Virgo. The party is over. After a year of being high, it is time to be grounded. Enter the season of zodiacal catharsis, rehabilitation, detox and purification offered sponsored by the Virgin, the Lady of Herbs.

Jupiter thinks big, with an over optimistic flair of “yea, sure, why not.” Jovial in his core (etymology of the word from Middle French – “under the influence of the planet Jupiter), this planet finds it hard to express itself in Virgo, the sign of known for saying “no,” or “let me think about it.” Jupiter’s tarot card is “Fortune,” while Virgo’s is “The Hermit.” So the spread for the next thirteen months is: fortune comes from assuming the qualities of a hermit or a nun. OK. Great…

Jupiter accepts everything and everyone, yet Virgo is critical and can scan you better than the X-Ray airport security system. Jupiter rounds the corner, while Virgo pays attention to small details, edits and reedits. Jupiter paints the flowers and Virgo, the inchworm, prefers to count them and classify them with complicated Latin names. Jupiter is holistic and Virgo analytical. In other words, Jupiter does not like being a guest of the Puritan sign of perfectionism. A straw bed, no wine, and the food tastes like wheat-grass. But you know what, after a year of partying with Leo, it is a good time to chill out and start the cleaning process…


As we saw above, Jupiter represents expansion and zooming out while Virgo is constrictive and zooms in. We have a classic case of telescope/microscope or philosophers/engineers or artists/investors. In the Greek and Roman mythologies, Jupiter possess an unquenchable sexual appetite. He makes love (or rapes, depends who you ask) women, men, animals, plants, you name it. Virgo, by default, is the Virgin sign that upholds chastity and abstinence.

However, this strange coupling affords us a golden opportunity to connect otherwise distant archetypes. It is the best time to edit (Virgo) your aspirations (Jupiter), to be accountable (Virgo) with your philosophies and creeds (Jupiter), to learn how to breathe in (Jupiter) and out (Virgo). It is a time when your grand project will get smaller, more humble and therefore, might actually manifest. Virgo is an earth sign and it can make things happen. As long as you are not trying to plant a cactus in the jungle or a bird of paradise in the desert. Instead of thinking Jupiter in Virgo is conflicting, think of it as an opportunity to bring together opposing forces to work the miracles you need. My friend and renowned jujitsu professor Leo Vieira insists that after a hard training when your muscles burn, instead of taking a hot bath, you must submerge yourself in an ice bath. It is all about Expansion and Constriction. Jupiter in Virgo…

Becoming a Virgo and Receiving Jupiter

While it is true that Jupiter bestows gifts the next year on Virgos, even if you are not a Virgo you can still benefit from the blessing of the biggest planet in our system. Each one of us has a house in our chart that is governed by Virgo and that house will experience expansion in the next year. 

In addition, you can chose to focus on becoming a Virgo for the next thirteen months, thus receiving the blessings of Jupiter. You can do it by “wearing” the energetic garments of Virgo:

Virgo is associated with pets. Jupiter can help get a pet or take care of one.

  • Virgo rules work and service. If you don’t feel you are serving enough in your work, donate time and energy to a chosen charity.
  • Virgo equals diet. Change your diet, add juicing, experiment with vegetarianism, at least cut out of your diet sugar, carbs, fried food.
  • Virgo is related to accounting. It is a great time to become debt free and organize your finance.
  • Virgo is connected to organization, routine, and schedule. This year behave more like a monk or a nun. It will really help if you connect to a steady fixed routine.

Jupiter in Virgo for the 12 signs

Most of us already experienced the magic of Jupiter in Virgo, as it happens every 12 years. By going back to previous cycles and examining how you felt that expansion before, you can better prepare yourself for the upcoming passage of Jupiter in the Virgin sign. Look for these years: 1955-1957, 1967-1969, 1979-1980, 1992-1993, 2003-2004.

Below is a list detailing the areas of life each sign will be experiencing a year of expansion and opportunities. Remember, Jupiter is a door opener, ushering a cosmic invitation. It is up to you to grant it. What I am trying to say is that it is ultimately our job to answer the “call for action” delivered by Jupiter. If we sit idly and do nothing, we might miss the boat or airplane. Yes, Jupiter is the cavalry coming in the midst of the battle to ouraid, but we still have to do the fighting in order to win the battle…

Opportunities, luck, expansion, flow and help presenting itself in these areas

  • Aries: This is the year to find the perfect routine, schedule and organize your life around work, diet and health. A good time to hire employees, expand your work, change the way you serve others or get a promotion.
  • Taurus: It is time for love and romance, having another kid, connecting to your inner child, being creative, and partying! This year Jupiter can help you have fun and enjoy life. Jupiter in a fellow earth sign means this year you are getting an extra help.
  • Gemini: A good year to renovate, buy a house, upgrade your living situation, move a city or country. A good year to heal relationships with family members, reconnect to lost sons and daughters. Expansion coming from compassion and forgiveness.
  • Cancer: Expansion manifests through siblings, neighbors and relatives. A great year for writing, closing contracts, marketing and promoting yourself. All forms of communications are going to be blessed.
  • Leo: A great year for improving finance, getting a raise, changing how you make money by connecting to your true talents and values. This year you might get an award, win tournaments, and increase your self worth.
  • Virgo: As Jupiter moves into your sign, all aspects of your life should get a boost. But this is the year to re-brand yourself, get a new look, reconnect to your body, start a new diet and exercise regime. This year you are getting a cosmic bonus, use it wisely.
  • Libra: The next thirteen months you will benefit by letting go, releasing, separating, breaking apart. Start meditating, doing yoga, go on retreats. You will meet people you knew in past lifetimes as well as reconnect to skills you might have had in previous lives.
  • Scorpio: This year friends will be your biggest asset. This is the year where you can benefit from making new friends, joining groups and organizations. A new company or cooperation might offer you a new path. Good for work with government and non-profits.
  • Sagittarius: This year be a bit careful as Jupiter, your planet is squaring your sign, causing a bit more stress. However, this could pan out to be a good year for career and success. This is a good year for change in career or a promotion.
  • Capricorn: This is a year for adventures, travel, connecting to multi-national corporations, moving to a different country, learning a new language. Expansion coming from higher education. Jupiter in a fellow earth sign means this year you are getting an extra help.
  • Aquarius: There is expansion coming from working with other people’s talents and money. Maybe an inheritance, or improved finance. This year you need to find your passion, drive and sexuality. You will benefit from allowing the dead to die and patiently await the resurrection. This is a year for healing, shamanism and intimacy.
  • Pisces: This year you might find your partner in life or in work or get married, engaged etc. It also means that if you already have a partner, they will do better and help improve the relationship. A good time to resolve legal disputes.

 I wish you a wonderful 13 months of balancing Jupiter in Virgo and hopefully you will come out of this cycle with in better health and diet, improved lifestyle, and prosperous engaging and fun work.
Love, gahl

 and from me, with love and gratitude…


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