Jupiter in Leo July 2014

Feeling any lighter after Mercury went direct on Tuesday? Well, look forward to feeling even better come mid-July. Here is an excerpt from Gahl Sassoon (whom I’ve quoted here several times) on some relief that is in sight after all the merciless lessons of the past months.

Jupiter in Leo: July 16 – August 11 2015

Good news! Jupiter, the benevolent planet of luck, expansion, synchronicities, optimism and opportunities, is moving into the romantic, charismatic, charming, fun and golden kingdom of Leo from July 16, 2014 til August 11, 2015. When Leos have good time, we all have a great time. Leo is the child of the zodiac, and many parents assert that the best family vacations are those when the kids are having fun. So for the next year, with the help of the good Jupiter, Leo, a generous sign, will share its happiness and fun with us all.

What does it mean?
Everything that relates to Leo – think love, romance, happiness, creativity and fun – will get a boost for the next year. Jupiter moving into the royal sign will feel like Leo on steroids. Wait! Don’t stop reading this if you are not a Leo or know no one in Leo, because this aspect DOES concern you: 1. you might have a planet in Leo. 2. 100% you have one of your houses that is ruled by Leo.

Listed below is how Jupiter in Leo will affect your sign or your spiritual tribe, as I like to call the Zodiac signs. To make it more personal, check out this short tutorial I made that will help you identify what house you have Leo and what aspects of your life will benefit from the expansion of Jupiter:


Aries – Jupiter expands your self-expression, creativity and ability to entertain yourself and others. If romance has been a missing ingredient in your life, it may come in abundance the next 12 months. Jupiter is now reconnecting you to fun and happiness so let the good times roll. Children (of the mind and of the womb) will become more important this year. A great time to pick up a hobby or a sport and take some risks. Since Leo is a fellow fire sign, you will enjoy the benefits promised to your Leo brothers and sisters.

Taurus – Jupiter enlightens you on family matters and can also create expansion around your home. This is generally a good time for real-estate investments. Jupiter now is fixing the foundation of your chart, connecting you to your feelings and compassion. Finding a sense of security is top priority. It is also a time you can finalize deals, and get some project to a fortunate conclusion. Since Leo is your square sign, you might be called to action or act in excessive manner, so think before you talk and look before your jump. Curb your enthusiasm and be realistic with your goals.

Gemini – Jupiter is activating your intellect (not that it needs any extra intellectual stimuli). You will feel inspired to write, blog, tweet, connect and be connected. This year it will feel almost as if Jupiter is in your own sign, as it travels in the area of your chart that feels the most like home. You will find it easy to study, negotiate, and create an infra-structure of contacts and associates. Networking is the key word for expansion this year. In addition, luck with contracts, healing and expansion with or around neighbors, roommates, siblings, nephews, nieces, and cousins. Since you are an air sign and Leo will be in a fire Leo, you will feel it stronger than other signs. 

Cancer – Jupiter favors you of all signs as it is said that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, therefore Jupiter always has a soft spot for you. This is the best year in twelve to improve your finances, find new talents you can focus on, especially those that came into light 12 years ago. You might receive recognition, awards, raises, promotions, and your values might expand to include new concepts. Overall, you will feel a higher sense of self-worth.

Leo – This is the best year for you in 12 years. Be careful not to take yourself too seriously and inflate your ego. Since Jupiter expands your house of body, take heed with your diet so you do not literally expand and gain weight. That being said, rejoice, be happy, have fun, take risks, and entertain your fellow signs. Think of the next twelve months as your crowning year when you are anointed and can achieve success in all aspects of your life. People will see you in a positive light and you will find it easy to get things done.

Virgo – The Oracle of Delphi is with you and you are with her: ‘know thyself.’ The lesson for Virgo this year is to explore the hidden realms, to embark on a mystical journey to the unknown, past lives. You might even be able to access memories and skills from former lives. You may dream prophetic dreams, meditate deeper than you ever did, become a great yogi and mystic. Your empathy level and intuition will rise as well. Lots of déjà vu as well as meeting with people from past lives or your past in this life.

Libra – This year you will find your contact list expanding, Facebook friends list growing and you will become more popular.   If you work in a corporation or government, you might have a promotion, a raise or a better position. If you need permits and acceptance from a large group of people or government, you will receive it effortlessly. This is a time to join a non-profit, to manifest your dreams and make your wishes a reality. Think teamwork = success. Since you are an air sign and Leo is a fire sign, Jupiter will ignite your thoughts and bring a great deal of action to your life. Doors will open and shut quickly so you will have to be more like an action movie character than a romantic comedy or musical one.

Scorpio – This is a year of success in career and professional life. You will experience a career promotion or a new gained clarity about your path in life. You will find more ease with figures of authority and more people will recognize you for your gifts and hard work. This is a year of prizes, awards, higher status and medals. Since Leo is your “square” sign, you might be called to action or to act in an excessive manner, so think before you talk and look before your jump. Curb your enthusiasm and be realistic with your goals.

Sagittarius – Great time for higher-education and travel. You will find yourself traveling to new places, and having success with multi-national corporations as well as making friends with foreigners. Jupiter is the ruler of your sign and this year he wants you to have wonderful adventures. You will become a teacher, consultant and maybe meet people who can become mentors.  Try to combine travel with learning, adventures with meaning. Optimism and luck, ability to “see” the future. Since Leo is a fellow fire sign, you will get the benefits promised to your Leo brothers and sisters.

Capricorn – What a year you are about to have! Jupiter will connect you to legacies and inheritances, bequests and help from the dead. Your partners will make more money and you will benefit from their success. A year of abundant sexuality, intimacy, investments and even a dive into metaphysics and the occult. Hidden things exposed, secrets revealed. You will become a wizard or a witch (in the good sense). This year you will feel more attractive and be able to heal sexual and intimate issues. You will find ease in investigation and reaching to the depth of a subject or an issue you need to resolve. You are becoming a shaman, let it go and dive into the dark side of the moon!

Aquarius – This is the year of relationship, marriage, forging business partnerships and success in legal affairs. You will also have a better time dealing with enemies or people who oppose you. This is also a great year to reconnect to significant others, create peace and corporation with others. Think “us” instead of “me” and you will thrive.  A great year to embark on artistic pursuits, redesign your home or office and balance yourself. Since Leo is your opposite sign, it will create some opposition in your life, so take heed of over- commiting or saying “yes” to too many projects and being over optimistic. Also, you might feel you are caught between two people, two offers, or two projects. Try not to choose but instead, think integration.

Pisces – This year you will find expansion around work, health, pets and diet. Hard work will be rewarded.  You might be offered a bigger office or work space, recognition for your work and find a better way to serve others. This is a great year to embark on a new diet and heal yourself physically. This year employees or people that work under you will be more helpful. It is a good year to hire an assistant to help you serve better. A great time for a detox and embarking on a project involving service and aiding people. 

 The Astrology of Becoming

One way to tap into this fortunate energy is what I call in my book “Cosmic Navigator”, the Astrology of Becoming. By acting like a sign, that is, dressing yourself in that archetype and taking on its attributions and characteristics, you can receive the positive energies bestowed on that sign. Therefore, as Jupiter is moving into Leo, you too can receive the gifts of the benevolent planet by becoming Leo for the next year.

All you have to do is know what you want (Leo’s key word is I WILL), invest time and energy in a hobby, pick up a sport, do things that makes you have fun, go out, be creative, don’t be afraid to take risks, be generous, don’t shy away from being in the center of attention, perform, entertain, be childlike (not childish), open your heart and do some cardio (heart is the organ ruled by Leo).

However, if you are not a Leo and you are channeling the golden light of the feline sign, take heed not to also rout their dark side which is usually revolving around egocentric attitudes and selfishness.

Check out the full email at his website www.cosmicnavigator.com. As he said, It goes into detail about Jupiter in each of the houses and what that means for you.

In the meantime, let’s take care of ourselves – it’s what we need to do first in order to then be able to take care of those we love, humankind (and animal-kind) and the Earth herself.

May Jupiter in Leo bring everyone beneficent growth and expansion.

With love and gratitude…

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