July and August 2013 7/9/2013

July and August 2013

Look for this summer to bring major transformational energy, as seems to be the theme in our lives these days. We’ve got one of the two big astrological events of 2013 on July 29 with a Grand Sextile bringing in a whole lot of feminine energy, followed immediately after by the worst month of the year. Should be an interesting ride.

I’ve mentioned before that this year is all about the feminine energy coming back in a big way after the 2,000 year Piscean Age male-domination. It started with the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake in February and continued with the lunar/solar eclipses in April and May, followed by the supermoon in June – all gently bringing in powerful balancing energy. The Grand Sextile provides the biggest infusion of feminine energy so far.

Just like a super-tanker water drop (feminine energy) on a raging fire (masculine energy), there’s always smoke that gets in the eyes before the air clears. So even with the positively balancing feminine energy coming in, there will be confusion before everything settles.

For all the astrology enthusiasts, here’s an excerpt from Llewellyn’s 2013 Daily Planetary Guide that explains things better than I could:

“Well, it’s finally here: the long-awaited Grand Sextile! Everything else is overshadowed by this rare aspect configuration on Monday, July 29. Although it’s not visible to the naked eye, its positive influence is still very strong.

“The Grand Sextile is a six-pointed star figure (hexagram) made up of two triangles, one pointing up and one pointing down, with different planets at each of the points. It is composed of six sextiles, six trines and three oppositions. There are seven planets involved in this Grand Sextile, and they are all in feminine signs (water and earth). This emphasis symbolizes the return of feminine energy to the planet.

“The two Grand Trines are healing gifts in earth (moon trine Venus trine Pluto) and water (Mars/Jupiter trine Saturn trine Neptune) signs. The sextiles have great but unrealized potential and are like trines-in-training. The three oppositions (Mars/Jupiter opposite Pluto, Moon opposite Saturn, and Venus opposite Neptune) are the engines that are needed to make the whole configuration sit up and come alive.

“The return of the feminine symbolized by this Grand Sextile is a gift from the heavens to help us regain the equilibrium (ecological, sociopolitical, and spiritual) that is out of balance in the world today. In the midst of the Uranus/Pluto battlefield (2012-2015), this Grand Sextile is a saving grace that holds fantastic healing potential.”

So how does that affect us day-to-day? Many will feel a huge leaps forward in intuition, sensitivity, emotional memory and compassionate understanding, and will experience serendipitous events. There can be overwhelming and satisfying feelings of love and connection to others, animals, events and the Earth.

There will also be physical reactions (not sleeping, having no energy, feeling body-heavy, manifestation of physical problems in self in reaction to emotional distress of others) as we all become less dense physical beings while we’re acclimating to the higher vibes.

And there will be a demand for equality. We’ve already been getting hits of that with the Supreme Court decision about same sex marriage and the second Arab Spring for Egypt in as many years. Look for it to increase.

This rise in vibration will also make many far more sensitive to anyone and anything that is out of balance. I refer to a much earlier newsletter covering the “Is This My Fear?” way of avoiding being thrown off balance by inadvertently taking on the imbalance of others.

If you have a huge emotional reaction to anything or wake with a lot of fear or anger or frustration that seems bigger than usual, simply ask, aloud, “Is this my fear (or whatever the emotion is)?” If it’s not yours, if energy from a desperate soul has piggybacked onto you, that simple question releases you from holding onto it. I’m using it several times a day as the kind of transformation we’re experiencing scares a lot of people on a very deep level and even without intending to, scared people emit scared energy.

Others will feel this energy as an uncomfortable mirror to show how much they’re not leaping forward at all. Beware that those who are still rabidly holding on to the Piscean Age reality are going to have a hard time. Being uplifted and bathed in positive vibes can piss people off if the transformation isn’t the way people want to be transformed. If stuck people can’t see beyond not getting their own way, they will feel so out of balance, so uncomfortable, they’ll up the ante on making others pay. That’s the downside of this Grand Sextile.

That means while most will feel uplifted and more balanced than ever before, some will get nasty with others because their world isn’t fair. Then comes the bitch month of August, which is the worst month of the year every year.

August, according to Feng Shui, is when the bad ghosts come out and plague us. And we usually get the worst heat with the shortest tempers. Here’s a bit from Lillian Too’s Tung Sing 2013 (Chinese Destiny Book) called “Staying Safe in Hungry Ghost Month” about the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar (August 7 through September 4):

“During the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar, the Chinese believe that the gates of hell are thrown wide open allowing then all the hungry ghosts of the hell realms free rein to roam freely on Earth.

“Hungry ghosts are the spirits of the dead who have been trapped in hell. These are suffering beings and they are perpetually hungry, because spirits are unable to eat. This is part of the suffering they have to endure, so when they are released to roam freely for a whole month, they often release their suffering onto the human beings they encounter.

“During the 7th month then, these hungry ghosts are like wandering spirits in search of food. Living beings often prepare meals as offerings to the hungry ghosts, who are usually their own dead relatives. The Chinese believe that they need to satisfy the ghosts to receive good fortune from their dead relatives.

“During the Hungry Ghost festival, prayers to deceased relatives are offered accompanied by the burning of paper money, paper houses, paper transportation, paper accessories and joss sticks all offered to their ancestors as well as to whoever wandering spirits may be at the front of their homes. This ensures that the ghosts will not cause accidents and illness to befall the home.

“Temples offer entertaining Chinese Opera shows to these same wandering spirits and often they will also offer big massive prayers. The most significant aspect of the festival (is) the large amount of joss sticks burnt – as it is believed that smelling the fragrant aromas of incense is even more comforting for the ghosts than eating.

During the month when the ghosts are released however, the Chinese are extra careful. Some of the things to avoid to stay safe include swimming, moving into new homes or opening new businesses, getting married and jungle trekking. Her book also has special instructions for staying safe in a hotel and traveling and, especially, for traveling in a jungle.

I describe the energy of August a little differently: Imagine you’re on a busy freeway in a city on a Friday at 5 o’clock before a holiday with 100 plus degree weather, no air conditioning in the car and traffic’s not moving nor can you get off the road. For those in the Los Angeles area, think being on the 405 going over the Sepulveda pass on the Friday of either a 4th of July or Labor Day weekend and traffic’s backed up for hours. That’s pretty much what we’ll be facing in August. Even the most balanced, happy person is going to be affected by that.

As I always say, if we know what’s going on, we’re better equipped to deal with it.

I’ve mentioned before that a big reaction to this energy is that we’re in our own bubbles to either protect ourselves or to be force-fed our own lessons. Being in those bubbles causes us to deal with nothing but self and we’re bumping into each other spiritually, emotionally and physically. So, very specifically until July 20, watch out for the physical bumping into each other on the road with this Mercury retrograde providing ample opportunities for karma-clearing accidents until it goes direct.

Stay in your protective bubble, burn incense and ring chimes throughout August and ask “Is this my fear/anger/frustration?” regularly as needed. With the leaps forward in spiritual growth, try using this new knowledge to see those who are stuck with new understanding. Help if you can, if by doing nothing more than not judging the way others are handling their difficulties. If we remember that we’re all in this together (or we wouldn’t be here), it might make summer easier to handle.

With love and gratitude…

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