Mercury went direct late last Saturday/early Sunday, depending on your time zone. Yeah! Some of the pressure of August is now a little easier. But Mercury is still in its shadow period, which means it’s not moving backward nor yet moving forward, so please maintain typical Mercury retrograde caution until we’re well into September.

Also, since Mercury retrograde was married to Mars retrograde this time, they carry each others energy to the completion of both. Mars goes direct a week from today, on August 27, right after we have a powerful Full Moon on Sunday, August 26. This moon can either push our buttons even more or provide emotional release. It depends on how self-aware we’ve chosen to be and how much we’ve seen what this summer has tried to show us about ourselves.

As retrograde energy doesn’t slack off near its end but rather clicks into a higher gear, be aware of extra sensitive and over-reactionary emotions coming on pretty strongly from Thursday, August 24 through the entire weekend (within self and from others). The strength of that end-of-chaos energy follows us into September while we’ll still be raw from having gotten through the challenging lessons of summer. Even though the intensity of these lessons will have eased, we’ll still be dealing with the emotional aftermath until the re-balancing and cleansing of the equinox on September 22and the Full Moon on September 24.

Please be gentle with self and others, including our animals. We all still need it.


We all judge. We judge others, situations, actions, events – pretty much everything around us. That’s not a bad thing. It’s natural. It’s a way for us to identify who people are and what’s going on. When we were young and discovering our identities, we threw our egos out to the world around us and formed who we were by the reactions. As adults, that has grown into constant judgment as we compare what we would do, how we would react, and the actions we would take to how others present themselves and what they’re doing. It’s such a natural process, we’re unaware we’re doing it most of the time.

Many times, that judgment can become more than a tool to identify self with others or in situations. It can become a condemnation of others and situations if we are not comfortable in our own skins or don’t know who we are. People judge with condemnation only because of fear within. It becomes a self-defensive need that remains under surface awareness and can be incredibly destructive.

Look to our current extremely flawed, young-soul president to see the truth of this. He’s using his judgment as a measuring stick of who is equal to him (those exactly like him) while everyone else (not like him) is less-than-human and needs to be destroyed in one way or another. Other young souls are agreeing with him because of their own fear and lack of self-awareness. As he is The Great Negative Lesson, he is doing a magnificent job of bringing this to the surface and giving us an opportunity to confront and heal this level of judgment.

His behavior is typical of the Piscean Age male power-over which made it so easy for men of the past to allow slavery or the Holocaust to happen. Others were seen as “less than me”, “not equal, therefore not people” which made it easy to commit atrocities against them.

People are different in so many ways and, fortunately, that difference is more acceptable and exciting now than ever before. While we’re still working on the acceptance part of it, that difference can be celebrated and appreciated as we come into the beginning of an Age of Enlightenment. We are becoming conscious of the opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves clarified by the difference of those around us. But since we have been in the same child-like “me vs. them” mindset for two thousand years, this is a big lesson for everyone, especially the young souls with us in this incarnation.

The trick is to be aware of our natural judgment-as-observation as a tool for self-improvement, not a tool of self-protection and condemnation of anything “not us”. Most of us don’t take the time to recognize it when we’re doing it but if we make the effort, it can teach us a lot.

Example. Someone with very distinct classic design sensibilities can walk into a friends’ house that is decorated all 60s’ orange, turquoise and brown and immediately be turned off. The reaction of judgment (“this is not how I would ever decorate”) can be simply that, an observation that speaks of the friends’ preferences or perhaps of past-life influence. But if the classic-design person isn’t that aware of self and has underlying fear, she can see the 60s decorations as a negative reflection on the friend. That can build up an invisible wall of “not as good as me” that may not affect the friendship, but under the surface puts the friend in a “less than” category that can fuel negative judgment later

That seems very silly because there isn’t one way that is “right” in decorating. But on another level, it is important because we do this kind of judgment everyday, in little and big ways. We negatively note how someone at work is not as efficient as us, or how another takes a boyfriend’s flirtation more seriously than we would. If we become aware every time we judge others for being “wrong” because it’s not the way we would do something, we not only stop a pattern that keeps us putting ourselves above others, but we learn something about ourselves and the other person or situation.

Perhaps the classic design lady wasn’t aware of her successful and happy past life in Victorian England. Being aware of her love of that kind of decorating because it reminds her of wonderful times teaches her something about herself and her innate sensibilities. Or it teaches her that her friend might have a natural rebelliousness that matches the energy of the 60s. All good information if not seen in a negative “not me” way.

I try to completely suspend my judgment (good and bad) when I work, especially when someone’s culture or upbringing are very different from mine. I could bring judgment of what I consider out-dated or unfair marriage practices to a reading for a traditional Pakistani wife, but that wouldn’t be beneficial for her. Sometimes it’s not easy, but being aware of my own judgment has trained me to use that awareness as an observation tool rather than a condemnation one. It took me a while to get good at it, to catch myself in the middle of a reading so I could see where my client was coming from and not where I think she “should” have been coming from. That wouldn’t help my client, me, the reading or how either of us grow and understand self and each other.

That awareness has made me very accepting of others. Acceptance doesn’t mean individuals behaving destructively or cruelly toward others is okay. It means I can see where they are coming from, what they have yet to learn, if they’re accepting their lessons or too afraid to move forward and so punish those around them. Bad behavior is still bad behavior. If I can do something about it to protect others or to help the individual or the situation, I do. But I try to do it without feeling “better than”.

The Aquarian Age brings communication, harmony, humanity and self-awareness. We are learning respect for all life. Try being consciously aware of our own judgment, even when we judge ourselves as “less than”. We are all on a journey at different levels of what we need to learn. None of us is more important or “less than” another.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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