If you’re feeling defeated, exhausted, oppressed, confused…well, it’s still April and all that is expected from the karmic push we’re experiencing. We have energy that is making us look deep within ourselves to identify and release what we’ve automatically taken on throughout our lives that stops us from being us, while the world is in chaos.

Our confusion adds to the chaos so we get hit double or triple as echoes of others’ problems, and the world’s, become ours without our even being conscious of it. That makes for a “fun-filled” hyper-sensitive month. So buckle up and know there is a reason for this. Once we “graduate” from April, clarity of self helps us move forward in more strength and conviction, being able to help us manifest without having to push to do it.

And know this extremity has an end date. From April 20 through 26, the “release what is not you and achieve self-clarity” push will hit its peak and then will slack off, fading away as we get into May. But those days in April are going to be intense. And while we obviously see this in how others around us are behaving differently, sometimes removed when we expect affection, or condemning when we are doing everything right at work, we frequently miss how this energy push is affecting us, too.

Many of my clients this week called to ask about a relationship or situation in which the people in their lives are suddenly and inexplicably weird, crazy, mean or behaving in a way never seen before. That’s what happens when we have to face self in a world that seemingly has no direction. Without the Father Voice of the Piscean Age, everyone is trying to figure out what to follow, who to listen to. The answer: intuition and self only. Hence the clarifying energy of April.

But just because we aren’t behaving weird, crazy, mean or differently doesn’t mean we aren’t affected. We rarely see it in ourselves because were going through our day-to-day changes incrementally and they make total sense to us. Just as the different behavior in others makes total sense to them, and they may not be aware of it.

That doesn’t mean we can just think of self and deny the reality of living in a world with others with rules that still exist even though they – and we – are going through big change. But trusting intuition without doubting self is what this time is trying to get us to see.

First of all, give yourself a break. Try to stop judging self, because that only makes everything worse, i.e., lack of affection in a relationship doesn’t mean he/she is suddenly not interested. Look to self to see why that is what comes up for you. When people have to face this kind of forced awakening, they tend to go inside self to such an inclusive level, their communication with others is very, very poor, mainly because they don’t consciously understand it at all nor how to explain it.

April energy makes us question ourselves, especially women who have been taught in the Piscean Age to take responsibility for everything that is going wrong, and then to apologize for it just because it makes things smoother. That kind of self-acceptance is a big revelation now, breaking the power-over mentality of 2,000 years of programming.

It might not feel like it, but we’re all doing a good job of getting this lesson. But when we’re in the middle of it, we can’t see how or if we ever get out of it. We do. Hold on. Work on self-awareness, on forgiving self, on not judging self. Sometimes the first difficulty is realizing we’re doing all of that automatically. Try to be consciously aware of what you’re feeling, what you’re doubting, what you’re self-judging, and why.

Tina Saelee and I talked about the April energy in more detail if you’d like to tap into that. The link is:

Meanwhile, breathe. And remember the fastest way to see self clearly is to stand in gratitude for who you are and what you’ve already accomplished. As we come out of the stress of the “bigger, stronger, harder, faster” mentality, we question how we can do what we want if we don’t push. Everything in the last several years has been telling us to trust self, trust the higher energies who take care of us because we can’t control what’s happening even though we’re still going to be okay. We get what we asked for, just perhaps not in the way we thought it would happen or in a way we can immediately understand.

Hang on. Easier and uplifting energy is coming in May. But let’s get through April first.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


Tina also had a conversation with Equine Therapist Kate Nelligan about her work in healing via connecting with horses. I love Kate’s work and highly recommend taking a look to find out more about it. The link is:

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