What to Expect from a Reading

If you have never had a reading with me, here’s how I work:

I prefer questions rather than “tell me what you see.” I find that everyone who comes in or calls already has something in mind they want to know, even if it’s general information about what’s coming in for the next year. Letting me know what you’re looking for helps me give you the most thorough and comprehensive reading in the amount of time available.

I usually ask for your birthday and the first names and birthdays of people you’re asking about. If you don’t know everyone’s birthday, that’s ok, it’s just one of the tools that helps me get clarity but it’s not absolutely necessary. I then ask for the gist of what you want to know, which can simply be a question such as “What’s going to happen between him and me?”. It’s always good for you to be clear with what you want to know as it helps the Energies That Be respond with the same clarity.

Then I take a moment to connect with those Energies, my guides, angels and ancestors, and my Higher Self and call in your Energies, guides, angels and ancestors, and Higher Self, and those for whom you’re asking, and open myself up to their voices. Once I feel the connection, I translate the answers from them to you.

While I don’t ask that my clients take the time to center themselves and concentrate on the work we will be doing while I am connecting, I hope that is a given. If a client is driving, in a busy environment (like a restaurant or Starbuck’s) or is in any other way distracted, it detracts from the reading and makes my job harder. When the client is distracted (i.e., not able to put one hundred percent into the reading), I then have to hold sacred space not just for myself and the guides, angels and ancestors sharing the messages, but for the clients themselves. Clients respecting the sacredness of the reading get much more out of it.

If my client is on speaker phone and doesn’t let me know there are others in the room who can hear what we’re saying, it colors the reading. I might not be able to consciously tell there is someone else listening (I usually can), but I will pick up on energy other than that involved in the reading and it can make things more difficult for accuracy. Please respect the personal experience of client/reader and our guides, angels and ancestors.

Most of the time, I get answers without using the Tarot, but I love the cards and they give details I may not get from just picking up energies. I predominately work clairesentiently, meaning when I call in the Energies, I feel and know the individual I connect with and can speak from their experiences, thoughts and emotions. I also get very clear visions as if I’m watching a movie of your life that has yet to happen.

I can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. Some people have lists on different topics from work questions to relationship to past life connections all in the same reading. The clearer you are, the clearer are the answers. I will also, more than likely, give information about the energy patterns of what’s happening with the Earth changes and planetary challenges that explain everyday problems and affect your life and the lives of those around you.

I’m very blessed to do this work and talk to so many people that I pick up patterns of challenges with conscious and subconscious human development and pass them on to you. I have an eighty-five-to-ninety percent accuracy rate in the thirty years I’ve been reading professionally.