My sweet Perfect Katie passed June 2, 2018 at 4 PM Central time. We were together in this incarnation for thirteen years. She was my heart and soul and the truest of companions. While I love all animals, especially all animals who have personally chosen me, once in a while there is a special bond with one of them, and Katie was that one. Anyone who has had that special bond with an animal knows what I’m talking about.

She was loving, smart, a smart-ass, incredibly talkative and definite about what she wanted. And I belonged to her heart and soul. She’d sleep with me all curled up in my arms with my nose resting on her back. She had a purr like a jackhammer and an expression of sounds to fit all occasions. She took care of me, grounding and healing my energy til the day she died.

This was our second time together in my current incarnation. She had been with me before as my Perfect Fergus from 1994 to 2002. This is a baby picture of Fergus on his first day with me. He was also a very distinctive cat. Also very talkative, sweet, smart and a smart-ass. And he slept curled up in my arms with his long, beautiful tail wrapped around my neck or head.

My mother came to live with me in 2002 after my father died. She had two cats, I had several others including Fergus. As my mother was paranoid her cats and my cats wouldn’t get along, we kept them separated by a single closed door that divided the house into two sections. But Fergus chose to stay on her side of the house and he and her cats got along fine, pretty much by just ignoring each other. I don’t know why he chose that, perhaps to help her (he was that kind of generous soul).

Within six months of my mother living with me, Fergus had a heart attack at eight years old and died in my arms. My mother had drained his energy in her desperation and lost-ness of getting old and being without my father. Six months after my mother died in 2005, Katie came into my life.

I was taking an afternoon nap on my day off when a knock came at the door. Three young boys stood there with a kitten in hand. They asked if I liked cats, which was redundant because everyone in the neighborhood knew I loved cats. They passed her little striped and spotted self to me (she was part Bengal). I was too stupid with sleep to turn them down, even though I still had several other cats in the house (including my mother’s Siamese brother and sister who were getting along with everyone). I brought her in, went back to the couch, laid her on my chest and we slept like that for four hours. That started the bond.

Within three months, Katie did twelve Fergus-specific things to prove to me he/she had come back. The last was to climb up bookshelves behind my office door, walk out to the edge of the top of the door and hang there like a jaguar in a tree. Fergus used to do that all the time. Since that was the last thing I needed to convince me this was indeed Fergus reincarnated, she became Katie. But we both knew we had done this before.

Katie would participate in Circle in my backyard around the fire-pit. She liked to work with me when I moved my practice to an office in my home (instead of working at the Psychic Eye or The Green Man). She became the Alpha Cat of the house even though others had been with me longer (well, not as long as Katie-as-Fergus).

She had a hard time with the move from Los Angeles to our first home in Texas on Lake Travis outside of Austin, and then into Austin proper. I was in healing mode from the last ten difficult years in LA and she was getting spent taking care of me while adjusting to changes I’m sure she didn’t want. But we were together and that’s all that mattered.

I have asked her to not come back in this lifetime again, but to watch over me from the Other Side. I can handle knowing I took care of her and she died before me. I couldn’t handle leaving her behind if I died first.

So, here’s to my sweet Perfect Katie (named so because she was once Perfect Fergus). Love and gratitude and peace be with you forever…until we meet again.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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