Original Newsletter Post – 8/12/19

As of tomorrow, Tuesday August 13, we are officially out of the worst of the planetary summer challenges. We’re still in the Hungry Ghosts/Karmic Catch-Up month and affected by the long, deep lessons of four of the Outer planets retrograde along with all the ascension energy continuing to pull us into higher awareness of self, but it’s an easier ride than we’ve had for the last five years at this time.

Here is Master Astrologer and Sage, Gahl Sasson, on what to pay attention to in the rest of August and September. As some of these events are of short duration (two to three days), it helps to write the effects on a calendar so we can be aware of why we and/or others are feeling and behaving weirdly on those days (because we normally don’t remember the details of what we read in the span of info listed below).

Hope the rest of summer is as uplifting, enlightening and easy as it can be. Here’s Gahl:

Below are a few important dates for August and September. July was an eventful month with two eclipses (2, 16) as well as Mercury Retrograde. Some of us are still recuperating from the aftermath of the planetary madness. From August 13th things are supposed to flow better.

August 13: Jupiter Direct
From April, Jupiter the planet ruling luck, abundance, opportunities, and expansion has been retrograding, thus holding back the gifts he usually bestows. Jupiter is not a trickster, like Mercury, his son, so his retrograde is not as difficult, however, he tends to restrain his benevolence during his backward motion. After August 13, many projects, relationships, and enterprises that were delayed will be unstuck.

August 13-16: Venus Conjunct Sun
Venus, the goddess of love, talents, and finance is making love to Apollo, the god of the Sun, who was not that bad to look at either. This can bring about a new love interest, a boost in income, an artistic inspiration and generally good vibes. Since the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces at the same time, it can bring about some astral connection via imagination, vivid dreams, interest in photography, dance, and poetry.

August 22 – 26: Venus Conjunct Mars
Well, Venus was never famous for her fidelity, and here she goes again, making love in a beautiful conjunction with Mars, the god of war and passion. Mars and Venus were secret lovers, I guess not that secret if I am writing about it. Their daughter was called Harmonia. When Venus and Mars meet, it is always good news for lovers (secret or otherwise). Since the union is done in the monastery of Virgo, we are talking Tantric Yoga rather than regular sexy time. Mars and Venus in union under the watchful eyes of Virgo, the Virgin, is an interesting conjunction. It is a time to be honest and straightforward with your partner, show your cards and be authentic. It is also a good time to balance expenses and income and start something new in your work. It is also a good time for practical, service oriented artistic expression.

August 30/31: New Moon in Virgo and a Virgo Stellium
This new moon in Virgo is pretty powerful since not only the Sun and Moon conjunct in Virgo but also Mars, Venus and Mercury. That is a lot of Virgo even for a Virgo. It is the best time in the year to start a new diet, a new job, a new project, and push forward anything in connection to work, health, and service. The new moon opens a path for a cleanse, a detox or a drastic improvement in your diet. If you know you are supposed to do something for your health, this is a great new moon to give it a kick-start.

September 1 – 5: Mars and Sun Conjunct
This aspect can be a bit aggressive and impulsive. Especially be careful with coworkers, employees, and how you behave or act in work. This conjunction can make you over-critical, or come across as harsh and blunt. You can easily create antagonism, so chill out. However, it is an aspect that can help get things done and can be very efficient and effective.

September 2 – 5: Venus Opposition to Neptune
Venus in opposition to Neptune can manifest as situations of dependency and codependency (with partners and or drugs). There could be bubbles bursting in love or relationships as well as deception, illusions about partners in life or work and a general sense of confusion. It is not a good time to sign documents and especially be careful with expenditures.

September 8 – 10: Moon conjunct Pluto and Saturn
This conjunction is a precursor of what we can expect from January 2020 dreaded conjunction of Pluto (death) and Saturn (karma). It can be especially hard for women and mothers. In the same time we are having the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury squaring the Moon, adding even more conflict and discord. These few days can be very emotional with a lot of criticism and hostility. It is similar to the day when Trump so “wisely” chose to inaugurated his 2020 bid, so you can expect some news about racism, divisive rhetoric, and conflict.

September 13-14: Full Moon in Pisces
This Full Moon is a very mystical and artistic. With the Piscean Moon conjunct Neptune, you can expect a great deal of intuition, psychic hits and synchronicities. Pay attention to your dreams and try to spend time meditating, dancing, or doing yoga.

September 23: Equinox
This day has always been super important in many different traditions around the globe. Along with the two solstice and the opposite equinox, it is one of the four corners or cardinal points in Astrology. Today, the day and the night are equal and Libra, the balance sign, begins. This is a very auspicious day to meditate and ask the Universe for help in attracting the right partner in your life or improve and harmonize your current relationships.

September 28: New Moon in Libra
This is the Moon of peace and harmony. A great time to start a new relationship, create a new partnership in work, seek justice, equality, and also start a new artistic project. New diplomatic solutions can manifest around this time.

Next Mercury Retrograde will take place in Scorpio (October 31 – November 20). It is always good to know so that you can plan ahead.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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