I Survived the Storms of Central Texas

After all the historic weather we’ve been having in Central Texas, I thought I’d let you know that I’m all right and survived the Memorial Day Weekend experience with no damage. Thank you to all who checked in with me to make sure I was ok.

On Saturday, May 23, it started raining in my area around three in the afternoon, with accompanying thunder and lightning. It lasted 13 hours non-stop, with accompanying thunder and lightning throughout. The rain came down HARD, as if someone had opened up a fire hose above my house. Scary. But as I’ve come to understand, the statement that everything is bigger in Texas is so very true. The thunder storms are exceptionally bigger, too, and I’ve been learning to take them in stride. Even though this was really extreme.

I’m out in Hill Country, northwest of the city near Lake Travis. While almost all lakes became swollen with the rain from this storm, I am elevated above Lake Travis on a natural incline, and then on a hill above that. So any flooding of flash flood danger did not happen in my immediate community.

However, Austin being build around a river means there are a lot of places around the city that can easily be overcome. And they were. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the damage done and loss of life because of the extremity of the weather.

Then on Monday, Memorial Day, May 25, it wasn’t just the rains that hit again, it was the threat of tornadoes. In the morning before I began readings, I could actually feel the air pressure change, it was that drastic. During the day, I received 12 “Tornado Warnings and Watches” on my cell phone. And actually got two automated calls on my landline from the county telling me to take cover.

Really scary. But the cats and I survived that, too. And I am extremely impressed and grateful for modern technology that could give immediate warnings when there was danger. In watching the news between readings (when the power was still on) – the coverage all day obviously being about the storms and impending danger – a touchdown of a tornado or a report of severe lightning strikes could be shared with the public in as little as 30 seconds. Amazing.

Meanwhile, we’ve got more storms coming in for the weekend, so please pray and send energy to those who have already experienced loss and are not ready for there to be more rain. Hopefully, the coming storms won’t be so bad. But even as I write this, any threat of rain is dangerous for most areas whether they’ve already had damage and for those who have not. And the conditions are ripe for more and more tornadoes.

While I’m praying and sending energy to those in need because of an excess of rain and the threat of more, I’m also praying and sending energy to California to get some of this. Texas has been in a drought and this rainy season, especially this last week, has really helped alleviate it. Now let’s ask Mother Nature to turn her bounty on the west coast. And wherever else it’s needed.

With love and gratitude…

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