We have yet to start the Summer of Retrogrades and already we’re feeling the energy shifts as they heat up. They started in earnest after the Full Moon on May 29. Since then, there is a feeling of sudden disconnectedness, not just from the people around us, but from ourselves, from our place in the world and from our roots in the Earth. It makes us feel, in many cases, completely alone. It isn’t necessarily a strong feeling (although it can be for the many younger souls here now), but it is there. And when we look beyond ourselves, we can see it is shared by pretty much everybody. The intensity of it is growing, preparing us for the opportunities and challenges that this year has in store for us to force our hand into Aquarian Age harmony.

The general feeling is like we’re floating, not in a pleasant way. Those of us most challenged, i.e., stuck and fearful of change we don’t control, feel like we’ve been dropped in the middle of an ocean with no land in sight. The issues that keep us from being centered and able to grow (holding on to ego, resentment, past hurts and injustices, frustration and, most of all, fear) are like weights attached to our feet. We can barely keep our head above water as these negative energies pull us down. The focus of trying to find and get to any shore is impossible if those weights aren’t released first.

But moving forward (getting to shore) without dealing with the past or what is out-of-balance within self (releasing the weights), is what we’ve been taught to do for so long, we’re don’t know how to change that. There is no instruction manual to find the right direction. And mankind has been used to following an instruction manual for a long time. Plus a lot of young souls who are already way over their head in dealing with Aquarian Age shifts are so defensive in survival they can’t take any suggestions, even if those come from Higher Source. Hence we are now in a Year of Karmic Catch-Up, especially as we come into summer.

Those of us who have already done a significant amount of self-work and have responded to the Earth’s vibrational shifting, and the Aquarian Age demands of accelerated growth, are feeling disconnected and alone, too. But the floating is more like being in the air, seeing everything below us on land (or sea) scurrying around in chaos. We’re trying to hold on to what we’ve achieved and adapt to the demands of the current changes while worrying about and trying to help those around us who are lost.

This inner work, usually happening on the subconscious/vibrational level, is exhausting, especially for those of us who are Light Workers (purposefully and innately). Many are holding the higher vibe as if we’re surrounding everyone around us (inner circle family and the totality of humankind) in a sphere of light to keep us all safe while we go about our daily activities and duties. Light Workers are grounding everyone so we are usually exhausted without doing anything different or new. Keep that in mind if we feel the exhaustion – try to avoid judging it or our journeys right now as if we’re doing something wrong. This is necessary work for the good of humankind, for all life and for the Earth.

Finding self, achieving harmony with self and all life and with the new vibration is what this year is for. It’s the year of facing karma without an option of failing. Avoid fearing this shift, though, because we don’t all need to become Gandhi overnight. Success is subjective to individual growth. We don’t expect a young soul to get the clarity an older soul would achieve. But growth, or the letting go of pretending we’re in control, is required. It’s one of the reasons so many planets are retrograde at the same time in the most intense part of the year, i.e., the Summer of Retrogrades. While we get lessons on what to change within from the challenges without, most frequently from the difficult situations and people in our lives, planets retrograding now also show us what we need to work on within ourselves.

While the Outer Planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto either are or will be retrograde shortly and throughout most of the summer, it’s the Inner Planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars that have the most obvious, in-our-face effect.

The male lessons come first with Mars retrograding June 26 until August 27. Mars represents, among many things, the identity of the male energy. With that retrograde in this year, it’s like men are losing their purpose, their identity and they must find it by going within (the only place to find self). That’s not what the Piscean Age has taught, so the recognition of what needs to be learned is just as difficult as the lesson itself. It’s no longer about being good at the traditional male role, it about becoming a good human.

To make the Mars retrograde influence clearer, Mercury retrogrades in the middle of it from July 25/26 to August 18/19. That will scramble communication and how we think of ourselves demanding extra-purposeful clarity within in order to function without. And the strongest part of all this happens in August, which is that most difficult month of the year, every year, as it’s the Karmic Catch-Up Month. Add that to the Karmic Catch-Up Year and the male energy is going to be up against a brick wall.

Traditionally men have not looked within when something is wrong, they take it out on others around them. That won’t work this year. The reflecting of negativity will take care of it and that comes from karma. No need to try to teach anything to anyone. This is a self-awareness lesson that can only come from within. So women trying to get their suddenly-self-involved men to listen to them – please stop. Right now, you won’t be heard. Let the God-smacking do the work and you won’t resent being ignored. Men have to go through a “Dark Night of the Soul” or “Walk Through Fire” time and they have to do it alone.

That doesn’t mean just men. It means the Piscean Age mindset of the male energy being exclusively the “power over” everyone and everything else. Women who want their men, and traditional leadership roles, to stand in that inviolate rightness and righteousness, which gives them comfort and security, will have to face how they can do that for themselves. The female energy will be challenged later this year when Venus retrogrades October 5 though November 16, followed immediately by Mercury retrograding for the last time this year November 16 through December 6 (continuing the Venus lessons for another several weeks). But as the male energy has the most to learn and change coming out of the Piscean Age self-righteous power-over, the next three and a half months are going to be very focused on what being the Aquarian Age male means.

Last year our overall lesson was to recognize and know that we have no control over anything but who we are and how we present that to the world. We have no control over another person, nor the planet, nor our future. The Piscean Age, with its left-hemisphere-dominated control-over mindset, left us with the belief that we do. But that was a two thousand year lesson that served its purpose and is now complete.

This year, the overall lesson is to put our new knowledge of “no control” into practice, to “Let Go, Let God” (or Goddess, Creator, Spirit, The Force – whatever works). Trust in self, not ego. Know we are all equal and act on that. Hurting another, taking away the rights of another, seeing and treating anyone as “less than human” hits our karmic mirror and reflects that negativity right back at us. Consciously understand those actions are caused by fear, especially the fear of not belonging.

We need our connection to the Earth, feeling like this is home, where we belong, in order to accomplish/achieve success. Right now, that connection isn’t there. So we’re all like children who were orphaned young with no adult to guide us. We all need to find our way in our own way. The answer is connecting to self and inner power and spirit, however that is seen by each individual.

We are going to continue to feel uncomfortable this summer. There’s no way around it. Men will be very self-involved, not necessarily ego-involved. But that cuts into relationships with everyone. Those being affected by others, please try to avoid judging that it should be different. If the man who is acting self-involved was discovered to have stage-four cancer, we’d all give the benefit of the doubt to his behavior. This energy can be that scary. But know that we’re working for all of the souls on the planet now to overcome hurdles that have been in place for thousands of years. It’s important work. Have patience. Stand in love even if we can’t act on that love and have it accepted in the moment.

Two items I found on InstaGram recently may help:

“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know until you lived through it. Honor your path. Trust your journey. Learn, grow, evolve, become.” Creig Crippen

…and …

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind.”

That last struck me as so important. We can’t know what another is facing, what pain or heartache or past life paybacks or challenges are in their lives. Even if asked, most people wouldn’t know how to relate what they’ve experienced and are dealing with. So just assume that as we are dealing with our own challenges that are too deep and complicated to expect another to understand, everyone around us is doing the same. Give everyone a break, including self. Be kind.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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