How to Deal with 2012 8/10/2012

How to Deal with 2012

So many people have something to say about what’s happening in 2012.  Sometimes we all need to hear from different voices in order to understand what our own beliefs resonate with.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t need all the self-help, 2012, metaphysical, spiritual, awakening books, retreats, workshops and classes.  It doesn’t matter where or how we get the info; all that matters is that we do.  And that we use it.

(Sidebar:  just watch the ego-level of whoever is writing or teaching.  Ego is the old way and a sign that whatever is written or taught has a taint to it.)
I know I come across as pretty intense when writing or talking about the changes we are experiencing this year, and very intensely about what we’re going through this Summer of Karmic God-Smacking.  I thought you might like to hear a different take on things from two sources I enjoy. 
In my recap of favorite books over the last two weeks, I mentioned Colin Tipping’s “Radical Forgiveness” as an excellent way to look at ourselves and do some heavy work.  He also has a newsletter which I’ve subscribed to and find very helpful and enlightening.  Last week, the title of it was “How Will You Prepare for the Global Shift in Consciousness?”
Here is an excerpt from that newsletter:
For some time now, in my blog and elsewhere, I’ve been talking about the shift in consciousness that seems to be happening worldwide.  In my workshops, when I ask, “Who believes such a shift is imminent?” most people raise their hands.  Even those whose primary concern is a personal issue like healing their health, relationships or career seem to be aware of the global impact of the personal work.
What about you?  Take a minute to acknowledge what you believe. 
  • Do you suspect that a significant shift in mass consciousness is imminent?  YES/NO
  • If so, do you believe that the shift will have everyone embracing the Love-based, “Radical Forgiveness” paradigm? YES/NO
  • Are you excited by the prospect of a “World of Forgiveness”?  YES/NO
  • Do you think the transition is going to be quick and easy?  YES/NO
  • People with high vibration will make it through the transition with a minimum of suffering; those with low vibration might not.  TRUE/FALSE
  • Love is high vibration; fear is low vibration.  TRUE/FALSE
  • Do you think your vibration is already high enough to experience the transition with ease and grace if things get difficult?  YES/NO
  • Do you think we will all need to support each other in making it through the transitional period?  YES/NO”
His answer to the last question is definitely YES (and I agree) and he goes on to invite you to learn more about his “Radical Living Association”, a newly started online group that gives you 24/7 access to online tools proven to raise your vibration and keep it at a high level.  If you’re interested, go to  There’s a small monthly fee.  You can also sign up for his newsletter for free at
This is not an ad to promote him; it’s just another avenue to help anyone who resonates with his writings achieve balance and survive in the best way possible.
Another teacher I like is Dalah Nyx Ostara.  We worked together at the Psychic Eye for years and I find in her newsletters and classes, she has an excellent understanding of what’s going on in a kinder, gentler way than I do.  She writes, in her August 1st newsletter:
August arrives, with another energetic window of opportunity to actually feel yourselves enhancing and stepping into very powerful and sensitive versions of yourselves.  This means everyone.  Everyone around you.  Everyone is receiving this energy.  So Everyone will be handling it as they are capable.  Watch yourself.  Know what you can handle.  ‘Cause you have no say in what anyone else is going to do right now with that wild energy.  So hang on to your Posteriors!!!
She also teaches Magical Movement Workshops (and other classes) and has an online radio show “Calling our Angels: Prayer Requests”.  You can find and follow her via her website at
When we get a handle on what we believe and how we want to explore it, we automatically send out a vibe that draws others of like mind to us.  So get that information from any source you can, whatever your gut tells you, glean a single sentence out of an entire book, it doesn’t matter.  If you look for it, it will come, most of the time in ways that are unfathomable.  Follow what interests you and the path appears.  When you follow that path, it leads you to other paths, other enlightenment, other people. 
That’s how we form the new communities and tribes of the coming Aquarian Age and the Fifth Age of Mankind.
I host a drum circle, where my small group of like-minded individuals get together to ground ourselves by beating the crap out of drums and howling and growling excess energy away.  Before we start, we first talk about what we feel is going on in the world and what we’ve noticed in our lives during the previous week.  Here are a couple of things that we all agree on and might spark some recognition: 
    • We are all more sensitive to others’ energies these days and need to protect ourselves more than ever before. Animals and children especially need protection as they can’t do it themselves.
    • Most people are not handling this extreme energy well at all, i.e. they’re taking their fear and frustration out on others.
    • We all feel a lot more physical contact from the spirit realm as if someone touches us on a shoulder or arm when no one’s there.
    • We all feel a weight in the air as if we’re waiting for something significant to happen.
    • We all agree the “significant happening” is a consciousness shift.
By the way, I don’t feel the consciousness shift that is referenced by so many is going to be a miraculous single day event, as if on December 21, 2012 people are suddenly going to see things clearer.  I feel we’ve been working on it for some time and this summer is culminating in the lessons we’ve all had time and opportunity to learn but somehow never got around to, or never were able to finish.  Once we get out of summer, those who can begin manifesting the balance and enlightenment we achieve from these hard lessons.
So again, find the info that resonates with you, raise your vibration, get in balance, we’re all going to need each other.
And here are some parting shots that might help us all survive in our best and highest way: 
    • Chant, dance, sing, yell, beat a drum, meditate, do ritual, whatever works, to get and stay in balance.
    • Talk to animals, to Nature, to the stars, to Spirit, to Guides, to each other and listen for the response.  The rhythm of our Earth has all the answers.
    • Observe behavior (good and bad); observe yourself and be aware of your reactions to people and things.
    • Acknowledge when things feel off to you, even if it’s yourself over-reacting and even if the constraints of society won’t allow you to react the way your gut wants you to.
    • Recognize your own fears, and those of others, and know they are justified even if it makes no sense in this life. There is always a reason even if it isn’t consciously remembered.
    • Force yourself to look for the good in every person and situation, otherwise we become filled with blame and accusation.  Every negative person or situation has at least one atom of unconditional love that has been beaten into what is presenting him/her/itself to you.  Every negative person or situation is a lesson to see something about self.
    • Imagine yourself in the skin of someone who annoys you and figure how you could have ended up like him or her given a different set of circumstances.
    • Most of all, be aware of love and its many colors, shades, levels and depths.
 We are all connected, we are all of the same energy, we all belong here (even those in my nasty little ego I’d like to kick off the planet right now).  With that being said, I conclude…
With love and gratitude…

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