You know how runners have to stretch and prepare their bodies before they go on a run? Well, it’s the same for psychics – we need to stretch and prepare our abilities to be the best we can be while reading. At least, I do.

My gifts are available to me all the time. Without purposefully tapping in, I get regular “hits” to move lanes in traffic to avoid an accident that hasn’t happened yet, or can tell when people are lying, or can feel people’s auras.

But for me to do the work I do, I have to prepare my space and myself every day. This allows me to be accurate and protects me from picking up unwanted energies who are drawn to the bright light exchange that happens within readings. It also allows me to remain unaffected by the intense emotions clients can unknowingly put out in their distress, need, fear, or chaos that can be overwhelming and make a reading inaccurate.

I thought I’d let you know how I prepare and how I work so you can get a better understanding of what’s involved from my side. I feel this can give more insight into my process and help our exchange in a reading.

About fifteen minutes before my reading day begins, I cleanse my Reading Room with either sage, incense, or sound (chimes, bells, or singing bowls), depending on what I feel the day needs. Then I center myself with breathing and energy-gathering exercises. I activate my Third Eye and dimensional chakras by tapping each gently to prepare and open myself for higher communication.

I call in the white light of the universe and the gold light from the center of the Earth to fill me, surround me, protect me, and guide me during the sessions. I experience both of these lights with all my senses then I thank them for their help. I surround the sphere of white and gold light around me with levels of protection that I experience with all my senses and thank them.

I call in my higher self, the higher energy of the Tarot and of the clients who are coming to me for help and guidance in my work. I call in archangels and spirit animals to stand at the quarters of my room and my home to protect and guide me, and to create sacred space. I call in my guides, angels and ancestors, and the energies who work with me to teach me how to be a being of unconditional love, to fill me with their light, their love and their wisdom, and to use me as a perfect channel for their divine messages and information.

I then shuffle the cards nine times (the perfect number to clear energy from previous use), during which time I ask the cards: What is the energy of the day? What do I need to know to be the best reader I can be? What do I need to know to be the best human being I can be? I keep a record of the three cards as they guide me through the day, in readings, and in life.

That’s my prep before anyone even calls. Then there’s the prep when someone does call.

I like to get an idea of the subject or direction of the reading first, then I take a moment to get a clearer connection that is specific to the client. I put the headset away from my ear so I don’t pick up distracting noise or conversation from the client’s end. While I’m doing this, the client hopefully takes the opportunity to center themselves as it adds to the ease and accuracy of the reading.

Then I take deep, cleansing breaths during which I release extraneous energy that has nothing to do with the reading. I call in angelic energies to stand around me, to ground me, and open my crown chakra to receive messages and information.

I shuffle the cards, silently calling in the higher energy of my client and their guides, angels and ancestors to lay the path of their lives before me. I wait for the connection to be made. When it is, it feels like I am suddenly filled with light that resonates from the top of my head all the way through my body to my toes and is usually accompanied by shivers as my vibration adjusts to the higher vibration I called. That energy moves down my arms and into the cards as I shuffle them to put the client’s energy into the process.

The way this connection feels and looks in my mind’s eye is as if a funnel of light connects my client with their guides, angels, and ancestors who hover above them. It’s wide at the top where the higher energy (which is very, very bright) gathers, then it tapers off to connect with their human (my client) through the crown chakra. I also have a funnel of light with my guides, angels, and ancestors. Then there’s a bridge of light that connects my guides with my client’s guides. And a lesser bridge of light that joins my client and myself, usually with a cord at our heart chakras. All the information I receive comes through these channels.

Many times I get messages before I even finish shuffling the cards. These usually come as an overall feeling, called “clairsentience”, the ability to feel/know what the client feels/knows. This is a level above empathy as it encompasses thoughts and connects to other people in the client’s life, too. So when a client asks about another person, I connect with that other person’s energy, their guides, angels, and ancestors – always with their spiritual permission – and I can feel how they feel regarding what the client wants to know.

Most of the time, just connecting with the cards when I shuffle them can give me answers, as if the Tarot wisdom travels into me through the chakra points in my hands while I hold them. However, when clarity doesn’t come immediately, I throw the cards and am given a direction that I might not have been able to see as clearly on my own.

None of the answers or help I offer is from me – I am a channel of higher source. Even knowing how to say what I am given so it is best heard and accepted is directed by higher source. So when the reading is interrupted in the flow of information, usually because a client is impatient for me to move on to their next subject or wants to get as much as possible out of our allotted time, it actually physically hurts me. I understand the need to get as many questions in as possible, but it’s disrespectful to the energies involved to cut the flow of their information. It feels as if stopped with a blow from a hatchet.

With the Aquarian Age surge of spiritual awakening, psychics have become available almost everywhere. Getting advice from a spiritual counselor is more accepted and needed now than it was even thirty years ago. Where people used to go for readings in a quiet, usually darkened room held exclusively for that purpose with black curtains, crystal balls, and incense burning, now they get them on the go.

Know, however, that while some of the trappings in the dark room were for effect, some were very necessary. Having a space where the energy is focused and used only for readings makes the session more powerful, hence the reason I have a room in my home that is used for nothing but readings. The energy that’s built up over time holds the higher vibrations easier and stronger for more focus and clarity. And it gives the client the ability to focus more easily, too.

When a client calls in the midst of distractions or chaos – driving, at work, with others, checking out email or text messages during the session, i.e., not being completely engaged in the reading – know that it makes it twice as hard for me to be accurate. While distractions and chaos don’t affect the information I get for a client, I do have to put twice as much energy out to keep the client’s energy in the zone as I do to connect with higher source. And it’s disrespectful to those who are sharing their wisdom if the client can’t be 100 percent involved in the reading.

I hope knowing how I work and what’s involved makes our next session a transcendent experience.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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