We’ve got a major event in the making in our Solar System that brings hope into the dark energy of the challenge of 2020. Saturn (karma) has moved out of Capricorn (stuck tradition), where it has been since the end of 2017, and into Aquarius (humanity and reason). Its first leg of the transition started on March 22 and lasts through July 2, 2020. Then with Saturn retrograding from May 11 through September 29, it moves back into Capricorn (returning us to a global level of fear) until it finally moves into Aquarius for the next few years on December 17, 2020 (until March 6, 2023).

So basically, we get some hope, forward movement and enlightenment, then dip back into the negative lessons (like an unwanted refresher course) before we finally, finally, move out of Piscean Age dark and into Aquarian Age light with that big reveal happening on December 21, our 2020 Winter Solstice.

As we’ve been facing karma (Saturn) on all levels (personally, with friends and family, in community, in our nation, in the world, in mankind/humanity), this is just another part of the “Truth Revealed” journey of 2020. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the Outer Planets’ movement has a deeper, more profound, less-surface feel and affect on us than the Inner Planets. So, Saturn into Aquarius will hit us as if we’re suddenly in a better mood and seeing things with hope without realizing why. We’re still dealing with humanity’s karmic lesson of the pandemic, but Saturn in Aquarius will help us accept it and adapt to it better.

Just since Saturn moved into Aquarius, I’ve noticed a different energy in my neighborhood. Before it was unbridled fear. Now, it’s more acceptance and appreciation of an ease the forced isolation has offered, as if it’s now looked at not as a punishment but an opportunity to recoup.

To explain Saturn in Aquarius better, I hand this space over to Master Astrologer and Sage, Gahl Sasson and his recent post:

Saturn in Aquarius – I Have a Dream!

Saturn never bothered hiring a PR company, nor is he impressed with social media, selfies, marketing schemes or even trying to present himself in an appealing way. Why should he? We will always feel, know, see, hear, and be aware of his bidding anyhow. He is the Lord Karma, the Sphere of Understanding in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Kapish? I have a theory, Lord Karma was born 1 planck time (shortest possible unit of time) after the Big Bang. Karma = Action (Kaboom) and Reaction (Creation). We were all born out of a violent act of explosion and since a Big Bang does constitute as mega action, life itself is the uber reaction. And so Saturn, which also is Lord Time, was the first concept or god created after the Big Bang. That is why the archetype represented by Saturn is so ancient, powerful and challenging.

Since the end of 2017, Saturn joined his son Pluto in Capricorn, the sign he rules, and has been teaching us harsh lessons. Collectively as well as individually we had to deal with our denials. Capricorn is an earth sign that specializes in survival. Whatever might challenge the status-quo must be buried deep in the earth or even deeper in the collective-subconscious, as in denial. Capricorn is very conservative, traditional, reveres the past, and would rather ignore anything that could impede upon the way things are now. We are using coal, natural gas, oil, fine, don’t shake the boat. Keep things as they are. When Saturn is in Capricorn, it brings the Devil in us, the fear of survival, the terror of the immigrant or the stranger. Populism and nationalism took over the planet, a tsunami that engulfed India, U.S., South America, and Europe. Denial of climate change or viruses became the norm. Just a few days ago Turkmenistan banned the word “coronavirus” and anyone wearing masks can be arrested. That is one way of battling the pandemic. But don’t feel sorry for the people in Central Asia for being led by a flamboyant irresponsible leader. Not that long ago, leaders in the U.S. called the virus “a hoax.”

The tension between, while Saturn moves on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, manifests as the conflict between politicians (Capricorn) with limited education and abundant agenda dismissing scientists (Aquarius) sounding the alarm. Well, now as Saturn moves into Aquarius, hopefully, things will start changing. Aquarius is associated with innovation, technology, science, globalization, fraternity of humankind, world wide collaborations, and return to reason.

Laboratories around the world are locked in an arms-race against a virus who uses our cells as factories of reproduction. And now around the world, factories are asked to double their efforts just as they did in WWII and WWI to produce ventilators, vaccines, and medical supplies. Oil prices are going down (Capricorn) and we can expect biotechnology, technology, AI, innovation (Aquarius) companies to rally upward. Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius (before the discovery of Uranus in 1781). For this reason, Saturn feels good in Aquarius, he can ground the “Mad Professor,” archetype and translate ideas, patents, innovations and new discoveries into concrete applicable uses.

We can all feel the winds of Saturn blowing through Aquarius. Aquarius, as we saw, is the sign of innovation. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius, the internet was made public domain and the World Wide Web was born. And now, as Saturn returns to Aquarius, many of us rely on the web to work from home, kids and university students can continue their education and food can be delivered because of the Saturn in Aquarius gift of the internet. Perhaps now as Saturn is back in Aquarius, a new invention, just as monumental as the internet, will aid us in 30 years to overcome a different challenge. As you can see, Saturn, the Lord Karma, brings about challenges but also whisks out of us ingenious solutions.

Think about it. For the last 15 years studies around the world have shown beyond doubt that working from home improves productivity. But hey, its not cool to listen to geeks, right? There are many reasons why working from home increases productivity. For one, sitting in traffic to and from work is a waste of time, gasoline, and causes anxiety and reduced creativity. In addition, as the market is turning more and more global (the trend will continue in the Age of Aquarius), one needs to be able to work with different time zones. That can be achieved better when you work from your home. In the morning you can call your clients in NY, then take a siesta before the kids show up, and late at night work a few more hours with colleagues in Beijing. Working from home will change how companies and corporations are structured, which is exactly what Saturn in Aquarius means.

Aquarius is also associated with  governments. In the next few years you can expect a great deal of change in leadership around the world. Just a reminder, the last two Saturn in Aquarius saw Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy in the White House. The famous quote from Jackie Kennedy described very well what Saturn in Aquarius can mean:

“There’ll be great presidents again — but there’ll never be a Camelot again.”

With all due respect, I disagree, there could be a “Camelot” again, as long as Saturn returns to Aquarius and we make the right choices….

On a personal level, Saturn in Aquarius might change your “tribe,” your gang, your affiliation to clubs, organizations, and groups of friends. Some old friends might drift away while new ones will replace them. Also, remember, from December 21, Jupiter, the planet of expansions and opportunities, will join Saturn in Aquarius for the first time in hundreds of years, which will make things work better.

Revolutions, change in leadership, modernizing old structures, change in companies, innovations, patents made useful. Remember how some leaders around the world tried to put a price tag on human life? Saying that the cure can be worse than the disease? That is very Saturn in Capricorn: practical to the point of being inhumane. Saturn in Aquarius is the opposite. It values humanity, and the collective. Saturn in the Water-Bearer sign is about finding innovative solution to a problem, not denying its existence, or claiming it does not need a cure since it might be expensive. Yes, Aquarius is idealistic, it has many dreams – of unity, of a world-wide-web, of people with different colored skin working together, and of sending a human to walk on the moon. Saturn in Capricorn showed us what is wrong in our system, now Saturn in Aquarius, the contractor, the fixer, can mend it.

For his complete article, which includes a list of how Saturn in Aquarius manifests in each different sign, and a look back at how Saturn in Aquarius has influenced our history, go to his website at www.cosmicnavigator.com under “Blog”.

Hang in. We’re still in lock down but the energy should be lighter and easier for a while in ways we don’t consciously get. The lessons are still heavy, but are always made lighter by how we accept them without resentment or fear. We’ve got this. We really do. Everything in our world in changing, but that was inevitable anyway, whether we look at historical precedents or follow astrology.

I offer this with love and gratitude…



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