If we watch world news, national news and sometimes local news these days, things can seem pretty dire. When our very core is being forced to change and adapt at lightning speed, it puts our individual worlds and the general world in chaos. During these times, finding light within and at the end of the tunnel can seem impossible. How can anything work out with so much upheaval? How can things get better if everyone is self-centered in fear and survival at the expense of everyone else? It feels as if none of us will ever be comfortable again.

However, every once in a while, even in this dire landscape, a bright light bringing hope can show itself.

Everyday heroes shine brightly. Like the woman in Michigan who raised bail money for a migrant mother held in Arizona and then organized a chain of drivers to get her to Washington DC to reunite her with her daughter. There are acts of extreme generosity and brilliance all around us because “humankind” is stepping up against “mankind’s” Great Negative Lesson.

That’s not what I’m talking about, though. I’m talking about a very special, exceptional light that is untouched by the muck and the mire we’re living through. Those who have this light are our hope for the Aquarian Age future and are stronger and brighter than the dark lessons that are happening now.

I met two such amazing bright-light young women recently. While I frequently meet incredible souls, most who come for readings because they don’t feel they belong in the world (when they belong more than the majority), it’s rare that I meet pure Aquarian Age lights who are here to lead after The Great Negative Lesson has cleared the way.

Both of these young ladies came to me for readings brought by their mothers (who gave me permission to write about them). They didn’t know each other. They didn’t get readings in the same week. But they both have a light about them that is blinding, powerful and calm. It shines from them like a supernova. They are exceptional. And they don’t know it. They have yet to step into their own power-within. And they probably will never see themselves as completely/spiritually as I did – that’s not part of their path. They don’t have to recognize that within themselves – that light innately fuels their lives without having to point itself up. It just is who they are.

One is fifteen going to be sixteen this year, the other is eighteen. Both are really about forty-two (a sacred age of wisdom) in their soul maturity even though they are living their lives as teenagers. Yet they’re already aware of who they are and what they want (and need) to do. They are a hundred light years ahead of most their age, and most adults, too.

Right now, they are discovering how to act on instinct. They can feel what they are supposed to do (in the Big Picture scheme of things, not in what is societally accepted), even if they can’t see it clearly. That just takes experience. But it was so clear who they were, where they were going and what they were going to do. It gave me an incredible hope and excitement for the future knowing Humankind is in their hands.

Abby, the younger, is tall and lean with a lovely, sweet face and long blond hair. The “sweet” face and demeanor can become steel when it needs to. She doesn’t need that yet, but it will start to surface in the next four years. She will be kind in dealing with stupidity, cruelty or injustice, but she will put up with none of it. She is more comfortable in her own skin than others her age, and pretty much more than most of the people on the planet. She is very psychic but hasn’t had much of an opportunity to develop that. While she asked about boys, the reading soon turned to recognizing who she is under the “girl” exterior (but we did talk about boys, too).

She and her mom came for a separate session to help develop her psychic awareness (her mom is very psychic, too, but never got a chance to explore it). Outside of learning exercises to develop her gifts and exploring energy patterns to pay attention to in her daily world, she recounted numerous experiences and encounters of connection with those on the Other Side and being aware of things she “shouldn’t” be aware of. She was already in the zone but didn’t know it. With confirmation that she isn’t crazy, I believe she will advance in a more comfortable way because she can now recognize her gut feelings are always right, and that listening to others is important but has its place.

The second bright light is Morgan LeFaye, purposefully named by her mother for the lead character in The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. This is a holy book to me, as I feel it is the most accurate account of what was going on during the Legend of King Arthur times. It always felt more channeled than imagined. Still, Morgan had not read it – so far – so she has yet to realize how much of Morgaine, how much “faerie power”/“Earth power” is in her, how much she possesses innate wisdom and purpose.

Morgan is also tall and lean, with very short black hair and beautiful light chocolate skin. The way she carried and presented herself reminded me of Danai Gurira’s Okoye from The Black Panther. She’s very direct and clear and driven. With power. Higher power. And a wonderful sense of humor. The room got bright and hot with her in it while she was just being herself. She plans a career in biology or surgery, which she may well do but I saw there were other options that had yet to show themselves to her.

Whatever she and Abby do, it will be important, have meaning and impact on the world and both will be successful. They can’t avoid it. It’s what they came to do.

Morgan and Abby are the true Aquarian Age leaders who teach by example, not by instructing (although Morgan would make a great professor later in life). The purity of their light will attract people who will observe and absorb who they are and how they live. Others will learn from that without even knowing them personally. They are forces to be reckoned with. And their voices will be heard – voices of humanity and equality and personal awareness.

I was elated to meet them both, not just because they represent the leaders who are going to be taking over when they reach their maturity, but because I felt so very blessed to be in their presence. They chose to come into this life now when we need them the most. They chose their parents, too. And both mothers recognized, respected and nurtured their daughters as the individuals they are instead of making sure they fit into standard expectations. Their mothers are exceptional, too, not just because of their daughters. Both are strong, kind, generous and no-nonsense. And exude love strongly.

These young women cannot fail. There is too much Power of the Angels behind them, helping, guiding, protecting. We need them and others like them.

So in the face of dire predictions because of the actions Piscean Age little-boy/men are taking to preserve their already-ancient self-righteous world, know there are lights out there to lead the way when the time comes. I completely believe we are heading toward an amazing future, even though it’s hard to see right now. These two young bright lights of the Aquarian Age just gave me solid proof.

I offer this will love and gratitude…

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