High Solar Activity 7/5/2012

High Solar Activity

A couple of weeks ago, I recommended looking up the June, 2012 issue of National Geographic that had a cover story of “Solar Super Storms” as we’ll be in a Solar Maximum  (excessive cyclical solar activity) thru the end of 2013.  

This morning I received a warning from http://www.spaceweather.com  (I am a subscriber) of “HIGH SOLAR ACTIVITY”, a “behemoth” of a sunspot 10 times wider than Earth that is crackling with solar flares.

That means we’ll be experiencing an unusually high level of solar flare and magnetic storm activity for the next several weeks.  While that affects our electricity and electronics, it also affects us emotionally and spiritually.
In our physical world, this Solar Maximum will, at the least, disrupt cell and internet reception (and watch out for even more disruption when Mercury goes retrograde on July 14th).  Ham radio operators are reporting shortwave solar radio bursts roaring from their loudspeakers coming from this gigantic sun spot.  At the most, it can fry anything electronic which, based on the world we live in, is almost everything we rely on. 
I went to pump gas a couple of weeks ago.  The computers at the station were down and they didn’t know how to pump gas without their computers.  They asked me to come back in an hour.  What happens when computers aren’t going to be working for days, weeks or months?  Electronics control almost everything, including the flow of our utilities.  What happens if a direct hit by a solar flare takes out the big generators that give us power and water and gas?  It can take months for them to be repaired or replaced.  Will we know how to function in a case like that?
The emotional and spiritual effects are just as devastating and we’ve been getting hit by them gradually since August 2011.  They’ve been accelerating this year and are just now getting serious.
This is how I’ve seen it working:  When a solar flare bursts from a sun spot and throws out magnetic radiation, we feel it immediately.  Sometimes, if the energy build up forming the sun spot is excessive (as this one is), we feel the preview before there’s a release.  Anyone feel the repressed negative emotions being released with the fireworks last night and the stress of that build up during the day? 
We, as electro-magnetic beings, are then thrown out of balance as if experiencing a temporary bi-polar condition.  Instead of being affected by the chemical imbalance of the disease, we become magnetically imbalanced.  The result is the same:  severe emotions, depression, anger, mood swings, over-reactions on an extreme scale.
Then, within two days from the actual bursting of the solar flare from the sun, the geo-magnetic storm from it physically reaches us and the imbalance and over-reactions skyrocket.  People drive even crazier, are more short tempered, take out their problems on others…I’m sure we’ve all felt it.
If we are unaware what’s going on, unaware of a reason for emotional over-reaction, we think things are worse than they are and we turn it on ourselves, usually very harshly.  We think we’re not handling things well, or people are extra mean or selfish and wonder “Why are they taking it out on me?”  It’s a natural reaction but it adds to the already incredible stress.
Even though this is all a pain in the ass to deal with, it has a higher purpose.  We need to be in as much balance as possible in our person power, our power within, as Earth and humankind make the 2012 transition into a higher state of awareness and being.  The solar activity forces us to see how out of balance we are and in what areas we need to work.
July and August are going to be the worst months of this year.  Worst in that the hardest, most merciless lessons we haven’t learned so far are right in our faces and we can’t ignore them or put them off to later anymore.  The Solar Maximus is just a tool for us to have to learn these lessons.
So even in this wave of imbalance, try to stay as balanced as possible.  Try to be aware of over-reactions to things and avoid judging yourself.  Then try to see what these reactions are mirroring within as they will show you an imbalance you’ve carried with you, probably most of your life.  These lessons can clear things from childhood and past lives, but they require us actually facing them in order to release them.
It’s hard, I know.  But this isn’t going away because we want it to.   I’ve always felt if I know why something is happening I’m better able to deal with it.  So even though this isn’t really a good news kind of missive, now you might know a little bit more of what’s going on and be able to handle it better.  I hope so. 
One last thing:  hide if you have to.  Avoid as many stressful situations and people as you can for the next two months.  Know this isn’t annoying just to be annoying.  This is important work.  Use the “Is this my anger?” tool to make sure you’re only dealing with your own lessons.  Meditate, chant, pray, whatever helps you stay sane. Good luck.
And remember, at the end of The Great Flood we were given the beauty and perfection of a rainbow. Because of the extremity of this solar activity, we may all, at some point, be able to see the beauty and perfection of the aurora borealis, no matter how far south of the Arctic Circle we live.
With love and gratitude…

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