Hello from Austin!

Well, I made it. My dear friend, Steve, came out from Detroit to drive with me and he drove 16 hours without stopping (except for gas) and then we tag-teamed until we made it. Almost 30 hours. Which would have been less if AAA (no less) had given the right directions at the very end.

Was going to take a lot of pictures to share but we were so driven to make the journey, that became our only focus. Besides, I don’t think anyone wants to see what we looked like after 30 hours on the road.

Still, I’m here. Steve is back in Detroit, sleeping, no doubt. And the cats and I are acclimating to our new home. Which is lovely. They actually handled the trip better than expected and have already picked out favorite spots. I have a huge window viewing trees and lawn and have had wild deer grazing on said lawn every morning and afternoon. Apparently they come in from the outback to country communities so they won’t be shot. Smart and pretty.

Unpacking is slow but steady. Readings resume on Monday.

REMINDER: I am now on Central Time, which is two hours different than my previous time in Los Angeles. Please adjust when booking a reading.

And, as there have been problems with Verizon in getting a landline in, the phone number I sent out in the last newsletter has already been replaced by:  830-693-4037

That is the NEW new number and should be permanent.

Meanwhile, Mercury is playing retrograde again. Here is some info from the ever-accurate Gahl Sassoon that I have found helpful. Hopefully, I’ll get back to writing original thoughts soon. In the meantime, here’s what he says about this Mercury Retrograde:

Here we go again, just when things started getting better, Mercury, the planet ruling networks, communication, contracts, business, information, and trade, is going retrograde on us from June 6th to July 2nd. Last time it brought Bit-Coin down on its knees, who know what the trickster has planned for us this time. Here are some dates along the passage of reversed Mercury that can help you avoid some cosmic pitfalls. 

What to avoid:

  • Signing documents.
  • Buying computers, electronics, cars, TV (anything digital that talks in the binary tongue).
  • Initiating projects.
  • Overbooking or scheduling yourself.
  • Publishing
  • Starting anything that you would like to last longer then three weeks.

What can I do?

  • Sell things (especially to people who don’t believe in Mercury Retrograde)
  • Edit
  • Reorganize
  • Get rid of things you don’t need.
  • Divorce or separate.
  • Revisit old projects, ideas or creative endeavors.
  • Reconnect with people from your past.
  • Do anything that starts with the prefix RE. For example: REvisit, REinvent, REdifine, REevaluate, REmember.  

 What if I must do something I shouldn’t?

  • Make an “offering” to Mercury: plant trees, donate 10% of the profits from a project you plan to initiate on Mercury retrograde to your favorite cause. 
  • Listen more than talk.
  • Laugh and be playful with Mercury’s tricks. 
  • Be extra cautious, pay attention to details (remember, Mercury is also the ruler of Virgo).
  • Take extra time to reach appointments.
  • Do fact-checking, hire a lawyer to go over agreements. Do more research when meeting new people.
  • Double, triple, edit what you write. Be extra careful with nasty spellcheckers which is Mercury’s favorite tool for mischief. 
  • Think twice before answering a text, email, message, or any other form of communication.
  • Send packages with tracking and insurance. 

 Important Dates (Greenwich time):

Around 1pm on June 6th, Mercury goes Stationary, which means that the hyperactive messenger of the god/dess stands still. Mercury does not like to be still; it makes him feel like a hyperactive boy overdosing on Retalin. So the next day or so communications of all sort can stand still. Take heed. Mercury begins his retrograde motion in Cancer, the sign of home, family, real-estate, and security. These aspects of life will be more affected the next few days. 

 Mercury goes retro officially on June 8th around 1pm. Expect a lot of action, movement, exchange, connection and interactions in the next few weeks. 

 June 13th is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which places the Sun in the opposite sign, Gemini, the sign of Mercury. Since Mercury is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, any communication involving memories, emotions and compassion can yield good results. This is a great day to come clean (Sagittarius rules truth), to forgive, ask forgiveness, and to heal using words and memories. If you are in therapy, it is a powerful time for a breakthrough!

 From June 17th: Mercury moves backward into Gemini, its own sign. Watch for theft, lies, illusions, deceptions as one must remember that Mercury, is the god of thieves. However, Mercury, being in his natural sign, will help move things along and can ease with communication. Watch for slips-of-tongue.  (this is not supposed to be bold, if it comes across that way)

 June 19thMercury conjunct the Sun in Gemini. Everything shifts into higher gear, speeding up.  However, the driver is drunk, even though it is a race-car. It might feel like Mercury is out of retrograde but it is not, so drive carefully. Mercury will be in combust, which means it is lost in the Sun. Many things said, signed, agreed upon or written will be erased after July 2nd. 

 June 21st: Happy Summer Solstice! Also called the Gateway of Humankind (the Winter Solstice on the opposite side of the year is called Gateway of the God/dess). Summer officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun moves into Cancer. Do something today to celebrate the longest day of the year.

 June 27th: New Moon in Cancer. New beginnings but don’t be tempted to start new projects just as yet.  

 June 30th at 2pm Mercury stands still. We are close to the finish line but don’t rush, be patient. The next day or two can be the most lethal.

 July 2nd 2pm, Mercury goes direct and we are plugged in! 

Mercury retrograde is not a bad thing. I wouldn’t want to live in a planet that does not have Mercury retrograde. In time of retrograde, Mercury, the messenger, does not deliver all our earthly, mundane messages as fast and as efficiently since he and his minion of angels are busy delivering our prayers, wishes, and dreams to the divine.

Three times a year for about three weeks Mercury has to use all his angel-power to send our messages to the One, helping us manifest what our soul desires. Mercury, at this time, is dedicated to connecting us to our higher-self, leaving our ego and its petty day-to-day communication to its own devices. In addition, Mercury retrograde might bring back to your life lost items, people, lovers, and friends from this lifetime and past. 

With love and gratitude from Austin…

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