We are coming to a powerful Full Supermoon with a Lunar Eclipse on January 20/21, which is basically the big release of all things 2018. Last year showed us inner truths about ourselves and, in many cases, inner truths about those around us. Some of those truths made us look at our friends, family and/or co-workers differently, not necessarily in a positive way, sometimes badly enough to have a relationship come to an end.

In this lifetime, when so much karma can be healed and released (much more than in any other single lifetime), some souls do the work they agreed to while others don’t. That makes it uncomfortable when we’ve lived up to our contract, done all we can with an individual, and the other person refused to participate. It’s especially prevalent in this life when so much accelerated growth is part of our normal journey. When we know we are finished in a karmic contract with someone, it is often very difficult to let that person go. On several levels.

In the material world, we can get divorced, quit a job, block people from our social media, not return calls, or have a conversation where the ending of the relationship can be discussed, hopefully without blame and recrimination. On a soul and karmic level, it’s more difficult to release those we’ve had a contract with. We may experience guilt or a lingering feeling of over-responsibility at letting them go. The person being released may not want the contract to be over, especially when he/she is getting a lot out of it but giving nothing back.

There is a way to release ourselves from a contract that is completed from our point of view but not seeming to end because the other person is stuck. It’s a Violet Flame Meditation that can cut the karmic bonds if we are truly ready and willing to let go. Note that while this meditation can complete a karmic contract, some may still desire to renew the contract in another lifetime. If we have done as much as we can and want to be released to work on other things this time around, we can put off the work on this contract until both can participate fully. Releasing someone in this life means we are not spending our lives making sure the other person “gets it” but giving ourselves the time and opportunity to do other work we agreed to accomplish.

I offer this meditation now so those who are interested in doing it have ample time to prepare and take advantage of the release energy of the Full Supermoon. Please avoid doing this in negative emotion, even if you feel intense anger, resentment, and frustration for the other person. You wouldn’t be together in this life if it hadn’t been agreed to, so love and commitment is there somewhere, even if it has been betrayed.


It’s best to be in a quiet, private space with enough uninterrupted time allotted to do the work without feeling rushed. Sit either cross-legged or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor/ground, with your back straight and your hands resting on your knees or in your lap.

Hand positions help the flow of energy so place the back of your right hand inside your left palm with thumbs up and touching to form a pyramid, then rest them on your belly or in your lap. Or touch and hold the thumb and middle finger of each hand together and rest the back of your hands on your thighs or knees.

In order to recall the power of the release at any time when you’re in your daily routine and need a reminder, do the meditation with your fingers in a “trigger position”. Cross your index and middle fingers, or use thumb and index finger to form an “O” or something similar, holding the position throughout the meditation (doing this instead of the energy positions mentioned above). Then when you need that hit of reminder, put your fingers back into that position at any time during the day and the power of the meditation will come back to ground you.

Before you begin, shake your hands and forearms vigorously for at least thirty seconds. This stimulates the energy flow to the creative part of the brain and allows your meditations to go deeper. Then take three cleansing breaths – in through the nose, out through the mouth – to release stress, balance the body and allow pure energy flow.

One of the most important steps in meditating is to use all your senses. Take the time within the meditation to see, hear, smell, taste and feel (physically and emotionally) what you experience. This gives the work depth and a longer-lasting affect. If you don’t get all the senses clearly at first, avoid stressing about it. That’s normal. The more you work with them, the clearer they become and the easier it gets.

The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy that is considered the Seventh Ray of the Holy Spirit. It is invisible to most but is seen as violet by those who have developed their higher/inner sight. It is ultimate healing and enlightenment energy. Saint Germain is an ascended master (not a saint, “Saint Germain” is his name) who is the Keeper of the Violet Flame and overseer of the Aquarian Age. Archangel/Saint Michael is the angel of protection. Even if you haven’t worked with them before, they are available to help you.


Create a sphere of White Light protection around you one foot beyond where you can reach in every direction. I call in the White Light from the center of the universe to fill me, surround me, protect me and guide me, imagining a beam of White Light coming across space, down into our atmosphere, into the room I’m in and entering my body through my Crown Chakra, filling me completely. Then the White Light comes out of my body through my pores and with my breath to surround me. If you do it differently, obviously use whatever works best for you.

Use all your senses to make the sphere of White Light real. Take your time to establish what it looks like, smells like, sounds like, tastes like and feels like both physically and emotionally. If you wish, call in the Guides, Angels and/or Ancestors you usually ask for protection. Take a deep, cleansing breath.

Imagine you are standing in a fire of Violet Flame. The flames reach high to the top of your head and completely surround you, filling the White Light sphere. Use all your senses to experience the fire as it exists around and inside you, specifically the beautiful and powerful color of violet. Take a deep, cleansing breath.

With love and gratitude, call in Saint Germain and Archangel Michael to join you, again using all your senses to imagine them with you. If you cannot get a clear imagine of them but only a suggestion of light or a feel of their presence, that’s okay – these are higher beings and sometimes cannot be captured in our physical world-saturated minds. Thank them for coming and helping.

Call to you – with love and gratitude – the person you wish to release and imagine that person before you, facing you, standing in, surrounded by, and filled with the Violet Flame with you. Use all your senses to make his/her presence real. Be aware of the cords that tie you to each other, again using all your senses to experience them, especially where the cords connect your body to his/hers.

Looking that person deep in the eyes, thank them for agreeing to be with you in this life. Thank them for teaching you about them and about yourself. Then tell them that your contract with them is complete and you release them with love and gratitude. Imagine them moving away from you into their own sphere of White Light filled with the Violet Flame.

When that person’s sphere is complete and separate from yours, with the cords now the only thing connecting you, ask Saint Germain to complete, heal, and release all the karma between you, past, present and future, on all levels of existence and consciousness. Take your time to naturally allow memories and shared experiences – good and bad – replay for you and feel the healing energy fill both of your bodies. (The “trip down memory lane” may not happen, or if it does, it may feel like your entire experience together is condensed into seconds.)

When you experience a sense of release, peace, and completion, ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords with his flaming sword. Experience that separation with all your senses, feeling the release in all of the areas that connected your body to his/hers. Take several deep, cleansing, and releasing breaths.

With the separation complete, imagine the sphere containing the other person slowly disappears so you are left alone in your sphere, still encompassed with the Violet Flame. Thank Saint Germain and Archangel Michael for helping and imagine that they disappear. If you called in Guides, Angels and Ancestors to assist you, thank them and release them.

Take a moment to re-experience the Violet Flame around you. Feel the peace and completion of your work Thank the Violet Flame and slowly, gently absorb it into yourself, allowing it to center in your Third Eye or Crown Chakra. Take a moment to re-experience the sphere of White Light around you. Thank it for protecting you and slowly, gently absorb it into your body through your Chakras, keeping what energy you need for yourself and sending the rest into the Earth for her to do with as she wills.

Come back into your body and gently move your toes and feet to ground you in the physical world. Move your knees, hips, torso and back, shoulders, arms, fingers, neck and head until you feel you’re completely back. Take several deep, cleansing breaths and open your eyes.

If you wish to add to the experience, light a violet, Saint Germain or Archangel/Saint Michael candle before you begin. You can extinguish it when complete, or let it (safely) burn itself out. You can also surround the candle with violet-colored amethyst stones that you can charge with the energy of the meditation when it’s complete (after absorbing the Violet Flame, allow some to come out your palm chakras while holding the stones). Carrying those stones or having them in a significant place (altar or bedside) brings the energy of the meditation to you when you need it (releasing someone you’ve cared for can be very difficult).

No matter how positive and success the experience of a single meditation can be, it may take several or repeated meditations to sever the energy because we’re dealing with a karmic contract. Avoid becoming discouraged – this is taking on some heavy work. Doing it “for the good of all”, including the person you’re releasing, makes it easier.

If you want to know more about the Violet Flame, try www.summitlighthouse.org and their article “How to Use the Violet Flame in Nine Steps”. Happy Releasing! Can’t wait to let 2018 finally go!

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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