This last week was surprisingly challenging. It felt like the last Solar Eclipse of the year on Monday, December 14 stripped us naked and raw and left us to fend for ourselves as we were being prepared to get a new wardrobe today! Some of us went inside ourselves and had a hard time dealing with our own life-long self-judgment. Some of us took our imbalance and discomfort out on others and caused a lot of conflict, especially harming close relationships. In both cases, we couldn’t help ourselves.

It was like the storm before the calm.

So today starts that calm. But be aware there are still those Piscean Age-minded individuals who have dug themselves in so deep, they wouldn’t know how to get out of their pit if someone offered them a loving hand. It’s their choice. Please respect it. Just avoid buying into it. They’ve lost their power but not their karma. They will still yell and scream and want to influence anyone they can to make themselves feel they have their power back, but it’s gone. No need to feel pity or sympathy. It is what it is. Choices were made. Consequences now come into play.

One of the drawbacks happening this year of change (or opportunities if we look at it that way) is that we all have to get our own work done ourselves, especially as we open up to the New Age that comes into power today. That includes good choices we’ve made that move us forward and bad choices we’ve made that hold us back. While this is hard on people in general, it’s especially hard on those who are genuinely open-hearted and empathetic (an Aquarian Age trait) and want to help those they love. Sorry, that can’t be done right now. There are times in our lives when we have to carry our own weight and deal with our own choices because that is a karmic completion and lesson in itself.

It doesn’t mean all of us learn what we set out to learn. We can choose to turn against a lesson we originally asked for because it seems too hard in fact rather than the theory of how we envisioned it to be. But it is an individual lesson and no one can help us learn it, heal it or get over it. No matter how much we want to help, even those we are close to, even those who are older or younger and look to us, everyone is on their own karmic journey and that is more in-our-faces now than it has been before.

There are also times in our lives where the growth of our species, of humanity, takes precedent over the growth of the individual. This happens very rarely, and has not happened within my lifetime. It’s happening now. That means our own personal challenges take a back seat to the much bigger expansion and progression of humankind.

That hit us last week, too. What wasn’t working for us in our lives the way we wanted it to suddenly got a life-and-death feel to it as the final week of the old Piscean Age influence came to the end of its fuel, trying to make its last breath heard up until the finale. That pressure made us think that we weren’t going to get what we wanted when we wanted it, or what we deserved the way we thought we deserved it, in a big way!

Last week was a week of huge reactions and it was very difficult to see the bigger picture when we were focused on what wasn’t working.

Again, the storm before the calm.

We are also becoming more sensitive as we become human beings, i.e., humankind out of mankind. Our vibrations are rising to be more refined. There was a huge Aquarian Age download that has taken all year to finish and we finally are able to access it today. It not only prepared us for what’s to come, not just the Aquarian Age highs but the leftover Piscean Age lows, it lifted us to see things and feels things in a different way.

If we’re naturally sensitive, this makes us more so. Senses are more acute, especially the senses of smell and hearing. We also feel other vibrations, both higher and lower, with more clarity and, sometimes, recognition. If we pay attention to what we’re feeling, i.e., our intuition, we can recognize it faster for what it is: our bodies and our souls lifting into a high overall awareness and understanding.

There is also a lot of news now about the Russian hack that has been happening since March and we, the public, have just found out about. Not only do the Russian hackers infiltrate our systems, they flood us with disinformation, the way our outgoing president has done to confuse us (where do you think he learned it?) But it’s also Aquarian Age training for us to be able to go within ourselves to feel what is true and what is not. We all have that ability but we’ve become lazy in using it.

All communication through the airwaves, including hacking, is Aquarian Age, and all of it helps us learn something about ourselves. Everything that seems like it’s being torn down or threatened is actually being highlighted from out of the shadows and shown into the light for us to consciously see what is clear and pure and what has become tainted. We’ve seen a lot of tainted come to the forefront in these last four years. That’s good. How can we change it if we don’t know it’s there?

Breathe and relax. That’s easy to say but not easy to do. We’re all still dealing with the pandemic, restrictions from the pandemic (which haven’t even really started), personal economic danger because of the pandemic and then we add state, national and world politics on top of that and now there’s hacking to make us feel more unsafe. We’re in good hands even though that may be hard to see and feel right now.

But if we breathe and relax and know there are higher energies at work, and let ourselves feel the vibration of those higher energies that are a lot easier to access after today as we are physically harmonizing with those vibrations more than we’ve ever done, we can get the bigger picture and consciously know and feel this is just part of the biggest transformation human beings have ever had.

And be aware, today starts us being able to see Aquarian Age rainbow colors on all levels as we step out of the black and white of the Piscean Age! Have a colorful holiday!!!!

I wish you a Happy Christmakahkwanzayule!

Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy our new vibe!

Much love to all.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


Look to next week’s post for information on if I continue Discount Thursdays into the New Year. I still haven’t decided yet, but have given myself a deadline. So, next week for sure.

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