Happy New Dog Year and Eclipse! From Gahl Sasson

Here is Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s post about the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog and its coinciding Solar Eclipse. I love his work and forward and quote it in case you aren’t subscribed to him. Yet. Enjoy.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

Gahl writes:

Greetings from wondrous Barcelona. Wanted to send a short note to keep you in the cosmic loop. The 15th of February is a powerful day. We not only start the Year of the Earth Dog but also going through a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. 2018, as we have seen, is 11 in numerology and therefore is considered the Year of the Master. From Feb 15, the master adopts his/her dogling as the dogling adopts his master.

Solar Eclipse
Solar eclipse takes us on a turbo ride in a German Highway where there is no speed limit. Whatever is going on in your life is now being pushed to a resolution. You might have to wait till the next eclipses to see the final act (mid-July to mid-August). What should you do? As Bruce Lee said: chose the path of least resistance. Try to relax and allow the cosmic storm to take you on a journey. Be open but also be aware that eclipses have their own plan for you. It can get aggressive (it is a solar not lunar eclipse) and it tends to affect leaders, self-employed, politicians, and people who use their masculine energy more than their feminine (it relates to women and men alike).

Since the solar eclipse takes place in Aquarius, the sign of community, government, friends, groups, technology, innovation and also unpredictable events. One can say it is an electrically charged eclipse. Some will experience an issue with their company, co-workers, friends or any other types of community. But since it is a new moon in Aquarius, the sign connected to wishes and manifestation, it is a good time to send to the universe what you wish to manifest this Year of the Dog. In fact, it is one of the best days to revisit your New Year’s Resolution and start it again.

Year of the Earth Dog
It is a very auspicious but somewhat an intense synchronicity that the Chinese New Year begins on an eclipse. This means that until Feb 2019 we will experience a very eventful year. This is not a year of a calm well-behaved dog. This year will need many visits to the Dog-Whisperer.

The Year of the Dog, like a dog, is a year to work on your home and family (dogs like to be in the home, on your bed if possible) but also a year to be active and spend time in the countryside (what dog does not like long walks). It is a year where you will understand the lessons of loyalty and friendship (dogs been our best friends for thousands of years). Events in this year can make you feel pessimistic and paranoiac (sometime dogs bark for no reason). But it is a good year for work (dogs love to be active, serve, and work). But for me, after having two dogs, I think the Year of the Dog is about learning how to receive unconditional love. All dogs want is to love and be loved in return. They teach us how to receive love, which for most of us is super difficult. Kabbalah in Hebrew means to “receive.” Kabbalah strive to teach us how to receive light in order to share it. Therefore, Dogs are the true kabalists.

I wish you a happy New Year and a great Solar Eclipse. I hope I see you somewhere in the world in my travels. May the Year of the Dog bring you happiness, prosperity, unconditional love, creativity, and  health. May Sirius (the dog star) shine upon you and all your loved one.


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