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In case you don’t get Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson’s newsletter, here is his recent post about what’s coming up in June and how to best take advance of the energy this magical month brings. Even if you don’t follow astrology, he makes it easy to understand what our solar system’s rhythm can mean for us.

I’ve found it helpful to make note of the events and influences that stand out for you personally on a calendar. That way, you have a reminder of what to expect and plan for that day (especially any celebrations/rituals for the New Moon (maybe a little late if not already organized as it’s today), the Full Moon on the 17th and the Solstice on the 21st). Happy June, y’all!

Gahl writes:

Let’s take a closer look at June and see what aspects of our lives the heavenly bodies wish to shine upon.

Monday, June 2
Right on Monday, the day of the moon, we kick off the month of June, named after Juno, the goddess of marriage, in a Gemini new moon. Gemini’s Tarot card is “The Lovers,” and it depicts Adam and Eve, the primordial married couple who were also twins. June 2 and 3 are great days to start a writing project, launch a campaign, sign new documents, create new partnerships, go on a date, start a new relationship and make connections. Mercury, the messenger of the gods and goddesses is also in Gemini therefore words, texts, ideas, and data are flowing in thought-speed.

Wednesday, June 5
The moon is opposite to Saturn. Mothers are cranky. Saturn opposite to the moon represents an oppressive mother figure or female boss that can cause stress and pressure. Maybe a family member going through some difficulties or perhaps a bit of bad mood.

Sunday, June 9
Venus moves into Gemini and will stay there until she transits to Cancer on July 3. Venus in Gemini can connect art and communication. It is a good period for design, composing, branding or anything that can help you revamp your image. It is a great time for healing relationships through communication. Of course if you are a Gemini, but also Libra and Aquarius, this Venus transit can be financially and love-wise very positive.

Tue, June 11
The moon is passing over Minerva. You might encounter a wise woman or a very inspiring feminine teacher (could be a book or article written by a woman). Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, just war and justice, the moon can help shine some fairness and justice into your life. Good for making decisions.

Mars and Neptune are sending a perfect trine. This means that your intuition, psychic abilities, dreams and meditation can connect in a very positive way to action in your life. We are talking about practical intuition here. It also could mean that you will experience your intuition not through a feeling or a thought but via your action. You might do something that shows you are being intuitive, maybe through a text, an email, or any other choice and decision.

Friday, June 14
Neptune (mysticism) Mercury (communication) Mars (action) and the moon (emotions) are building a pyramid of power for a few days. It means protection, flow, passion, insights, aha-moment, epiphanies, new ideas. Since the moon is in Scorpio, it can also help you find a new passion or even get a boost in finance.

Sunday, June 16 
Full Moon in Sagittarius with Jupiter blessing the moon. This is a wonderful full moon with a great deal of teaching and learning.

Wednesday, June 18-19
Not a very easy time with the moon in Capricorn conjuncting Pluto (death) and Saturn (karma). Breathe deeply and take your time. It is a test of endurance and people around you might be acting out of fear.

Friday, June 21
The Solstice! In the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day of the year. It is the first day of Cancer that baptizes us with compassion and unconditional love. Since the North Node is now in Cancer until June 2020, it is a time when we are all asked to learn the lessons of Cancer: home, family, compassion and forgiveness. It is also called the Gateway of Humankind (opposite to the Winter Solstice which is the gateway of the gods). Someone new might be walking into your life, or you might be stepping into a new phase in your life. Spend time near water!

Hope you have a wonderfully bright and brilliant June and may Juno bless you.

See you somewhere sometime

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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