Original Newsletter Post – 7/1/19

We have a lot of astrological, emotional, self-reflective, releasing and renewing ascension energy hitting us throughout the month of July. With a little planning, we can have a great, productive time of growth if we shift our typical very-American, Piscean Age, “BiggerHarderStrongerFaster” thought-process and accept what comes as it comes instead of trying to control it.

Remember, this is the year of “Let Go, Let God/dess” and of trust to allow the serendipity and synchronicity of 2019 to change our lives (inner and outer). The energy of July gives us a natural opportunity to find our personal current in the river and go with the flow, if we haven’t already. It’s a re-set month, in a very gentle way (unless we fight it, then it can get nasty).

The majority of this month is in the sign of Cancer (until Monday, July 22 when we enter Leo), so our experiences are going to be emotional and centered around home. And homeis the place to be. No matter what our social life usually entails, July’s energy will serve us so much better if we stay at home whenever we can. We can’t avoid the emotional tsunami this month (which is not a bad thing). If we ignore it and insist on being in a social setting when we don’t have to, we will be going against our instinct which means we will be acting and reacting outside of ourselves, creating our own disharmony. That can cause unnecessary misunderstandings and difficulties with others, over and above the usual challenge of most of this month being in Mercury retrograde (see the list of July’s events below).

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and we have three, not the usual two, Moon events this month (two New, one Full), giving us another level of emotional challenge and growth (see the list below). We lose ourselves during both New and Full Moons, in different ways (lost in a void during the Dark of the Moon/New Moon and lost in overwhelming power during the Full Moon). These times shake us out of our existing, sometimes rote, balance to give us an opportunity to find a new balance to fit the new energy that is shifting under our feet every moment.

Add eclipses to two of those Moons (one New, one Full) and we add more emotional cleansing and renewing of ourselves. Eclipses magnify and amplify whatever stops us from being our true selves and whatever exemplifies our true selves. So that which we have accepted as “normal” in society that goes against our true selves, especially who we are in the comfort of our home, will be made really clear. Please pay attention and adjust life accordingly, not just for July but for the rest of our lives.

Cancer is also a water sign so be very aware of the water around you. Start by re-energize your body by drinking a lot of water. Our bodies need approximately 64 ounces of water per day, which is eight glasses of eight ounces each, but we rarely drink that much (and water in coffee or tea or soft drinks does not apply). Your body will need it more this month than others so if you think you’re overdoing it, you’re probably still not getting enough. Spend more time bathing, especially with epsom salts that draw toxins and negativity from your physical and energetic body. It will be very relaxing and renewing. Also swim if we can…a lake, river or ocean are best, but a pool still serves. Even if we can’t be near or visit a large body of water, at least be aware of what is closest to where we live.

While talking about our bodies, be aware that the sign of Cancer rules our digestive tract and function. That means we will probably be more sensitive to the food we eat, especially the food that is tasty and addictive but does nothing to nourish us. Even if we don’t normally have food allergies, our bodies might react as if they do until we get to the end of the month.

Events for July:

Tuesday, July 2: New Moon with Solar Eclipse.

While a seeming “black hole” will appear in the sky as the new Moon passes across the Sun, not everyone on the planet will be able to see it. This time, the fullness of the eclipse is seen in the sky just before sunset in Chile and Argentina.

Thursday, July 4: Happy Birthday, the United States of America!

Falling on a Thursday, this July 4 gives many a long weekend. As our bodies will be sensitive to toxins, such as alcohol, sugar and junk food, take it easy on the over-indulgence this year and we’ll be able to enjoy the entire weekend, not have to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday recovering from hangovers, food comas and unusual negative allergic reactions (physical and emotional).

Sunday, July 7: Mercury retrogrades until Wednesday, July 31.

As usual, avoid signing contracts, starting legal issues, and buying big-ticket items. Triple check travel plans and proceed with awareness. Watch for communication mishaps and misunderstandings. We will all be responding through our emotions rather than our reason in July, which means we can say things we feel that might not be appropriate or well-received (and things can be said to us in like manner).

Tuesday, July 16: Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse.

The day leading up to, the day of and the day after this Full Moon will probably be the most emotional time of the month. Instead of trying to control or deny what we’re feeling (which can include very deep issues), let go and experience something that can be very cleansing and refreshing. Also, July’s eclipses bring us to the mid-point of a two year series of eclipses dealing with the Cancer/Capricorn relationship that started July 2018 and ends July 2020. This combination creates a balancing time, with the intensity of the eclipses shaking us out of the Piscean Age mindset and helping us get into the more harmonious Aquarian Age concept of balance. Balance of left-hemisphere logic/physical with right-hemisphere creativity/spirituality. Balance between masculine and feminine. Balance our previous goal-oriented obsession with work with our need for a personal life and HOME.

Monday, July 29: Sun squares Uranus

There are two times this year when Uranus influences our financial decisions in a challenging way: the last two weeks of July, leading up to the 29th, and the last two weeks of the year. These are times when our ego can go all self-righteous in making financial decisions which will usually lead to chaos and loss. Be careful with financial transactions that are over and above everyday rhythms, like investing. This isn’t recession-causing energy, it’s more personal. With emotionality ruling us in July, even after we get into Leo, we can make emotional decisions about finances fed by Leo’s fire and ego that can get us into trouble.

Wednesday, July 31: New Moon (Number Two) and Mercury direct

The second New Moon in a month is called a Black Moon. High Magic done during the Dark of the Moon and a New Moon is incredibly powerful, if you have the knowledge to work with the energy. While a Black Moon doesn’t have specific energetic significance beyond being a second New Moon in a month, with Mercury going direct that day, it can be very powerful to do release and renew magic.

And then we’re in August, still the Hungry Ghosts/Karmic Catch-up Month, but without the previously usual Mercury retrograde intensity added. It’s the first time in years that August and Mercury retrograde don’t coincide so we can face our Karma without it slapping us in the face. If we take advantage of what July has to offer in balancing out our inner world and readjusting how that deals with our outer world, August will be a clarifying piece of cake.

As we’re coming out of June’s Pride Month, the emotional balancing and self-reflective energy of July will help us continue the awareness and acceptance of issues of gender from now on, not just for one month a year. July’s energy also focuses on family and what that means (part of the HOME understanding), so we will see a lot of attention during the month on our border crisis and the travesty that is the Child Separation issue, hopefully leading to an answer that ends this disgrace.

This is a month to become consciously aware of our subconscious and intuitive selves, bringing into balance that which we “should” do and that which we know is right – for ourselves, our families, our country and the world.

Enjoy the Journey of July! Step out of what is expected and usual and experience who we are in our emotional heart. We have great emotional capacity that has been held back by the rules and roles of the Piscean Age. This month is a breaking point for that stuckness and all we have to do it let it happen.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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