Happy ChristmaKahWanzaYule!

Or just Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza and Blessed Yule!

This time of accumulated holidays gets us out of ourselves and our own daily issues with the parties and presents and down time. We also get release from the pressure of having looked forward to this week since the end of September, although I think that bubble was burst at the beginning of last week so we’re more able to be in the holiday spirit now. This year, we really need the break (and the presents!), not just from how challenging 2019 has been, but to take a breath before we gear up for the whirlwind that is 2020.

No matter how or what we celebrate, take time to appreciate what has happened for/to us and what is in front of us. And, despite the challenging times, please be aware that we are here at a momentous change for humanity. While that can interfere with our day-to-day, it really means we’re all part of the evolution of humanity and how our species proceeds from here.

So here’s wishing we all get exactly what we want, whether that’s a new car, time with family or just peace alone (with cats). Christmas night, going into the wee hour of December 26, brings a Solar eclipse that will be our last of 2019 and a powerful one to close out the old and bring in the new (a little earlier than we’re used to).

We are moving into a new decade (the first completely Aquarian Age decade), and on last week’s Winter Solstice/Yule (December 21), we are also starting a new seven-year cycle, concluding the first seven years of the Aquarian Age that began on December 21, 2012 (the Earth and humanity live in seven-year cycles or arcs of lessons and change). If 2012 was the End of the World, 2019 completes the seven years of us letting go of the Piscean Age, making 2020 the Beginning of the World. The King is dead, long live the Queen!

The Christmas eclipse is going to be a great time to prepare for 2020. As usual, Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson has something wise and wonderful to tell us about it and how to utilize the energy for our benefit. Here is his recent post:

On December 26, we will experience the last eclipse of 2019. It is a Annular Solar eclipse in Capricorn. Solar eclipses, being a new moon on steroids, are not a bad time to start new things (especially the day after, as in the 27th of December). Many of the stories in the news will follow the path of the eclipse as it flows from the protest heavy Lebanon, Iraq and Iran, goes down to India, Indonesia, China, Australia, Russia, Philippines and Japan.

Since the eclipse is so close to the New Year, it can be argued that it is a very good time to decide and maybe even start your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions.

Studies show that close to 90% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. Astrology would suggest that in addition to choosing the wrong wish to work on, timing could be the other reason for the lack of success. Most New Year’s Resolutions are decided upon either at the last hours of the 31st of December or January 1st, when many of us are either drunk or dealing with a hangover. Not the best mind frame to decide on such big projects. In addition, January 1st has no astrological significance and therefore, not the best time to start any resolution. For this reason, the upcoming December 26 eclipse is a good time to set your goals for 2020.

The Capricorn new moon favors resolutions that are long term, since Capricorn is ruled by Cronus, the Lord Time. If you are looking for something to be achieved in a few weeks, then wait for the Chinese New Year’s new moon in Aquarius on Jan 25. However, if your wish is meaningful, demanding discipline and a great deal of ambition to manifest, go for the 26th of December.

As I mention in my book on the Astrology of 2020: Leap of Faith, the year ahead is a case study in the influence of Capricorn, with Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and the South Node transiting in the goat sign. Therefore, wishing for something that is supported by Capricorn’s archetype is advisable. Choose a resolution that incorporates these aspects:

  • Career
  • Recognition
  • Discipline
  • Long term
  • Overcoming fear
  • Structure
  • Building
  • Tradition
  • Plan
  • Strategy
  • Practical
  • Maturity
  • Responsibility

Eclipses are cosmic magnifying machines. They cause things to move faster and can give you a big boost of energy, that is, if you are choosing the right resolution. Make sure what you want and what you need are indeed in harmony and not opposing.

Regardless of the resolution theme, the eclipse can give you a boost of energy in your career or with your ambition. I know for many people the last week of December is a holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah and Yule). It is still a good time for clarity and insight into your career. Traditionally, the solar eclipse can be detrimental to leaders and politicians so let’s see who bites the dust…

When doing resolutions for the New Year, please add a hope and promise for all of humanity and the world. And for our seven generations in the future. As we increase our scope of knowledge via the very Aquarian Age electronic media, we become aware of what is going on in all four corners of the globe. With history’s lessons being highlighted so we can break free of repetition, that scope of knowledge includes all time which also becomes our responsibility. Take it willingly and be part of the change, not part of what needs to be changed.

Again, Happy Holidays!

I offer this with love and gratitude….


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