Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Wood Horse!

2014 is expected to be a very prosperous and wealthy year in general, with some caveats. Personal experiences will be much more positive and successful than the bigger picture. That means our personal prosperity and good fortune will take a big upturn but conflict between countries, politics, economics, etc. will be explosive.

 But as above, so below. Those who personally experience prosperity and success will slowly bring that into the general population later this year and in years to come. The individual will influence the growth of society, as it always does.

 The second half of the year (really after April) is for teaching and leading by example by those who would have already had good fortune earlier in the year. In this Aquarian Age, the concept of “leader” is very different than in the Piscean Age. During the last 2,000 years, a leader was invariably strong, dynamic, smart and a male authority figure. Sometimes the Piscean leader would become drunk with power or overcome by ego and would lead through force.

 The Aquarian leader is someone who stands in their own personal knowledge and integrity, understanding the broader picture of what is in the best and highest interest for all life on the planet, not just self or specific groups. By standing in that integrity without the need to tell people what to do, others are naturally drawn to the individual and learn by observing and by association.

 So while there will be conflict with some who have yet to achieve their balance and are still standing in their power-over, the power-within is the key. You in that Aquarian leadership role, as you take on the mantle of that responsibility, please stand firm in your principles, ethics and integrity but avoid the need to fight for your beliefs (“standing firm and explaining” do not equal “fight”). By standing in your own power-within, you convince others. It may take a while. Patience plays a big part here as some won’t listen but it helps everyone on the planet when your integrity stays quietly intact.

 Here is some information on Allies to the Horse, using wisdom from Lillian Too. (To find your Chinese Astrological animal sign, try www.chineseastrology.com and click on “Find Your Chinese Sign” in the index.)

 In the Year of the Wood Horse, Chinese astrological animals of Rooster, Snake and Ox enjoy an excellent dose of success. This will be an intellectually creative year for them. If you are not in this triad, having people of those signs near you will help you absorb their luck and prosperity. If there is a group of all three together especially in the same house or a partnership – watch out. It means explosively good fortune and prosperity are on their way.

 Rabbit, Sheep and Boar also enjoy success this year but in a quieter way. These three signs will depend on their powerful diplomatic skills – the epitome of the Aquarian leader by example. Those who are around Rabbit people, especially, can experience the Rabbit’s calming energy and diplomatic skills.

 This year does not favor those who are overly and openly ambitious. Dragon, Monkey and Rat must watch themselves because their success luck is not strong. These three signs can feel frustrated seeing advancement in others and think; “Why not me?” while all along things are going well for them. Just not good enough. To combat this, those in this triad should surround themselves with water energy in their personal space.

 Horse, Tiger and Dog find the year quite challenging in bringing work projects to completion. It’s best for them to focus energies on love, learning or home life as what they start this year will more than likely take longer to come to fruition than makes them comfortable. This being a Horse Year, you would think it would be a great year for Horse people, but many times the greatest challenges that have to be faced are in the year of your personal animal.

 This year Kubera, the powerful Wealth God, is in high power. He’s sometimes called the Treasurer of the Gods and is in charge of keeping and opening the Vaults of Heaven where wealth is stored. Kubera is one of the eight Lords of Horses and rides the Wind Horse, bringing success with him. Kubera is mainly honored for the way he overcomes obstacles that block wealth luck from manifesting.

 Having a Kubera statue (preferably riding a horse) prominently displayed brings wealth luck so put him on your desk or where you do the most work. If you don’t have a specific location of work (all you thespians, craftspeople and freelancers out there), carry a picture of him in your wallet or pocket.

 If you’re right handed, carry him on your left side. If you’re left handed, carry him on your right side. The opposite hand and side from your dominant hand is your receiving side. And remember to use a red wallet and/or purse to call in prosperity this year.

 Here is a chant that honors Kubera. It’s in Sanskrit. This can be done for 10 minutes a day, or using the standard discipline of 108 repetitions (one mala or two rosaries) a day for 40 days in a row. Start this on January 31st, or on a Thursday (Jupiter day for expansion) orSunday (Sun day for general success).

 Ha Sa Ka La Ee I La Hrim.

 It drones on one note except the “La” which goes up a half step then returns to the original note on “Hrim” (which is pronounced “Hreem”).

 Here is a sample of 9 repetitions with the second to the last repetition jumping up a step and then returning to the original note with a flourish at the end, which is the correct way of chanting in Sanskrit.

 Also be aware there are a lot of sevens this year. The year itself is a seven, it ends a seven year cycle (of purging and releasing) and starts another seven year cycle (or growth and prosperity). Seven is the vibrational number of our planet herself. Think of all the naturally occurring sevens: seven colors of the rainbow, seven chakras in our bodies (and in the planet), seven seas, seven (originally discovered) planets. So be aware of how seven comes into your life and honor it.

 In previous newsletters last year, I’ve talked about all of us being butterflies coming out of the cocoon and waiting until our wings are dry before we can fly. Seems like a long time coming, but now is the time to fly. So enjoy the year and many blessings to you all!

 Gung Hei Fat Choi (May you have good fortune).

 With love and gratitude…


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