Happy Birthday, Earth! 12/21/2012

Happy Birthday, Earth! You sweet, wonderful, generous planet!

So, we’ve finally reached it: December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. Also the end of the 2,000 year long Piscean Age, the end of the 5,125 year long Mayan Fifth Day of Mankind, the end of the 26,000 year long Mayan Precession of the Equinoxes and the 125,000,000th anniversary of the Earth’s position in the galaxy.

And as there is no ending without a beginning, this is also then the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the First Day of Mankind in this new Precession of the Equinoxes and a new level of our journey through the universe. If we think of it like that, the only thing to be afraid of, or wary or anxious about, is the newness of everything.

We face newness every day: birthday, anniversary, new job, new people, new feelings. It’s just the scope of this particular newness that can be so overwhelming, as it’s all encompassing and we haven’t encountered anything like it in, well, minimum 2,000 years, maximum 26,000 years.

But we have always adapted and learned, just as a kid adapts and learns going to school for the first time. It’s a new, scary experience to venture into the unknown, but that kid finds his/her place and flourishes and grows because of the new challenges. So do we.

While I’m unable to see exactly how people will react to all the change energy going on, I feel that starting during the “Wyle E. Coyote” time I wrote of in the last newsletter (December 21st, 2012 to January 7th, 2013 and going into the New Year on February 10th), a lot of people who have been in the 80% are going to suddenly become aware they’ve been following the wrong leader (i.e. the power-over “leader-energy” of the Piscean Age) and the way of the past (i.e. the ego-driven Piscean tradition). And they are lost because of it.

I feel this transition brings a lot of release of stubbornness and fear to many in the 80%, followed by the onset of desire to go a different path without knowing how or where that is. One of the things this shifting energy gives the 20% is the understanding that people in their throes of negativity are basically lost and flailing instead of being raving assholes. Where before, the flailing of the 80% could really mess up anyone around them, their power to affect others will be greatly diminished and genuine pity and compassion will be felt for them. 

Then it becomes the responsibility of the 20%, whether consciously or spiritually automatically, to lead. But instead of taking on a traditional leader role of showing every step, the way now is to point them in the right direction, energetically and through example rather than direct communication, and let them take it from there. These people who are lost but want to find their way have to earn it, and it won’t be easy. The intensity of their desire and commitment is what can help them, and that is on no one’s shoulders but the individual him/herself.

Still, we’re in tentative territory and need some guidelines. A couple of suggestions have come to me in the last day or two that I’d like to share. Hopefully, they can help us all get a good grip on how to navigate this exciting transition. Here are two concepts I offer: Practice Invisibility and Passive Compassion.  

Practicing Invisibility is a way to deflect the weakened negativity that will linger in the New Age so we don’t automatically pick up the needs of others who have yet to do their own work. Natives of all lands know how to be invisible by just shifting their energy.  

This isn’t simply putting up a mirror shield of protection. The new vibration and awareness we’re all in gives us the ability to pull our own energy in and shift it to a higher vibration so we are not perceived unless we want to be (and, by now, we should all be conscious of what energy we’re exuding all the time).

We can no longer help by taking on another’s problems or energy, so our best way of helping is to stay strong in the new vibration, new awareness and higher level of understanding – staying strong and balanced within self – and letting that example show the way.

Practicing Invisibility stops angry bosses, gossipy co-workers, griping friends, punishing ex’s, judgmental parents and the like from taking things out on you because they can’t “see” you. Obviously, they can see you in your physical form, but by pulling your energy into invisibility, you move yourself out of their path and they never know it.

I’ve used this myself in the past (I learned it a long time ago) and it’s amazing how simple and affective it is. The trick, though, is once you’ve achieved invisibility, stay invisible by keeping your energy harnessed in that higher vibe. If you feel retaliation coming on, or any lower level response to negativity which brings past imbalance within self to the surface, you lose your invisibility. You put yourself on a lower level and that’s going backwards.

Passive Compassion is a way to help those who are lost by sending them energetic compassion while avoiding Active Compassion which gets attention and can, again, attract people who want to put their burdens on you so you can fix them. While a lot of people will still be in that “please fix me” state, and their energy is considerably lessened in its contamination of others, they are on the brink of finding out how to fix themselves.  So let them. But throw a little Passive Compassion in their direction to help.  

This could be perceived as sending a prayer their way without any specific theme. Instead of saying to Creator, “Help them find peace,” just send them a little ball of pink light, of unconditional love, without your energetic “name” attached to it, to be used as best suits them. Remember, it’s not anyone else’s place to know or judge what another needs the most, so unconditional love covers everything.

Those who has not done their work are still going to be stuck, but it doesn’t mean they can’t learn or move themselves to a higher level within that “stuck-ness”. And anything that helps move things up and forward, helps us all.

I leave you with a quote from “Proof of Heaven” by Eban Alexander, M.D. In talking of his experiences on the other side when he had a Near Death Experience, the first message he received from the angelic being that greeted him was:

“You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.”

“You have nothing to fear.”

“There is nothing you can do wrong.”

So very true for all of us.

Welcome to the New Age! Happy Birthday to all!

With love and gratitude…

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