I don’t usually put out two posts in one day, but as we are starting an extremely important, uplifting time after the challenges and difficulties of 2018 and the first three months of 2019, I felt we all needed this wisdom. In case you don’t subscribe to Gahl Sasson’s newsletter, here is his take for the coming months. Gahl writes:

Mercury is finally direct and before Jupiter goes retro (April 10 – August 13) we are riding on a no traffic celestial fast-lane highway that can help gets us where we need to go without much hindrance. Well, at least not from above.

Jupiter retrograde is not that bad since it is very difficult for the planet of benevolence to inflict pain, especially when he is transiting through his favorite sign, Sagittarius. However, when Jupiter is retrograde he might keep some of the gifts he brought for you hidden. I remember growing up in Israel in the time of the Arab embargo, we did not have that many foreign products and toys, so when my parents would travel abroad, they would load up on gifts for the whole year and distribute them on special occasions instead of giving them all immediately upon their arrival. My sister and I would ritualistically sit around the suitcases trying to get a glimpse of some of the gifts we would later receive. So Jupiter is keeping your presents from April 10 to August 13 but after they will be bestowed upon you, no worries.

Before we go over the main aspects for the next 60 days, I would like to discuss the passage of the North Node, also known as the Dragon, through Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother. The North and South Nodes are mathematical points in the sky that are formed by the intersection of the orbit of the sun and the moon. They represent the lessons our souls desire to learn. The North Node, head of the dragon, points toward the sign which lessons we need to learn and the South Node, tail of the dragon and always opposite, points towards the sign which aspects we need to unlearn.

Since November 2018 till June 2020 the North Node travels through Cancer, the sign of compassion, home, land, security, motherhood, and unconditional love. The South Node wants us to unlearn ignorance, fear of survival, nationalism, greed and ruthless ambition. Last time the North Node was in Cancer was 2000 and 2001 and it took place during the 911 attack on the Twin Towers. At that time, George W. Bush, a Cancer, was the president of the U.S., also a Cancer (July 4). But at that time the U.S. chose to react to the attacks out of fear and with a very Capricorn (a conservative sign) way, that was not conducive to the lessons of the North Node in Cancer. The invasion to Iraq – oops, wrong country, and later to Afghanistan with limited results, caused a great deal of trauma and suffering to countless civilians and veterans.

Sadly, now, with the North Node again in Cancer, the U.S. government is still acting using the dark side of Capricorn instead of Cancer when dealing with the refugees crisis in the southern border. Cancer is the sign of hospitality, and especially sensitive to the idea of family and children. Just this weekend it was reported that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is holding families under a bridge in the Paso del Norte International Port of Entry. The dragon is not pleased and we know what unhappy dragons do. If you don’t, you can wait for the last season of Game of Thrones.

In addition to pissing off the dragon, the current US government is also making Jupiter fume. Jupiter, as I mentioned, is in his own sign of throne: Sagittarius, and his powers are magnified. In the Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus or Jupiter is associated with the concept of Zena or Xenia, the welcoming and protection of the guest. Jupiter is the defender of those who seek shelter and hospitality. If you mistreat someone who comes knocking on your door for shelter, you mess with Jupiter and his thunderbolts. Some reading this might raise a brow and say they do not believe in ancient Greek nonsensical myths, they are good church going Christians. And so behold! It so happens that my Torah portion I had to recite in my Bar Mitzva was from Leviticus 19:33-34 in the words of God:

“And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not do him wrong. The stranger that sojourneth with you shall be unto you as the home-born among you, an thou shall love him as thyself, for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the lord your God.” Can anyone out there explain to me this cognitive dissonance?

Let’s fly on the dragon southwards to New Zealand, another Cancer Nation (June 30, 1852), where in the 15 of March 2019, while the North Node is in Cancer, a devastating terror attack took place in a mosque by a man in his Saturn Return. However, this nation’s response was totally different and in perfect adherence to the teaching of the North Node in Cancer. New Zealand’s P.M., Jacinda Arden, resorted to compassion and inclusiveness, she wore a Hijab to the funeral of the victims and greeted the mourners with “As-salaam Alaikum. Peace be upon you.”

She quickly pushed for strict restrictions on the same type of weapons used in the attack. The nation came together with emotional displays of solidarity. Teenagers performed the Maori Haka ceremonial dance to express their pain. And how did this experiment in compassion pan out? Well, according to the New Zealand immigration agency, registrations of interest to live and work in New Zealand increased in the 10 days following the attack. Compassion is attractive, it is welcoming and it is home, it is in line with Zeus’ Zena and God’s commandments. The dragon was pleased with Jacinda and her people, she might be the true mother of dragons. I can only hope we can all be inspired by the North Node in Cancer in similar ways. Amen.

Below are important dates for the next two months:

April 1: The Fool. In the Tarot, the Fool carries a bag of air. Air in esoteric teaching represents potential, the thought of the creator, before it is bound by words. Before God said: “Let there be light,” Goddess thought or imagined bright shining limitless primordial light. The English word “fool” comes from Latin “follis”, which means “windbag”, a bag that contains anything you can imagine. Some historians speculate that the origin of April’s Fool is from the Roman celebration of Hilaria, the Halloween of Rome when people dressed in hilarious costumes. Other historians tie the celebration to the spring equinox a time where in the Northern Hemisphere the weather is playing jokes on us, one day cold, one day hot. The Fool is also associated with the Green-Man, the spirit of nature and the tress. In the Northern Hemisphere, the green leaves bud and the trees, that pretended to die in order to survive winter, are resurrecting.

April 8 – 11: Venus Makes Love to Neptune. The conjunction of two planets mixes their energy into a gestalt, creating a new manifestation of the archetypes. Venus is related to beauty, relationship, justice and art, while Neptune, which is called Venus’ higher-octave, rules dance, poetry, imagination, dreams, but also deception, and addiction. If you are/were dealing with addictions, this conjunction can sometime cause a relapse or maybe a new way to medicate yourself. Venus is pleasure and Neptune is an escapists so refrain from overloading on carbs, sugar, alcohol, shopping or whatever you use to escape. On the more optimistic note, this conjunction can bring romance, a mystic love affair, a reunion with a lover from past life, artistic inspiration and deep revelations about relationships.

April 19: Passover Full Moon in Libra. According to Kabbalah, the Libra Passover full moon is a vortex of liberation. The sun is exalted in Aries, the sign of iron, and the powerful position of the sun opposite to the moon serves as a heavenly bolt-cutter that is able to cut the chains of whatever enslaves us. On this night, regardless of your religion or domination in this lifetime, you can use to free yourself from your oppressors internal or external. The magic that Moses used to bring the ten plagues and part the Sea of Reeds is at your disposal around the full moon to make your own miracles happen.

April 20 – 25: The Joker Laughs at you. Uranus, the planet of chaos and unpredictability, also known by the nickname the Fool, conjuncts the sun (self-expression). If you are funny, your jokes will be even more hilarious, if you are not, there is a chance that for a few days you might actually make people laugh. This conjunction can also help break away from parental authority or help you spread you wings and fly as Uranus is associated with freedom. It is a good time for innovation, technological pursuits, and thinking outside of the box.

April 22 – 24: Venus Goes to Dr. Chiron. Venus is very active this month and on the third week of April she will be in conjunction with the wounded healer, Chiron. This could bring old wounds from past relationships or painful associations with significant others. This is a good time for healing your past and present relationships but insecurities relating to love can surface and demand attention.

May 2 – May 9: Jupiter Opposite to Mars. In this week you will learn the hard way that more is not necessarily better. This can be experienced as a great deal of fake news, and I am sure that even the Twitter-in-Chief will break his record. Lies, theft, over talking, spreading yourself thin, too much of everything. Drive, bike, text, talk and breath s-l-o-w-e-r…

May 4: New Moon in Taurus. Once a year we bask in the glory of the new moon in the sign of the bull. This is no bulls**t. When the moon is in Taurus she is exalted and associated with financial success and material gains. She can also serve as a muse inspiring art, design, sensuality (kind of celestial Viagra) and pleasure.

May 6 – 9: Uranus Conjunct Mercury. Brilliance, ingenuity, innovation, patents and words flying faster than thoughts. If you are stuck in a project and need a new perspective, these few days is the best time for a brainstorm as the universe is placing the camera in a new original angle helping you see things different.

May 17 – 20: Venus Tries Stand-up Comedy. Think the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – sexy, sassy, witty and impeccably well dressed. Your relationship might get a jolt from Uranus the joker, or if you don’t have a partner you might attract jokers and fools.

May 18 – the Auspicious Full Moon in Scorpio. The full moon in May is considered the day when the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and died. So yes, he was a Taurus and had his moon in Scorpio. No wonder he thought the source of suffering is desire, the key word to his opposite sign, Scorpio. The moon in Scorpio is called a fallen moon, and as the name denotes, not the best position for the moon. It is the moon of the werewolves, instinctual, raw, animistic, wizardly with a touch of vampireness. Like the Passover full moon before, this is also a powerful vortex to liberate yourself from the shadow of the ego. The Buddha taught us that when we desire what we cannot have we experience suffering. That makes sense but hard to internalize when you are living in a capitalistic society consumed by consumerism. But hey, we should all try our best. It does not mean you cannot wish for things or aspire for a better life. I think desire means to want something you don’t really need. Sometimes what we want is not what we need. 

I hope this gives you some stardust material to work with in the next few weeks. I wish you a great spring if you face north or a wonderful colorful fall if you face south. I wish you all to be guided by the North Node and fly to the lands of compassion. To better understand how to channel unconditional love, I recommend reading or listening to HH The 14th Dalai Lama who is a double Cancer and is believed to be the manifestation of Buddha of Compassion.

May Quan Yin be with you.

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