Human concepts and beliefs are always naturally limited to our experiences. If the entirety of a life takes place in a small town or enclosed social environment, that’s all that is known. And what is known is all. The more experience we have outside of what is immediately around us, the more we become world citizens.

In the last twenty years as the electronic communication industry has boomed (a very Aquarian Age activity), we have been given better, faster, and easier ways to connect with people and get information. We don’t have to wait for a local newspaper or TV news program to tell us what’s going on in the world. We can go online and find out immediately. Or we can reach out in any number of ways to someone in a crisis area on another continent to get first hand info.
Without consciously being aware of it, this has increased our awareness of self and where we stand in the great scheme of things. It has helped us graduate to become more global than local in how we look at things. We are truly becoming “The World” in this new Aquarian Age.
With movies, music, and other entertainment also available to us from around the world, we’re finding we can relate to people who previously seemed foreign in more ways than just location. Has anyone seen Netflix’ “Sense8”? I fell in love with the story and characters and felt immediately connected with people living in seven different countries with seven different cultures. This and other media help us see our differences and, more importantly, our similarities.
So as we move into this new expanded consciousness of who we are as world citizens, and into the Aquarian Age of equality, communication and humanity, we are quietly being taught how to look at everything in a different, more expanded, more connected way. This is forcing us to re-examine concepts that are so innately imbedded in our thought-process, that we are unaware how limited those concepts have kept us.
Beliefs and religions are always very touchy subjects. Hatred, war, and bigotry have sprung from our differences in them since human beings came into self awareness. God, Allah, Jehovah, Elohim, Baha, Brahman, Satnam are all separate identifications of Creator. In many cultures, multiple names are used to identify different aspects: “Timeless One”, “Formless One”, “Wonderful teacher bringing light to remove darkness”, “Almighty”, “All-Wise”, “All-Powerful”. The list goes on.
But what happens if we look at the energy of Creator instead of the name. The energy of what we all honor, love, adore, and are devoted to is the same. It’s humankind who has separated the identification for what was perceived by individual cultures as they developed. As awareness of Creator came into our consciousness millenia ago, interpretations differed depending on what each group needed to survive and learn the human lesson.
Our ancestors living in the desert looked at the way Creator manifested for them in the world around them differently than those who lived on a tropical island. Sun was more important to the former, water to the latter, so deity was identified accordingly. Cultures that became more refined in their development as civilizations became complicated adapted their original concept of Creator to fit their growth.
Some were helped by holy prophets – Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, to name a few – to inspire awareness of higher power and our connectedness to All. Unfortunately, many of the original lessons brought forward through developing cultures had a very human stamp and limitation put on the divine word. And that limitation included separatism and self-righteousness.
But the energy of Creator is still Creator no matter what the name.
The same is said about the energy that is identified by one religion as angels, with a whole delineation of hosts, seraphim and cherubim, but is seen by another as an equally complicated pantheon of gods and goddesses. Those who identify this higher energy as angels look down on those who call them gods and goddesses, and vice versa.
But, again, the energy is the same even when the names are different.
The angel Raphael in Christian teachings is a Messenger for God. So is Hermes for the ancient Greeks, Mercury for the Romans, Thoth for the Egyptians, and Deganwidah the Peacemaker for the Six Nations of the Sioux.
Other cultures identify their “angelic” or “god/dess” energy as “totems” and see the power of Creator in animals. To many cultures in North, Central, and South America, Owl is the Messenger. To the Arakwal Aborigines, Binguing (Turtle) serves the same purpose. Do these exist any less or are less powerful because they are named differently?
This isn’t a diatribe on the old argument that “Man created God”. More, it’s that “Man” created how to relate to, identify, and worship Creator in a way that worked for their culture and development. And none of the identifications are wrong. It’s only wrong to condemn someone else for their interpretation.
When we get down to it, how we identify higher beings is just a reflection of how we identify ourselves. By disregarding and looking down on other cultures for how Creator and all manifestations of Creator are identified, are we not saying more about ourselves than others? Is our self-awareness and self-identification so fragile that a different interpretation of deity is a threat? Is self-righteousness (an ego-based self-protection system fueled by the agreement of other like-minded individuals) something to be proud of?
We all get to Creator and our understanding of higher source in our own way, whether that’s guided by an organized religion or belief system or having personal revelation. Everyone’s journey is different because everyone brings into play their own experiences from past lives, from their karma, from early development in this life, and from personal enlightenment.
And outside of using any belief to promote self-righteousness to go to war, take land, or convert others to the right way (all ego-driven, convenient interpretations for people to get what they want or make themselves feel more secure), all religions, belief systems and personal revelations are teaching the same thing: that we are all spiritual beings who are connected to each other and Creator. And that the most powerful energy in existence is unconditional love.
What if we try looking not at the way Creator and the hierarchy of accompanying energies is identified by different cultures, but see the fact that there is awareness and devotion to higher energy at all. Because there was a time when human beings weren’t aware of any higher energy or our own spiritual existence. And it was a very dark time in human history when we were lost and struggling.
As we’ve graduated out of that dark time into the light of understanding, let’s work next on graduating into being aware of the worth of everyone and everything, not just what has been in our immediate experience. If we believe that every journey to Creator is right, there would be no need to fear or disrespect anyone else or their beliefs. Understanding and acceptance would replace religious wars or jihads. The kind of simple but despicable act of spitting on a young girl because her cultural Creator has a different name would cease in hearts and minds.
Know that this is where we’re headed in the Aquarian Age. It is inevitable that we will see the bigger picture and our soul-connection that makes us all related. And hopefully we will accomplish more of this in our lifetime, not one hundred years from now.
With all the fear out there, individual beliefs can become shields of protection against anyone with a different opinion. As always happens with a big energetic shift, as we are experiencing with the Piscean/Aquarian Age transition right now, regressing into old, comfortable, “it’s all about me and what I’m used to” ways are more appealing. But stuck-ness is not an option anymore, especially this Year of the Fire Monkey which will shake us all clear of what doesn’t work – for ourselves, others and our world.
In this time of divisiveness, while we’re making a shift from one way of thinking into another, we have an opportunity to clearly and forcefully see with new understanding. As the Aquarian Age changes our very vibrations, the transformation of how we see things in the new paradigm can hit us with the force of a sledgehammer or be a gentle source of enlightenment. Which do you choose?
I offer this with love and gratitude…

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