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We all know someone who never seems to get what they deserve, or always seems to get what they don’t deserve – in positive and negative ways.

In the “positive deserve but don’t get it” category, there are good, kind, loving, giving, and/or talented people who never have enough money, can’t catch a break, and are always alone when they deserve wealth, success and love based on the worth of their actions and the way they live their lives.

In the “don’t deserve but get it anyway” category, there are, for example, selfish, mean women who can always get a well-to-do attentive lover when it’s hard to find anyone of worth for ourselves. Or bosses who are completely unqualified for their jobs yet seem to be adored by execs and get away with ridiculous actions, usually requiring others to do more work. Or bratty kids who never get caught doing nasty things (or are caught but always skate out of it) when those around them suffer their consequences.

It seems so unfair for those kind of things to happen and yet they do all the time. Even though it’s hard to think of it, these things are deserved, both in positive and negative ways, but in much deeper levels than they seem on the surface.

The good thing to know is that karmic repercussions are guaranteed. What people do does come back to them, both good and bad. The unfortunate part of it is that we don’t usually get to see it at work, or it usually doesn’t work the way we think it should if we were doling out praise or punishment. Most of the time, we won’t know when it circles back. It does, every time. Again, that’s guaranteed. It just doesn’t always happen within a single lifetime.

Even when we believe in past lives and actions having karmic consequences, we frequently don’t stop to think why the bigger picture of “deserve/don’t deserve” is happening when we personally encounter injustice, because it’s right in our faces. How it got there isn’t the first thing we consider. So the longer term of someone deserving or not deserving something attached to actions and events from past lives – and understanding how it’s all connected – gets lost in the immediacy of our emotional reactions.

But as we expand our thinking to understand that our existence includes a much longer span than just this current waking life, we can see how everything is karmically connected. By consciously paying attention to this, we can make our lives and our journeys much more peaceful and meaningful. Even if we don’t understand someone’s actions and their deserved or not-deserved consequences, we can at least know (not just have faith) there’s a bigger reason for what’s going on.

This is not a simple thing to contemplate. It’s never as easy as “this person deserves good and that person deserves bad”, especially in this specific life when we’re at the end/beginning of such powerful transformation. Right now so much can be repaired, repaid, healed, and completed that our personal soul-growth can be exponential.

I know an incredibly sweet, selfless woman who has had one piece of “bad luck” after another. Her husband abused her while they were married, then divorced her and legally took their children, lying in court to stop her from having visitation. He left her with no money and no income. Meanwhile, both her mother and brother have had severe, lingering health issues for most of their lives and she has been the rock for everyone. Through it all, she has stayed genuinely sweet and selfless, which has astounded and impressed me every time we talk. She could easily turn bitter at the difficulty of her life, but she has consciously chosen not to.

It’s easy to say, “she deserves this because she must have done the same awful things to others in past lives”. In many cases that would be true. That is one of the ways karma works. But that’s a very simplistic understanding. It can also be, especially in this complicated life, that she chose to help each one of these individuals (including her husband) to learn, grow or just complete a cycle at her own expense. That’s not martyrdom. It’s a genuine love of those she offered to help because of how she’s known them in past lives and because she knows she’s strong enough to do it.

People who get terrible diseases such as cancer can be seen as getting their own karmic “payback” – how else could such suffering be explained? But it can also be that many lifetimes of karmic payback can be repaired and repaid in one life by experiencing cancer in this one because the suffering can be so severe. I’ve also known people who have chosen to take on a terrible disease to heal another’s negative karma because of the love they have for that person.

There is never one explanation for why good and bad things happen to people, or why “deserve/don’t deserve” is such a common theme.

There are those who have come in at this time, many of them on their own self-involved journeys in such complete ego-driven selfishness, they aren’t aware of their roles as teachers of human evolution. Two come to mind immediately: Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump.

While Weinstein isn’t the first in the immediate past to be revealed as a sexual predator (we can go back to Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly), it took the build-up of the others and extremity of his circumstances to (seemingly) finally, put the nail in the coffin of that kind of power being able to easily get away with previously accepted abhorrent behavior. All of these men, in their own personal self-involved journeys whether deserved or undeserved, have proven to be teachers through negative example for the rest of the world. Their “outing” helps stop a Piscean Age male-dominated “right”, or at least brings it enough to light to move us forward in a new awareness while it helps them clear up their own karma.

Then there’s Donald Trump, whom I have spoken about repeatedly as the Great Negative Lesson, helping us move from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age awareness by being the Poster Boy for what needs to change. But while we might want to obliterate him for what he’s doing to our country, we’re probably not thinking about his personal karmic journey through all this.

He’s of the type who teaches others and learns for himself by getting everything he wants, even when he doesn’t deserve it – in past lives or the current one. Sometimes, karma allows us to get what we haven’t earned to see what we’ll do with it. The option is to take the gifts and good luck that are given and learn to use them wisely. But more often than not, they are taken as permission to do whatever we want. That means we can often teach in a negative way while we don’t necessarily learn a thing for ourselves.

Trump’s karma is that he got exactly what he asked for. He wanted to be the most important person in the world and that’s what he is. Except he doesn’t have the chops, the wisdom, the soul-age or selflessness (or the desire to attain these things) to fully take advantage of it. Yet his soul has to be capable of learning these things or he wouldn’t have been given this opportunity. So while he teaches the rest of the world how we don’t want to be anymore, he is also teaching himself what he needs to do to grow up. However, as most people do who take unearned gifts and use them selfishly, he’s refusing to put anything he’s learned into practice in this life.

The point is that karma manifests itself in so many ways, none of it is simply the “deserve/don’t deserve” that presents itself on the surface. There are many, many reasons for everything that happens and choices that we make everyday. If we try to keep that in mind when we are faced with the small injustices of stupidity on the freeway or an idiot at the grocery store, and the bigger injustices of fearful Piscean Age leftovers denying Climate Change and living in White Supremacy, we expand our consciousness and get a glimpse of not just how we are all connected to each other in this life, but how all souls and lives are connected throughout time.

Big stuff. Cool stuff. Aquarian Age stuff.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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