Today, Monday, January 17, we have a Full Moon, the first of the year. But, being January, it’s still about clearing up 2021, not starting off 2022. That means the usual release of a Full Moon is, this time, a very big deal. It’s a release for a full year.

Hopefully, we’re using the energy of the day to consciously let go of what no longer serves us, what we’ve held onto to help us survive in 2020 and 2021 (that wasn’t necessarily good for us), and the negativity of lessons we were forced to learn. All lessons are good, although how we are given them doesn’t always seem so. If we actively, consciously use the release-energy today, our subconscious follows along and does the deeper work under the surface.

Today can be very emotional, so avoid judging self that we’re feeling too much, or wanting to cry or yell or scream for “no reason”. There is always a reason, but it might not make sense if we think only in Piscean Age left-hemisphere dominant (logical) terms. We are far more emotional and intuitive beings, able to pick up on vibrational and energetic changes, than we’ve been allowed to consciously experience for the last 2,000 years. Open the doors and start seeing with all your senses (including “extra-sensory”), in all levels of color, not just in black and white, without restricting ourselves to need a logical reason for a feeling.

As we move further into the Aquarian Age, we learn the lessons of trusting self, trusting all of our reactions, even those we’ve suppressed for lifetimes because they didn’t fit the society-of-the-day’s rules. At least once a week in readings for the past year, someone mentions their gut instinct and intuition that they acknowledge they felt, but automatically discounted it. That time is done. We are logical and emotional beings, not one or the other. These last years have been trying to get us in touch with that, without the judgment that has been prevalent in the last Age because of its need to be structured.

Also, Mercury retrograde is on us until February 4, Venus is retrograde until January 29 and we’re still in the recovery month to 2021 (i.e., January). That means don’t expect communication or love to go smoothly, avoid starting legal proceedings, buying big ticket items, or undergoing important medical procedures if possible until mid-February. And give love a break, for yourself and your partner (or potential partner). With this planetary combo, words and intentions can so easily be misunderstood and we can take things to heart because of our own damage but mistakenly and self-protectively blame it on our partner.

People will be discombobulated for the next several weeks with so much going on, so be aware that others are probably not holding it together any better than you are. If we avoid expecting everyone else to be “normal” and know they’re in dis-ease, too, everything can be a lot easier. But that requires us to be conscious of self. That’s the thing to work on now and for the rest of this year. If we genuinely take care of self (not self-preserving our ego), everything within us finds its own path.

The good news is that Venus is direct in time for Valentine’s Day, so if we don’t hold onto to those romantic misunderstandings and hurts over wounds our ego can manufacture, February 14 can be a lovely reset for our love life. Just take the pressure out of it that it “should” be. Let it happen. And on that day, wear red, light a red candle, look pretty or handsome, even if no one else sees you. It’s the energy we give off that counts.

One of the harsh things we may be dealing with in January is forced personal change. Many of us are suddenly facing things we should have taken care of last year but we couldn’t for whatever reason, mostly because we were barely holding on in survival mode. This presents as being forced out of a job (that we didn’t really want anymore) or a relationship (again, that we wanted to get out of) or a situation like action we planned on taking later in 2022 coming in fast and needing to be handled now!

I have a friend who was planning to buy the house she’s been renting when her lease came due in August of 2022, but was forced by the owner to come up with the financing now or lose the house altogether. Not a logical or legal way for the owner to do it, but his decision was emotionally driven and he didn’t care how much of a problem that was for anyone else. She would have easily been able to get it all together for August, but has been scrambling these last weeks. She got it done with a lot of stress involved. However, being forced to take this action now clears a path for her of ease in 2022 (although I’m sure she would have liked the immediacy of the journey to be a little easier).

It’s as if the Universe is taking away our facade of control and showing us how to Let Go, Let God/dess. It’s an annoying helping hand to get us in line with who we are, helping us to balance ourselves and find peace, even if it feels like it’s an extreme way of doing it. It’s harmonizing us with the energy of the year, which is very Aquarian Age growth and self-awareness without the stress we expect with Piscean Age traditions.

While the big energy shift for 2022 happens on February 1 with the New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger, there was a shift on January 1, just not as strong. It was felt more by those who are in the Aquarian Age zone, like we got some of the pressure lifted off us (the chaos of 2021). While that made us feel lighter, it only distressed those who are holding out more, men especially as their need to change from old Piscean Age traditions – and their denying of it – is ramping up to a frenzy. The separation between those who are moving forward into a lovely year and those who are going to be fighting it until their bitter end is getting more and more recognizable.

We need to learn how to deal with this separation in a different way. Being in a Six Year of Love and Sacrifice for Love teaches us how to deal with things differently, if we let it and pay attention. While we are becoming Humanity instead of Mankind, we need to be able to recognize what and who take us out of harmony with ourselves and the world (not people) and deal with it accordingly – within self. Some people will still be crazy, but the point isn’t to stop them from their journey, but be aware how we react to it. The more we see the bigger picture of things, the more people being stuck doesn’t bother us.


This Six Year is our year of love, harmony, The Arts, and growth in love through sacrifice. “Sacrifice for love” has a certain Piscean Age connotation that doesn’t necessarily bring up positive vibes, especially if we feel we’ll be forced into that sacrifice. But taking it from Aquarian Age sensibilities, which will be more in play in 2022, the “sacrifice” we’ll be making, willingly, with the new vibe and flow of energy, will be letting go of Piscean Age “ego” i.e., “it’s all about me” and sliding easily into the Aquarian Age “we”.

The big sacrifice of ego in 2022 is knowing our own self-importance which doesn’t have to over-shadow or compete or make an enemy of another. It’s the sacrifice of knowing we’re all in this together, not just thinking about it then getting angry at someone who doesn’t agree with our thinking. The vibration of the year helps us, but we can help ourselves in being conscious of how we react to people, owning the energy we put off and living in our own balance. If we do that, we don’t need to over-shadow, compete or hate another.

I offer this with love and gratitude…



  • Thank You Laurie …
    Your words are a balm for the senses. I have studied metaphysics for over 45 years … I have the tools to meditate, exercise, create a sense of balance and yet there is a feeling of sluggishness, the ‘I don’t want to’ anything at this timing. A tense time indeed for me … and although I intellectually ‘know’ better … I have a feeling of density, anger/angst and a desire to climb into a shell or cocoon until the emotional ‘Sun’ comes out and my uplifting Sagittarius Self shows up.

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