I write a lot about the transition we’re in from the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age (and its values, concepts and overall purpose to teach male energy the awareness of how to be a good father, leader, and authoritarian) moving into the next 2,000 years of the Aquarian Age (which teaches us balance, harmony, equality and becoming humankind instead of being mankind). The bigger picture is that the 2,000 years of the Piscean Age was only part of a 5,125-year journey known in the Mayan calendar as a Day of Mankind. The entirety of the last Day of Mankind also prominently focused on male lessons.

The Mayan calendar allowed each Day of Mankind to concentrate on one gender, then the next Day focused on the other and back and forth until we completed an approximate 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes. On December 21, 2012, we completed the Piscean Age, the last Day of Mankind and the last Precession of the Equinoxes. We’re ready for some new energy, and it’s not going to be all female in response to the previous 2,000/5,125-year journey of all male.

With this ending of the last Day of Mankind and the last Precession of the Equinoxes, we completed the predictions of the incredibly complex and accurate Mayan calendar. The calendar did not go beyond December 21, 2012. Because of its “ending”, people took that to mean our world was ending, too. It did, just not on the physical level.

Now we’re in a completely different lesson plan that is no longer taught to us, but giving us the opportunity and responsibility to teach ourselves and each other. The Mayan calendar delineated our lessons as we grew from ancient “man” to where we are now as “human”. The future is on us.

SIDEBAR: While we no longer have the Mayan calendar to guide us, we still have the astrological Zodiac and its Ages to give us assistance.

As children need parents and teachers to give them the basics of this world through games and school before they are old enough to know what they want to learn, so angelic energy does the same for young souls. They help by choosing a path in life for each soul that teaches the basics of being human. As we become older in our soul growth, we then get to choose what we want to learn, do, become, complete and pay back in order to program our next life before we come into it.

As a species, we have graduated from kindergarten and elementary school, are coming out of middle school and going into high school and university where we choose for ourselves more and more. Although, with the wide array of soul-ages of those reincarnated on the Earth at this time, younger souls are in fear of change, fighting, among other things, the move from the comfort of being taught to taking on the responsibility of teaching self. It’ll take a while for us to get on the same page, but it’s happening faster and faster and lessons are coming from quite a different place than before.


Gender was less importantly defined over 2,000 years ago before the inception of the Piscean Age when its masculine lessons took the lead. Think ancient Greece and the same-sex relationships that were accepted and considered normal. Then, during the Piscean Age, while the male energy was completing their final gender-separate journey, women took on a path of inner lessons and care-taking. Women had learned how to stand in their own power 5,125 years ago when the previous Day of Mankind was about female growth. Moving into the next Day of Mankind (the one that just finished), they took a “lesser” path to allow the male energy its own arc. When we began the Aquarian Age, we started a path of balancing out the separation of male and female.

It’s not a mistake that there are more “gender-challenging-the-traditional-norm” individuals now (as in female in male body, vice versa, androgynous, bi-sexual, transgender) than have been born in the last 2,000 years. Some would say that we’ve had just as many people of dual gender in the past but they had to stay hidden so the public didn’t know about them. I disagree. While there were many people of dual gender who did have to stay hidden in the Piscean Age, their numbers don’t compare to the those who have come into this lifetime to stand in their own power and declare themselves who they are, no matter what social norms they are breaking.

Any social norm that condemns because of difference needs to be broken.

And that is happening. Although with us living it day-to-day, it seems incredibly slow to change. But it is changing. Think back to the end of the last century. Even after the enlightenment that came in the late 1960s (the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius), people of dual gender were considered more outcast than regular walk-of-life. In as little as 50 years, we have shifted what has been stuck for 2,000 years. And acceleration of change is just beginning.

Souls choose to reincarnate now with dual gender because it’s a perfect way to explore and experience this Aquarian Age balance – within self and for the awakening of humanity. People who have had to play strict Piscean Age roles for so long are breaking free and being born exactly as they want to be. In many cases, it’s strong reaction to that stifling strictness. In other cases, they provide a lesson for humanity to stop thinking “male” or “female” and become “human”.

When the Piscean Age “Science God” finally determined that being dual gender was not an emotional choice but in our DNA, we started to understand and accept our differences, albeit very slowly. In a soul sense, it is a choice to decide who we are and our physical parameters before we reincarnate, but not after we get here. Then we follow our own plan. We have so many people coming in now with “differences” teaching us that.

To those of us with dual gender in this life, know there is so much more going on in your journey than self-discovery and self-acceptance. You have specifically come here at the forefront of change to herald a new path for all of humankind. In standing in your own perfection as an individual, you make all of humanity better. If we can each accept our own individuality, no matter what that is, we teach others to accept themselves and that brings us together.

This doesn’t mean that the Aquarian Age eventually leads us to be androgynous or that we’ll all be the same dual-gender eventually. We live in a binary world where the separation of gender has helped us learn about ourselves in different roles. This is all about acceptance of self and anything and everything that is different than ourselves.

Honor the differences in all individuals because that is the new structure of teaching.

And let’s rainbow the shit out of our future.

I offer this with love and gratitude and acceptance…

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