I had something else entirely planned for this week’s post, then Master Astrologer and Sage, Gahl Sasson, published this on Saturday and I felt the information was too valuable to not pass on. If you have yet to subscribe to his blog (, here is what he wrote for the challenging months of July and August:

Eclipse season is over, we are also at the tail end of the retro bonanza of Mercury and Venus. So, yes, things are suppose to start getting to normal. When I say normal, I don’t mean normal as defined by years the like of 2019 or 2018, but the new “normal” as presented and sponsored by 2020.

This weekend we are having Mercury stationary July 11 and 12, which means that not only Mercury is neither direct nor retro but he ain’t moving at all. The messenger is on strike for two days before and after every retrograde. Take heed with what you say and think this weekend, but on Monday, July 13, things will start moving, well, at least Mercury will.

Generally speaking, we are having an astrological mellow oasis in the second part of July as well as August, but in September as Mars goes retro and some of the planets that are associated with Covid-19 are returning, we will have more issues popping up. But for now, we are dealing with the aftermath of the eclipses and it can take a few weeks to calm down. Now that the eclipses are in the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius, lies and truth, information versus disinformation, it was refreshing to hear German Chancellor, Angela Merkel saying at the European Parliament: “As we are experiencing firsthand, you cannot fight the pandemic with lies and disinformation any more than you can fight it with hate or incitement to hatred,” (Source: CNN.) I think it is not a political statement, but rather an observation that can help all of us in dealing with problems internal and external during the North Node transit in Gemini.

Let’s go over the main events in the next two months:

July 11 – Dec 15 Chiron, the Wounded Healer Retro in Aries
Right when we thought retro season is over, Chiron, the centaur we covered last week, is galloping in retro for 6 months
(Note: please check out this post on his site, it is very helpful and enlightening…Laurie). Chiron feels good in Aries, he takes on the role of the MMA or boxing coach, sitting in the corner of the fighter, shouting advice and reminding us of forgotten skills. After all, name a single Greek mythological hero that did not apprentice with Chiron in his cave on Mount Pelion. Chiron tutored his students in warfare, medicine, music, surgery, healing, herbology, astrology, and poetry.

When Chiron is retrograde, he brings out wounds, physical, emotional, and spiritual, in order to heal them. So yes, the next few weeks, expect deep seated psychological and physical issues to resurface. The physical issues could manifest as head injuries, brain problems, muscle aches, fever, inflammation, blood, accidents, issues with eyes, and stress. Psychological issues could center around insecurities, defensiveness, anger management, father figure problems, lack of recognition, and fear of failure. Don’t dread these things, rather, imagine you are going to therapy with a compassionate therapist who asks you “what would you like to work on?” instead of “what is your problem?”

To makes things more intense, from now until July 16, Mars is sitting right on top of Chiron. Mars is the ruler of Aries and he can bring a great deal of competitiveness, aggression, and anger into the mix. Until July 16 or 17 try to avoid being reactive. Drink a lot of water, sleep more than normal, and meditate often.

July 20 New Moon in Cancer
Right on Monday, the day of the Moon, we have a lovely New Moon in Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. The Sabian Symbol: A Greek muse weighs in golden scales newborn twins. That is an interesting image. The muses are the daughters of Zeus (light) and Mnemosyne (goddess of memory). They inspire creativity. Being the offspring of light and memory, they induce men and women to create, thus providing the tools (poetry, dance, science, art, etc.) for light to be captured and engraved in our memory. Gold represents Leo, creativity, perfection. The scales are of course Libra, or justice, and the twins are Gemini. People born in these signs would have more activity the next month. It is also one of the first New Moons we are actually encouraged to start something new. The best time to start will be the day after the New Moon, July 21. Since the New Moon is in Cancer, it is a good time for real-estate, fixing home, getting pregnant, healing family discords, or any project that make you “feel,” since Cancer’s key word is “I feel.”

August 3 Full Moon in Aquarius
This Monday, again, the day of the Moon, is a special treat. Today is the Biblical Valentine’s Day celebrated since the time of the Temple in Jerusalem. Since the Sun is in Leo, the sign of love, and the Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of manifesting our wishes, it is a perfect day to take your lover on a date or meditate on visualizing your future partner coming into your life. There are over 7 billion people and astronomical number of milliseconds in your life. Remember, it takes one millisecond and one person to fall in love so statistics is on your side.

That is why I decided to offer the Alchemy of Relationship workshop the day before so you can prepare. Regardless, it is a good time to complete and bring to rest issues that have to do with children, creativity, sports, community, friends, government, organizations and companies.

August 5 Mercury Enters Leo and Lilith Conjunct Mars
Because of the retrograde motion, Mercury was for the longest time in Cancer forcing us to communicate better with our families and use the words “I feel” when we talk and think. Now he is moving into Leo until August 19. While Cancer is a mute sign, Leo, well, likes to roar. Communications of all type could become dramatic and theatrical. While it can be entertaining and fun, it can also cause our communications to be coming from ego and childishness. You will see in your life and in the news, grownups squabble like kids in tantrum. It will also be the time many decisions will have to be taken about opening schools, visas for university students, etc.

Mars and Lilith conjunction in Aries sounds as bad as it is. Lilith represents misunderstandings as well as the dark side of femininity. Mars in Aries can be, if afflicted, a senseless macho. So here we have a day of toxic masculinity mingled with toxic femininity. Great. The combo of Mars, god of war, with Lilith, also called the Dark Side of the Moon, can bring about pain, anger, and insecurities, as it is all happening under the watchful eyes of Chiron. Avoid over-training that day, don’t respond to provocations from text, emails, letters, or social media posts. The peak of this apple of discord situation falls between the August 7 – 10 weekend when the Moon will be walking over the burning coals of Aries. It will be a hot weekend in more ways than one.

August 7 – Sep 5: Venus in Cancer
Venus is at last out of Gemini where she has been for months on end because of her retrograde. Venus is happy in Cancer, in the Tarot cards, Venus in Cancer is 2 of cups, which is called “Love.” You will feel a surge in creativity as well as the ability to cool down and relax at home. A good aspect for healing and building love relationships. Especially it can be soothing and cool on the August 15 weekend when the Moon will join Venus in Cancer.

August 18: New Moon in Leo
This is a great time to start a new hobby, recreational activity, sports, or anything that makes your heart smile or your inner child happy. Mercury is also conjuncting the New Moon adding a flare of easy communication between lovers, co-creators, or with your kids or team mates. The Sabian Symbol: Daybreak. Something new is coming, a day out of the night, light out of dark, heat out of the cold.

August 19 – Sep 5: Mercury in Virgo
Mercury rules Virgo, so he is coming home. It is a great time for order, routine, diets, scheduling, editing, writing, accounting, budgeting, cleaning (car, home, office, your body). If you have pets you might be able to communicate and understand them better or maybe they will understand you and be more responsive. On August 22 the Sun moves to Virgo so avoid being over critical with yourself and others.

August 27 Cluster of Capricorn
The Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Minerva, and Pluto are breaking social distancing by coming together in Capricorn. This is always associated with disease, challenges and delays. So take heed around the end of August.

Sep 1: Harvest Full Moon
One of the most important Full Moons of the year. The last before the equinox, the Harvest Moon helps us reap what we have sown in the spring. A powerful combination of mystical and imaginative with practical and efficient. The Full Moon can help getting things sorted out at work, your health and routine.

Thank you, Gahl.

With Mercury direct as of Sunday, be aware we will be feeling stupid and stunned for most of this week. With all the other energy making us feel stupid and stunned this year, perhaps the point is to give ourselves a break and go with the flow.

As August is always the karmic catch-up month (or Feng Shui’s Hungry Ghosts Month) in an already challenging karmic catch-up year, look for the self-awareness lessons to be right in your face. That’s not a threat, it’s an opportunity. While I’ve said that each month through the end of the year will feel like a year long, July and August will feel like two years long each.

Instead of focusing on how long that feels, focus instead on the moment, on your daily (and sometimes hourly) step into self-awareness and how that naturally spreads the “me” into “we”. That’s what elongated time is usually about: really in-depth lessons. And we’re right in the middle of a Twilight Zone time flux that makes no sense to our Piscean Age logical, left-hemisphere dominant, lines-and-squares teachings. Aquarian Age time is fluid, not linear, so this is a new concept that can be hard to embrace. Just when we’re looking for something to ground us, we get something that makes it seem like we’re standing on an earthquake 24/7. July and August will give us the awareness to learn about our new concept of time.

We can easily lose hope during these next couple of months. We can lose sight of the Bigger Picture because July and August will be right in our faces. So do whatever it is we need to do to make sure we keep our eyes on the prize. The Aquarian Age brings harmony, communication, equality and Humanity. We are already there. We’re in crunch time that gives everyone a chance to chose to participate instead of being smacked down.

I offer this with love and gratitude…



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