In case you don’t get Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s blog, here is his post on Venus retrograde.

Gahl writes:

From October 5 to December 6, we have back to back Venus and Mercury retrogrades. This year, I guess, Mercury doesn’t want to retro alone. He feels extra friendly or maybe fears abandonment. In August, he chose to retro with Mars and now, to honor his feminine side, Mercury will retro right after Venus finishes her walk backwards. Since Mars and Venus were secret loves and each represent the complementary dimensions of masculinity and femininity, it will be interesting to go back to July and August, when Mars was retrograding, and see what major events took place. You can expect, now that Venus is retro, for some of the things that took place then, to find their feminine counterpart in the next forty days.

Every 18 months or so, Venus appears to be retrograding for nearly 40 days and 40 nights. It sounds and feels very Biblical. Remember Noah stuck in his floating zoo for 40 days, not sure if he will ever touch dry land again? Jesus was in the wilderness in his Judea desert Vipassana for 40 days dealing with the devil’s temptations. That is similar to what we feel during the retrograde motion of Venus. Desserts don’t taste as good, our sense of pleasure is reduced, we feel that others are taking advantage of us, finance and income are harder to manage, we feel a need to change our values, and have a lower sense of self-esteem.

Venus is the goddess of love and art and when she goes backward, we feel her frustration. Think of a super model forced to walk backward on a runway wearing high heels and in a terribly uncomfortable high-culture outfit.

Venus Retro in Scorpio
First, Venus will retrograde in Scorpio (Oct 5-31). How morbidly poetic. Venus is retrograding in the sign of sexuality, transformation and death until Halloween. Venus does not like to be in Scorpio, the sign of witches and wizards. Venus wants to be a socialite, and Scorpio is private and secretive. Therefore, the first part of Venus retrograde might be more difficult. During this period, people you had a fling with, or a sexual connection from your past in this life, or others might make an entrance. However, it is a good time to undo (retro) connections or relationships that don’t serve you.

Venus Retro in Libra
From October 31 to November 17 Venus will retrograde in her own sign, Libra. It will be far easier to handle Venus but there could be more misunderstandings and mishaps with your business partners or relationships. It is also a time when your enemies or people who block your path can be more aggressive in their antagonism. You might feel less diplomatic, less willing to compromise, and more reactive and prone to conflict. In other words, Venus Retro is really the Ancient Greek goddess of strife, Eris, who threw the apple of discord in an Olympian party, which caused the devastating Trojan War.

What can help? Being around people who truly love you for who you are and avoiding spending time with people in your second or third tier of friends. Yoga, cardio (Libra is an air sign) or any activity that balances you is favorable in the next two months.

What to avoid?

  • Making big purchases
  • Starting new relationships
  • Signing partnership agreements
  • Any cosmetic surgeries or treatments
  • Starting a lawsuit
  • Avoid big investments
  • Sudden changes of appearance (hair color, clothes)
  • Avoid temptation (remember Jesus) of returning to an ex partner

What you can do?

  • Revisit old creative project
  • Reconnect to people you might have known and were good for you
  • Cut away from relationships that hold you back
  • Retrieve money owned to you
  • Sell things you don’t need
  • Buy second-hand clothes or furniture
  • Reconnect to an old hobby or talent you neglected
  • Take time for introspection and reevaluation of all your relationships

The next two months (October 5 to December 6) are a great time to review and edit but not to launch new projects. Venus and Mercury actually had a love affair and the product of their union was the famed Hermaphroditus whose name, of course, is the union of Hermes (Mercury) and Aphrodite (Venus). The gorgeous boy was not raised by his parents who both had demanding careers in Mount Olympus but was brought up by the nymphs of Mount Ida, present day Turkey, the mountain dedicated to the goddess Cybele, who the Romans called Idaea Mater (appearance of Mother).

At the age of 15, he was well aware of his charm and beauty and roamed the world seducing anyone in his path until his gift became a curse (as is often happens with most of us) and an atypical nymph by the name of Salmacis became obsessed with the handsome teenager. Why atypical? Well, she was not your regular naiad (female spirit) who was loyal to the virgin goddess Artemis. She had too high of a sexual drive that got her into a great deal of trouble.

However, Hermaphroditus rejected her advances, and once she finally left him alone, he undressed and jumped into a pond. Stalking him, the crazed nymph jumped into the pond after him and wrapped herself around his delicate body. She had connections in high places and begged the goddess to make them one. The goddess took her request very literally (be careful what you wish for) and morphed their bodies into one. Thus Hermaphroditus grew breasts but retained his male genitals. He became the guardian and god of transgenders, effeminate men, asexuals, and non-binary gender. His spirit is now becoming more relevant with the raise of a new generation of gender-benders.

And so, for the next two Hermaphrodite months, you can explore your masculine and feminine sides, bring them both into equal expression and balance them. Retrogrades offer an opportunity for a great deal of psychological and spiritual introspection and realizations. It is the time of the year we go through a cosmic therapy session. I hope you can use the next two months to go inward and retrieve from your shadow and dungeons all the gold and gifts of your soul.

Have fun running backward.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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