If you don’t subscribe to Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson’s blog, here is his recent post on the upcoming, powerful Full Moon happening over Sunday/Monday, January 20/21. Happy reading, and happy releasing!!!

Gahl writes:

Next week’s total lunar eclipse is a powerful generator of events, synchronicities, and stories both on a personal as well as global level. The eclipse takes place in the first day of Aquarius and therefore is dancing on the cusp of Leo/Cancer. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, the eclipses in January are the continuation of the stories that begun in July/August of 2018 and will continue the saga in July and December of 2019. 

The eclipse will take place at the moon’s perigee, the place on the moon’s orbit that is closest to earth. In other words, mama is here to give us a tight hug. During the Supermoon, the moon appears up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter. Mama moon is flowing with milk and honey. Since she is in Leo we will hear her roar. Be careful not to be over-controlling and over-dramatic. The moon can make us all a bit, well, lunatic, and Leo/Cancer cusp is not an easy one to navigate as it is a blend of fire (action) and water (reception). One thing for sure, the Supermoon in Leo will be very entertaining. Expect a big showdown in politics especially pitting masculine versus feminine principles. 

Also known as Rayleigh scattering when the moon appears reddish/orange. When the moon moves through the earth’s shadow, the only lights she reflects come from the earth. It is the same reason why dawn and sunsets have a red/orange hue hence magic hour, when we all look gloriously radiant. Red is associated with Aries, the ram. The red garment of the moon means that there is some initiation, a call for action taking place during the eclipse. Emotions can run hot, there is a tendency towards aggression and reactions. I believe the US government shutdown, as well as the UK Brexit current drama is related to the eclipse. In fact Trump was born on an eclipse and is far more influenced by it. 

The best viewing of the eclipse will be North and South America and therefore will influence these places the strongest:

Wolf Moon
The January full moon is dubbed Ice Moon or Wolf Moon by Native Americans. The wolf has been associated in many different traditions with the moon, assuming her power of transformation and mystery. The wolf is our oldest friend, our bridge to Mother-Nature. Wolves transformed into exdogs to be able to adopt to civilization on the wolf-moon it is us who become wolf-like to travel into the subconscious queendom of the moon. In the next few days we will be governed by instinct and passion rather than reason.  

According to the Medicine Cards, the wolf is a teacher, a pathfinder, a pioneer. He ventures like a scout to the frontier and returns with newfound knowledge.  The wolf is also associated with psychic powers and dreams. I suggest that for the next few days until January 21, find one aspect of your life you need clarity and before you go to sleep, meditate on it and dedicate your dreams to solving that issue. Keep a dream journal and when you wake up write (or voice record) whatever you can remember. Research on dreams show that we usually dream in cycles of 90min. You can therefore set your alarm to 4 1/2 or 6 hours after you go to sleep to catch the last few REM cycles in your sleep that are usually longer and dream-abundant. 

Have fun with the moon, adopt a spirit wolf if you see one roaming around and happy bloody moon!

I thank Gahl for every post. Hope his words bring you self-power, self-awareness and peace. And change!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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