Full Supermoon 6/27/2013

Full Supermoon

How is everyone after that amazing Full Supermoon? My circle had a powerful drum ritual centered on releasing and manifesting…a culmination of all the releasing and manifesting the New and Full Moons and eclipses of the last few months have offered us.

Mercury goes retrograde on June 26, which, as always, means difficulty in travel, communication and trouble in signing documents. One of the good points of this time is if someone brings a lawsuit against you during a Mercury retrograde, they will lose! Good to know, but also remember to avoid bringing a lawsuit against someone else!

We have some sweet and gentle water/feminine energy coming on June 27 to help make all the Mercury challenges palatable. And we’re still in the middle of the overall “look to self” energy which, on the bad side, keeps people so far in their own bubble and removed from everyone and everything around them they physically and energetically bump into others, completely unaware. Watch for that on the road, especially now with Mercury pulling at us.

On the good side, we have another incredibly clear opportunity to see what isn’t working in our lives and let it go or fix it. The more we do that, the more we’re able to see those trapped in their own bubble with compassion and understanding.

But in the meantime, as we travel through this great adventure, here are some wonderful pics of the Supermoon from all over the world.

With love and gratitude for being on this planet at this time with you…

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