We have the most powerful Full Moon of the year on Thursday, May 7 (except for those enhanced by eclipses coming in later). This Moon is in Scorpio, which deals with death, rebirth and transformation and, right now, is probably the most important sign in the Zodiac and very appropriate for where we are. It’s also a Moon of enlightenment and magic, and of healing, which we all need on so many levels.

While we are in the midst of our greatest transformation from mankind into humankind, we’re still half in the Piscean Age mindset, and half evolved into the Aquarian Age mindset. This Full Moon in Scorpio is on the other side of that dividing line—full into the energy of where we’re going. We can utilize it to help us release patterns and blocks, many of which we hold onto automatically without conscious awareness that we’re doing it because they’ve been with us for so long.

As Gahl Sasson put it in his recent post: “There is no better full moon in the year to help in breaking through illusions, lies, patterns and obstacles.”

Leading up to the Full Moon, and for several days after, emotions are high, protection barriers we naturally have in place are crumbling, leaving us raw and vulnerable. This is temporary, but also very useful. It gives us an opportunity to see our own weaknesses that we’ve been taught to adapt and accept over our lives but are not really part of us.

Pay attention to where vulnerabilities are, how we react in extremity to what’s in front of us. It can be hard to get out of our own way when emotions take over because we’re used to either running with them indulgently or fighting them completely. Find that Aquarian Age middle ground of the new balance, letting logic show us clearly what our emotions are doing to us. It can be difficult to separate how we’re feeling from how we’re over-feeling, but that’s what this Full Moon is for…to bring up and release what we’ve been taught that’s not in our hearts, not really part of us.

This is from Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2020

The Full Moon in Scorpio resonates with the mysteries of sex, birth, death and rebirth. On this Full Moon we shine a light into the hidden recesses of our psyche. It is a time to shed old skins and let go of whatever is keeping us from growing. Under the Scorpio Full Moon, we have the opportunity for profound personal transformation. This is also a good time to reflect on how we can reclaim our sense of personal power.

This Full Moon is an especially potent time to work with goddesses associated with the sacred dark. It is also time for working all kinds of banishing, releasing, and cord-cutting rituals. Scorpio helps us surrender to the process of transformation. Scorpio has a fierce compassion that tempers us, deepens us and turns us into beings of wisdom.

Inanna, walk beside me in my times of descent, and help me see that they are the pathways to wholeness, healing, and hard-won wisdom.”

I offer this with love and gratitude…

P.S. I’m still offering Discount Thursdays until we don’t need them anymore. In case you didn’t get the post, all prices on Thursdays (and only Thursdays) are discounted until further notice:

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It seems obvious, but FYI, I am only doing phone readings at this time. I will reassess seeing people in person at the end of May. But as I feel more widespread infection and chaos will reign over the summer, I’ll have to see on a month-by-month basis.

Stay safe! Stay conscious! Stay healthy!

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