Full Moon on March 27, 2013

Full Moon on March 27, 2013

Get ready for a busy end of March and beginning of April. With all the challenging energy we’ve had to face since the big shift last year on December 21st, I’m sure people are wondering “When do we get a break?” I feel that’s coming immediately. However, for some who have made choices that keep them stuck, this new energy just heightens what they’re already not facing.

I have been reading about the intensity of the March 27th Full Moon and the three weeks immediately following of harsh planetary activity and have found a lot about what this means astrologically, but little about what it means for us spiritually.

According to established Astrology, this Full Moon in Libra makes it seem like we’re all in a lose-lose situation no matter what we do. The ensuing squares of Sun/Venus/Uranus/Mars, and specifically the lessons of Pluto and Uranus, and Saturn in Scorpio, just seem to heighten the challenge. It feels to me as if most of the planets have Uzis and are going to be shooting at each other for the full three weeks. We can get caught in the crossfire but we don’t have to be. It’s all about choosing how we look at change and our willingness to be adaptable.

Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide says of this time “..this symbolizes a fearful old guard (Pluto in Capricorn) digging in its heels in an attempt to retain the status quo, and the Uranian new guard fighting (Mars) to try to get the establishment to change its evil ways. Unless you have recently attained Buddha-hood, you can expect life to include at least one action-packed battle scene over the next three weeks.”

While this can seem like just one more spat of bitchy activity being shoved down our throats by the Universe, I feel there is so much more going on here.

Since we had the shift at the end of last year, we have been in either a releasing or re-balancing state, basically getting used to the New  Age energy. Even though the Chinese New Year on February 10th brought in new hope, and the emotional influence of the Year of the Water Snake brings the beginning of human and world-wide feminine balance after all the years of male dominance, we have yet to have a human and world-wide spiritual leap forward.

That is what I feel this Full Moon gives us, with clarification provided by the planetary activity over the ensuing weeks.

I have heard this called the Christ Moon and I understand it to mean a moon to inspire and influence in the most pure and positive way spiritually, not just because it falls in Easter Week. But I think the term is limiting in an unintentional way. Not everyone adheres to Christianity so a Christ Moon wouldn’t mean the same to a Jew, Muslim or Buddhist. The spiritual purity and power of this moon will be felt by all, no matter how we connect with Creator, especially if we prepare for it and take advantage of what it can do for us.

To me, it is a Spiritual Moon in the sense that it brings an opportunity to get closer to our true spiritual selves, the true spiritual selves of others and the true spiritual entity that is the Earth. And, most importantly, it helps us get closer to Creator by lifting us up and showing us how to let go of what keeps us out of balance which limits or stops our progress to perfection and One-ness.

It feels to me as if we’re all going to be raised up to a new awareness and understanding, as if we’re being physically lifted into a rarefied vibration. Not everyone will stay on that level of enlightenment, nor be able to maintain it’s clarity, but that isn’t the point. The point is that for the first time in this New Age, we get a boost up.

I’ve been talking for a while now about how, as the Aquarian Age progresses, we physically become less dense human beings, more spiritually aware and inclined. This has been showing itself already as many are experiencing heightened physical and psychic senses, clear, active and sometimes prophetic dreams, and are feeling others’ energy like never before.

An accompanying problem following the Piscean/Aquarian shift is that whatever has been keeping us out of balance with ourselves is also heightened. We are more annoyed, more hurt, more reactionary to situations and people around us. If we don’t see this as human evolution, then we judge both ourselves and others for our reactions when they’re simply a part of how we are growing.

The bond between physical and spiritual has also been presenting itself more clearly. If our bodies are out of balance, i.e. we’re not taking care of ourselves, it affects our spiritual growth; if our spirit is out of balance, it presents itself in physical difficulties, short term illness and, if not attended to, long term illness. This has always been the case, but, as with everything these days, the energy is heightened and unavoidable.

This Spiritual Moon starts that lift and then continues refining us via the planetary challenges specifically to make clear to us – clearer than every before – what to work on within self. It gives us the desire, understanding and help to do it. It’s a time that we get Divine Assistance to see ourselves for what we sometimes are – stuck in the “why” and “should” instead of living in acceptance – but also an opportunity to see where we can go and who we can be.

A difficulty that comes with this is that the first step of the lifting-up is very, very personal. We will all feel and understand our connection to Spirit in the way each of us needs the most without knowing how. We will be unable, and have no desire, to connect with others to share what’s going on within. We’re dealing with new vibration, new understanding, new emotions without the vocabulary to explain. This makes it very challenging to deal with established day to day life when we have to interact with work, family, friends and strangers while our focus is turned so inwardly.

The second step of difficulty comes with the planetary activity over the ensuing three weeks which has two purposes: one, to challenge us personally to deal with what’s out of balance within by showing us what’s out of balance RIGHT IN OUR FACES.

This usually comes up as others bouncing their issues off us, typically someone taking their anger or hurt or past life crap, and in this case confusion in trying to deal with such huge energy, out on us. Be aware that if there wasn’t an imbalance within ourselves, others wouldn’t be able to get to us. Others taking their crap out on us is the mirror that shows us what we need to release or heal to shift. Not an easy task.

Be aware of how you react to others and how often you and others use “why”, “should” and negatives, especially contractions, in normal conversation as it will show how stuck or challenged we/they are.

Part two of the purpose of this planetary activity is to highlight the consciousness of humans as a group, show us what’s not working in how we run things (i.e. faulty, ego-driven corporate greed) and how we relate to others (i.e. countries/peoples fighting each other for beliefs that are no longer current, or for greed).

This shift won’t be the “be all, end all” for getting change on larger concepts or even ourselves, but every change starts with a realization. This is that realization.

So please allow time for yourself to go within and experience this gift that’s being given to us and try to see challenges as helpful rather than “in the way”. 2013 is full of spurts forward like this which, believe it or not, are still gentle compared to how change could be forced on us. There was no worldwide geological upheaval at the end of 2012 that obliterated mass population or forced us to deal with losing homes, making us scrounge for food and water or fight neighbors for survival. We’re still here, right?

And as we are, know that we all agreed to be here, even though many of us never thought the lessons would be so hard. Step up; we can do it. All we’re experiencing now is the change we’ve been anticipating for the last century (and for humankind, millenia).

Take time to balance by meditating, chanting, being alone in Nature, practicing Tai Chi or Qi Gong, singing, drumming, praying…whatever grounds you. If you haven’t tried any of these or similar practices, now’s a good time to start.

I’ve said it before (but it bears repeating): we all make it.

With love and gratitude…

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