Original Newsletter Post – 6/15/19

Even though July is crammed with astrological activity that is taking us on a self-awareness ride, the most important event this week that has a directly-felt impact on us is the Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 16. It hits exactly at 5:38 PM on the East Coast, or 2:38 PM on the West Coast and then immediately goes void-of-course.

This Full Moon is in Capricorn. While that usually has to do with ambition in work, sense of duty, status and financial security, with the eclipse focusing us on clarity of self and Mercury retrograde making us look inward, we are also being heavily influenced to do deep self-reflection. It’s a lot of diametrically opposing energy coming to a head on Tuesday afternoon.

Expect that leading up to the Moon we will be torn that we “should” concentrate on career and our material world, frequently with a sense of frustration or resentment, while what we really want and need is to be in the peace of home like a hermit. This can make us feel like we’re being pulled apart.

So if we feel we “should” get a new job (or something similarly new and refreshing in our life) because we’ve been noticing all the things that aren’t working for us in our present one, hold on until after the Full Moon before taking any action. Then we probably won’t need to.

When we’re pushed out of balance by astrological activity, we usually aren’t consciously aware of it. We then assign that discomfort to something logical – like the extra stupidity of a boss (who has always been stupid) or resentment over lack of advancement or salary boost that is overdue (and has been overdue for a long time).

As Mercury is retrograde, this discomfort can extend to hyper-awareness of bad or lack of communication with a loved one. Retaliation or silent treatment in response will seem petty and silly after the fact so try to avoid snap, reactionary moves to any emotions this week, especially emotions that make us feel unfairness or injustice is aimed at us.

The fact that once the Full Moon in Capricorn hits then immediately goes void-of-course means we feel the intensity of our inner argument vs. our outer accomplishments very strongly, then at its apex, everything seems to drop out – direction, emotional intensity, self-judgment – and we suddenly feel lost. Void-of-course is when the Moon is moving out of one sign (and the influence of that sign) and doesn’t immediately move into another. It’s like she is in limbo. When we want clarity with great intensity, specifically because we feel we’re not getting it, the answers seem to finally come into focus as the Moon hits full, then disappear altogether like a door is closed in our face when she goes void-of-course.

No worries, though. If we practice going with the flow this week, and look at home as a haven instead of just a place to sleep, we can have an incredibly rewarding experience. We can release so much on Tuesday’s Full Moon and then relax while we readjust to the energy that just changed inside ourselves and outside in our material world…IF we can allow ourselves and our inner journey to be more important than our outer journey of material accomplishment. Try it for this week – it’s only one week.

Because this Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse is at the center of a two year eclipse lesson-plan for us, we can be overwhelmed by emotion. That’s bad if we’re fighting it, rewarding if we allow it to cleanse us. This is what I wrote two weeks ago about this Full Moon:

“Tuesday, July 16: Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse.

“The day leading up to, the day of and the day after this Full Moon will probably be the most emotional time of the month. Instead of trying to control or deny what we’re feeling (which can include very deep issues), let go and experience something that can be very cleansing and refreshing.

“Also, July’s eclipses bring us to the mid-point of a two year series of eclipses dealing with the Cancer/Capricorn relationship that started July 2018 and ends July 2020. This combination creates a balancing time, with the intensity of the eclipses shaking us out of the Piscean Age mindset and helping us get into the more harmonious Aquarian Age concept of balance. Balance of left-hemisphere logic/physical with right-hemisphere creativity/spirituality. Balance between masculine and feminine. Balance our previous goal-oriented obsession with work with our need for a personal life and home.”

However uncomfortable we feel this week, with the heaviness of release vs. the self-judgment of lack of accomplishment, acknowledge the feelings as they come, even if we can’t exactly recognize where they’re coming from or what they mean. The Moon is all about influencing water: the water within us, our planet, the energy of flow, the power of emotions and the right-hemisphere of our brain. We can’t stop a river by standing in the middle of it, holding a hand up and yelling stop! Neither can we stop the flow of awareness this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse brings.

So, drink a lot of water that will flush out not only physical toxins but energetic ones as well. Take salt baths frequently this week. And watch the food we put into our bodies, especially over the next few days. While getting sick is a great reason to stay home from work and events we want to avoid, physical imbalance this week can take a long time to heal. Just give our bodies a break.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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