Two events made a profound and lasting effect on us last week. The first was the unusually powerful Full Moon on Friday, September 13, which moved us into a new level of Aquarian Age ascension. It basically lifted us into a higher evolutionary vibration. The second was Saturn going direct on Wednesday, September 18, after five months of being retrograde. It gave us a huge karmic-lesson release. Saturn is about the structure of our lives, which includes our karma. Saturn retrograde is about us facing karma that has been faced before but not cleared. When it goes direct, there is always a release no matter how much work is left to do because we invariably got something accomplished.

Since we officially entered the Aquarian Age on December 21, 2012, when the Earth jumped into a rebirth energy for herself (lifting her to a significantly higher vibration that she had been building toward for 26,000 years), every natural event we have had since has helped us shift our personal energy/vibration to keep up with her. She continues to move forward and we have to continually match her or we don’t belong. We’ve been experiencing incremental steps of higher vibrations introduced gradually to allow each new awareness to become the norm. In the first few years, these were barely discernible.

But now, we’re doing the serious work. Every New Moon, Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice has given us one of these vibrational uplifting steps. At the same time, challenging planetary activities, such as oppositions and retrogrades, and even solar flares and storms, help shake us up and shake things loose to make the uplifting easier and more profound. Then there are always special events that burst us forward. The total eclipse in August 2017 that crossed over the entire contiguous United States was one of those big shake-ups/forward jumps. And the Full Moon on last Friday the Thirteenth also lifted us up to a much higher degree than a usual Full Moon does.

The immediate jist of this is that in the last week, many of us have had to face whatever is within us that doesn’t fit on that higher level. Our own incomplete karma showed as extremely out of sync with our new vibration and forced us to deal with it and release it. Sometimes in very intense ways. This time, with the ascension energy of the Full Moon getting us more finely in-tune with the Earth’s ascension first, the Saturn-direct karmic lessons that we’ve let slide have been like us getting bitch-slapped with an iron fist.

While not everyone has had that kind of intense challenge-experience (because some of us have been facing and dealing with our karmic lessons as they’ve come – or at least are trying to), many who have not dealt with their own stuff have had a really, really hard time. This doesn’t mean that people have been dropping the ball – life is very complicated. Sometimes just dealing with day-to-day can take up all our time so we forget the inward-looking work of our karma. Also, as many people came into this life with a huge list of things to learn, heal, and complete, we’re finding the list can be too ambitious. Yet we still have to deal with it.

Those who have been trying to deal with their karmic lessons all along still felt discombobulated or in chaos or uncomfortable in their own skin because of the Full Moon energy and the Saturn direct. Others have become incredibly empowered to the point of experiencing great spiritual events. It’s like the intensity of the lesson has been the same for everyone, but depending on the “grade” we’re in, we can handle it well or badly.

In the bigger picture, some of the immediate reactions to the Full Moon “up-lifting” have been deaths in the elderly who have been sick, wasting away or just really weak. I’m sure there have also been deaths of individuals of every age who are just feeling lost but I don’t know of any personally. When the energy shifted to that higher vibe, those who haven’t had enough within them to adapt one more time have suddenly let go.

It takes a lot of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy to adapt to shifts like what this Full Moon brought us. We do it automatically so most of the time we don’t notice it, especially with all the other stress we accept as normal. But every once in a while when a shift comes that’s this big, some people just don’t have it in them to adapt and they stop trying to hold on.

On the Saturday after the Full Moon, I knew – through clients or person relationships – of five elders who died. Two had been in hospice for weeks or months, three had been sick, seemed to recover then suddenly took a turn for the worst and let go. In the public eye, two deaths came a few days later: journalists Cokie Roberts (at 72) and Sander Vanocur (at 91) who both let go on Tuesday, right before Saturn went direct. She died of complications from breast cancer, he from complications with dementia. While there has been a lot of loss and grief involved, there has also been a lot of relief and release for those who have passed.

This Full Moon affected others in dropping the hammer on situations that have existed and been stuck for a long time, i.e. karmic lessons that have lingered for years but have been ignored or never completely cleared. Again, with this higher vibration lifting us into new awareness, these lessons become about that which doesn’t fit in our lives anymore, so things came to head in a big way. Some clients experienced meltdowns about finances, love and friend relationships, and in one very intense situation, a father-daughter relationship. And I mean meltdowns – uncontrollable crying, thoughts of suicide, sometimes getting into hysterics.

One client who has been in a vicious custody situation with her deranged, narcissistic ex since their daughter was three years old (she’s thirteen now) reported that on Sunday morning (following the Full Moon on Friday) her daughter showed up on her doorstep on a weekend she was still supposed to be with her dad. The girl had left her dad a note that was filled with harsh statements calling him out on his treatment of her over the years. She had finally had enough. She “ran away” from him and said she’s never going back. She said vehemently that if the court or anyone puts her back in his house, she’ll run away again.

This was a long time in coming as she had been telling her mother for years that she didn’t want to spend time at his house, that she didn’t feel safe with him and he ignored her when she was there (or treated her badly). But as she wouldn’t admit that in the pressure-cooker of court or to any officer of the court, there was nothing the law could do to change the custody arrangement. So, helped by the shift of this Full Moon, she finally exploded and his abuse/power-over backfired on him. She claimed her freedom in this new vibe.

On a lesser scale, a lot of our bodies have not been feeling very well this last week for no apparent reason. It feels like aches and pains but with no other symptoms. That’s our physical bodies in the process of adapting to the new vibe. If it hasn’t passed already, it will be balanced out and relieved by the Autumnal Equinox today.

This has been an intense week. But the change has happened and we’ve either adjusted enough or will shortly. We’re in a new vibe, a higher awareness vibe. It can not only shake things loose for us on a microcosmic personal level, it works in the macrocosmic world level also. Watch for lots of shake ups in governments. It’s a start to a whole new energy that seeks out and smashes what doesn’t need to be here.

I wish you a wonderfully balancing Autumnal Equinox and a great Fall.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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