So summer is almost done. Today, September 20, we have a Full Moon in the spiritual/psychic sign of Pisces. Full Moons in each September are the release of the tensions caused by the lessons we faced in August’s Karmic Catch-up/Hungry Ghosts Month (and the lead in to both, which sometimes takes us back to the beginning of summer, if not to March and April).

So today is a big deal to help us release the tension and emotions of what we accomplished over the summer (and how we feel about what we didn’t accomplish). Also it’s an opportunity to release the fear that has been building as we face who we really are in this new Aquarian Age mindset. Okay, we probably won’t get release for all that fear build-up, but this day helps.

Because the Moon is in the sign of Pisces, the release can be over-emotional and have a deep spiritual and psychic impact, i.e., feelings we didn’t know we had surfacing; releasing things we didn’t know we were holding onto. Since most of us aren’t trained to recognize our spiritual and psychic selves, the impact can throw us off because we don’t know how to explain or understand what we feel, so we assign it to something else that’s going on.

We do that when we pick up group fear energy, frequently not recognizing it as such. But we still feel raw fear and then subconsciously assign it to a fear within ourselves we already know about. With all that fear inside us, it can make us lose track of what’s really going on with the world and within self. So focus and be clear on who you are, not who you aren’t.

Then we have the Autumnal Equinox on Wednesday, September 22, which is the balancing act that helps us step into our own equanimity after the big release of the Full Moon. Be aware the next few days can seem like we’re very disconnected to what we’ve perceived as reality. But since our reality is changing every minute, try to surf it without fear rather than hold onto it. It’s like we all know how to fly, but taking that first step makes us face our fears of falling and death.

Again, this balancing act happens every year and this year especially should be honored because it can help us see what’s happening around us with a more even, sane understanding. It will be hard to hold onto that balance in coming months because the extremity and pressure of change is so in our faces right now. But once we get it, we can consciously recall it when we need it (working on being conscious enough to recognize being out of balance is the hard part).

The Autumnal Equinox is also the festival of Mabon in the Wiccan and Pagan world. It’s the second of three harvest festivals. The first was on August 2, Lammas, which means “loaf mass” and was the harvest of grains. The third is Samhain (pronounced Sow-een, Halloween, on October 31) which was the harvest of squash and root vegetables (that’s where we get the pumpkin obsession). Whatever was left in the field by November 1 became fertilizer for next year’s crops. In the middle was Mabon in which everything else was harvested. It was the original Thanksgiving, the big feast.

So on this Wednesday, give thanks. Avoid thinking of all the things that are “going wrong” right now, things that are scary and “not normal”. Think of all the things that are going right without qualification (i.e., “I’ve got a great job but are they going to force me to work in the office when it might not be safe?” making it “I’ve got a great job that I am grateful for!”)


Look for the last Mercury retrograde of the year to start next Sunday, September 26, ending October 18. You know the drill. Avoid signing legal documents, starting anything new, buying big-ticket items, be careful in any kind of travel and be aware that communication is wonky. All electronic items are at risk, including electronic engine controls in cars, computers and anything controlled by them (which is everything).

Retrogrades happen for us to look more inward than outward, and that seems to be the theme right now. So dial down expectations and plans that can cause so much frustration when they don’t go “right”. We are no longer in control of our world or our outer selves, in many cases, so go with the flow, even if the flow is Mercury retrograde seemingly putting us into more restriction.

Restrictions in general will probably surface more, with more people fighting them with violence and desperation. But Covid is still in play and the colder weather is coming up, so take safety into consideration before “I wanna!” gets in our way.

As we have been doing for the last several difficult years, we look to the holidays to make us happy, whether they do or not. It’s the concept, and it’s been held onto tighter and tighter and with more desperation as our years have gotten harder. People are already planning their holidays as a way to look forward to something. But little of what we have planned for the rest of the year is going to happen the way we think. Adapt to what’s going on, not to what we want to happen.


I get the information that I pass on in these blogs through vision, inspiration, during readings and just “gut feelings” that coalesce into a “knowing”. Rhythms and events I talk about with clients that come to me as I answer their questions mesh with higher source messages and become a bigger whole. I can feel the truth of what’s coming through and then it sits within me as if it’s fact that just hasn’t happened yet.

So when I talked about Covid being done at the end of May this year and how bright and open things were going to be toward the end of summer, that was a true reality. I felt that in my bones. And, as I’ve written before, it took the free will of the many scared and stuck young souls to shift that. Those who chose to not learn about mankind’s ego and arrogance during our isolation caused Covid to resurge to continue the lesson. And it came back harder than we’d had it the first time.

For those of us who are aware on a higher level, we can seem to be living in two realities. One of them is without Covid where things are opening up with consciousness and an awakening creative, balanced vibration. The other is the physical reality of animosity, fear, violence, aggression and a new resurgence of male-dominance that we’re living in. Two timelines, both of them real, but only one physically manifesting at the moment.

If we feel that this current Covid rampage isn’t reality, not through denial but because it just feels the vibration is wrong, what we’re doing is tapping into that other timeline, which should be where we are based on the vibrations that are lifting us. It makes us judge ourselves because it doesn’t make sense. Covid and the fear-denial and aggression that follow it now are physically in front of us. We feel we’re just living in fantasy if we think that it “shouldn’t” be. That puts us in an uncomfortable dissidence.

But as we all become more sensitive and aware of the higher vibrations of the Aquarian Age, we are able to be conscious of more than just the physical. Know that we’re picking up both realities and that kind of awareness is just part of the new humanness we’re growing into. If we know where it’s coming from, perhaps we will stop judging ourselves so harshly and gain some peace.

Total self-knowledge and the bigger picture is what we’re being shown; it’s not giving us the self-indulgence to fall into a “woe is me” mentality, but to step into our new awareness. Take responsibility for that within self. We’re awakening to information that we can’t get from just the physical world and it opens us up to possibilities we haven’t been able to see before. We are all psychic beings. Embrace the new knowledge as it comes to us. Let go of puritanical/religious condemnation of anything psychic that was part of the Piscean Age “control through fear mechanism” (we’re not “influenced by Satan” if we get psychic hits or can communicate with those who have passed, we’re just being human).


Truth be told, we’re in for a long ride of challenge and transformation. But again, perspective tells us that this is a 26,000 year change, so why would we expect it to happen in a matter of days, weeks or even a single year? There’s a planetary configuration happening now that has to do with Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus dancing around each other and that lasts, in one way or another, to the end of 2022 (the big, outer planets are s-l-o-w moving). That brings the big lessons we’re facing now. How difficult this is for us depends on how we deal with it, on how we look at the bigger picture and get out of ego and arrogance, which is just Piscean Age fear coming up against unstoppable change.

My recommendations for getting through the rest of this year have been “hold on” and “relax”, which is a difficult ask with all the chaos and trauma happening around us. I’m going to add “keep your head down” because this is a time to focus on self and be ready to step in when we are more clear on who we are and can actually be heard. No one is heard right now: not those who are screaming their fear in trying to hold onto their power-over, and no one who is trying to reason or show them a different way.

That sounds dismal, but it’s just what we need to experience in order to grow up. We’re in that “Kill ’em all, let God sort them out” moment where everyone is facing their own demons, Dark Night of the Soul, Circles of Hell or enlightenment, understanding, awakening, depending on the individual. Higher powers are at work and will not let us fail. But if we need to be scared into the lessons by having stuck people seeming to take over, then we need that scare.

So hold on, relax and keep your head down. Stay safe and sane. This is quite a ride.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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