Since we experienced the big Energy Shift on the Jewish New Year (Friday, September 18), most of us have been adjusting to life in a new vibration. And that’s been really, really hard. With everything else we’re dealing with in our physical world (pandemic, political chaos, picking up each others fear), we just got thrown, not lifted but thrown, a mile high closer to Heaven (or the Aquarian Age vibe which can feel like Heaven in these times).

While that has given us an awareness and feeling of what our world and ourselves will be in the near future, things can still seem just out of focus enough in our present to be really discombobulating. We can feel the transcendence of the shift but can’t quite make it out clearly or hold on to what it means, and that brings an underlying frustration.

That’s for two reasons. One of them is that the unusual intensity and depth of such a leap takes longer to adjust to because it is so unusually intense and deep. This is made harder by that fact that we didn’t just leap, we are leaping, in a state of everything changing every moment. The second is that there are those still holding onto to the Piscean Age who refused to go along with this leap and they’re terrified that they’ll be left behind (even though it’s of their own making). So they’re clawing at our ankles and hold us down, as if trying to pull us under water with them because otherwise they’ll be alone and lost, even though consciously they would never admit that.

Another reason that might be harder to understand and accept is that every one of us has concern for our fellow souls on the planet, even if the physical part of those souls has made bad choices and is hurting those around them. We usually don’t think of that, but we can’t move forward freely without some concern for those left behind, even if it’s very clear that those left behind have chosen their own fate by their ego, fear, decisions, and actions. It’s an innate part of being human, this feeling of being connected, even if we don’t like who we’re connected to.

And while it might not seem like it, there are less Piscean Age holdouts than there have been. The challenges of this year are working to wake people up, even if those holdouts aren’t moving forward. They aren’t moving backwards or staying stuck, but are as if treading water in place. They got the memo, they read it, but they’re waiting for their brains to engage to tell them what it means. However, because the living-in-fear holdouts are louder and terrified to their bones about the energetic and vibrational changes that are happening, it seems like there are a lot more of them than there are.

So, give ourselves a break in this adjustment. Again, it’s intense and deep and affecting us energetically and vibrationally rather than physically (although many of us are experiencing physical reactions to it if we’re in any way in-tune). That means we can be worn out in the morning before we get on with our day, feeling as if we ran a marathon while we slept. Because we did, and do every night these days. An energetic marathon. Without consciously accepting the intensity of the energy and vibration, we tend to first think we’ve done something wrong, or something is physically wrong with us and the world, when there’s so much more to it than that.

Again and again, give yourself a break. Give others a break. And let it be.


This is that time, coming into October, where the shit hits the fan, even though we’ve been thinking that’s been happening pretty much every day this year. We feel like we’re running out of time, like sense and reason are compressed or sometimes lost altogether, as we come up to the election. Plus we’ve got the extra concentration of a culmination of the male Piscean Age lessons with all the aggressive Mars energy also hitting the fan in October, along with a Mercury retrograde (October 14 up to November 3 Election Day – and won’t that be fun!) that will make the other Mercury retrogrades this year seem like a song and dance. Because of that, October will be the pushiest month of these 2020 lessons.

Therefore, don’t expect October to be a comfortable month; it’s not supposed to be. We’re fighting for our humanity. And for the identity of our country, which is also the identity of humankind. And the biggest battle we’re facing is fear of change.

This is most obviously represented by the great fear in our country that Trump will win the election because he is upping his crazy behavior every day, sometimes every hour. So his journey, and how that affects each one of us, our country and our world, will be a major factor in October’s challenges. Even though it seems like time is running out, October will feel like it’s three to six months long rather than thirty-one days. And with Trump and Covid making breaking news every minute, we’ll be very aware we’re still in Twilight Zone time. Go with the flow and don’t drink the Kookaid (i.e., don’t buy into the fear).

His fear-mongering about not conceding and planning to announce he’s the winner at the end of election day (without all ballots counted) and doing everything to steal the election is there to keep us on our toes. If we lag for even a moment in our fear of him being reelected, it makes it possible for him to be reelected. We’ve been complacent for so long, we’re still breaking into our action-game. Granted with the way things are split in Congress, it’s hard to make change happen, but that’s the point, too. It’s not up to Congress as much as it’s up to each one of us to fight for this awareness, for our identity. We get fear shoved in our faces so we don’t have an opportunity to lag.

As an example of how 2020 continues to push our buttons: Black Lives Matter protests are not covered by national news as much anymore as they were in the summer, even though they’re still going on. So the general population who isn’t of color isn’t as hot on it as they were when it started. Many white people are still with our brothers and sisters of color, but without it being shown to us everyday, we get caught up in our own stuff hitting the fan. To wake all of us up again, we were given the incredible injustice of Breonna Taylor’s murderers going free to bring it up into the general public eye again.

And that button “button being pushed energy” doesn’t even take into consideration Trump’s push to bring a hand-picked Piscean Age holdout into the Supreme Court, not just so he can obliterate ObamaCare and remove health care safeties and, his biggest of bigs, overturn Roe vs. Wade giving the rights of a woman’s body back to the men-in-power, but to his way of thinking, guarantee the Supreme Court will decide he is the rightful president, no matter what the election says.

Take heart. There’s a lot more going on than the craziness on the surface. If you read any astrological site on the internet, you may find a lot of them are predicting that Trump will win based on a comparison between his and Joe Biden’s astrological charts. However, what I think they’re failing to include is that there is so much more going on in this moment than anyone’s individual chart. Not only is the identity of the United States coming up for a re-identification in 2024, there is that transition from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age (a two thousand year event) that is happening now (and on a bigger scale, the end of 26,000 years of the human experiencing me moving into we for the very first time in human history).

Just a note on his attempted Supreme Court coup: there’s a big difference in changing law to maintain Piscean Age traditions of male dominance vs. a new Supreme Court appointee superseding the law to support an illegal power take-over of the presidency. We saw proof of this this year when the Supreme Court did not give Trump what he wanted. They followed law and precedent. While he’s picking judges who may agree with some of how he wants policy to go, they are part of established legal system and stepping outside that system to support a dictator is not in our constitution.

So, in case you need to be reassured (but keep your fear going to ensure change), I still see Joe Biden winning, but I also see Trump arguing and trying to subvert law to make sure he stays in power when I feel it will be blatantly clear he lost. So he can delay things for a while, even taking the decision to the Supreme Court, but the Aquarian Age will win out. And at some point within the next year or so, Biden will pass and Kamala Harris will be one of the best presidents we’ve ever had.

Trust there are higher and stronger powers at work and we’re in final exam time. Still, don’t let your guard down for a minute!!!!!


2020 did not need to be as hard as it’s been. Sure, all astrological indications said that it was going to be the most challenging year we’ve ever faced. But even with Covid added to the mix (to give us something to physically focus on while the much bigger undercurrent of energetic/vibrational work is being done), we have made it much more difficult than it needed to be by standing in arrogance, self-importance and ego.

On Sunday, September 20, during Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show on CNN, he mentioned that the countries that are having the worst outbreaks of infection and death due to Covid are the countries who have the most arrogance about who they are in the world. The United States, the United Kingdom, Chile and several more (sorry, I didn’t write them all down as I was watching) have high infection/death rates because they can’t accept they could possibly be wrong or learn something from a “lesser” country who has had success in controlling the pandemic’s effect.

That is the macrocosm to the microcosm of what’s happening with each individual who feels their rights are being trampled on if they’re forced to wear a mask. That’s just arrogance. While “Me! Me! Me! Me!” is losing its power, it won’t in October. Everyone, even countries, need to step out of arrogance and become part of humanity. That’s not just an opinion, that’s Aquarian Age energy overtaking where we have been, no matter how many people are trying to stop it.

We can’t stop change. We experience change every second of every day. Even our position in the universe is never the same: our planet spins while in orbit around a sun that moves with our solar system that moves within our galaxy that moves within our universe.

Everything changes and that’s more important than some idiot throwing his weight around because his Piscean Age male arrogance (which affects women, too) says “You can’t tell me what to do!”

Sorry, it’s already happened. The buck has stopped. October is payment time.


Because Mercury goes direct on Election Day, be prepared for more chaos than we’re expecting. I mean, this is going to be worse than we can imagine because it’s what we’ve never experienced before. But the chaos is not how things turn out, it’s how things are on that day. Take heart. We’re in the home stretch. We just didn’t expect we’d have to crawl naked over glass in a hurricane with an earthquake under us in a building on fire. But that’s the Tower energy for you.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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