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My move to Austin is complete! Still unpacking. Cats adjusting, loving the carpet instead of tile (better traction for running). really enjoy being five minutes from so many restaurants (something I missed while zoning out in the country which was a 30 minute drive from anywhere). Miss the wild deer but love the many birds who chatter in the huge oak trees that canopy my new house. Never knew of grackles before. Love their vocal antics.

Special thanks to all of those who sent good-wishes for my move. It was the best and easiest it could have been. Pictures to follow when all set up.


An underlying theme has emerged in this year of completion (a nine year) in the energy of the Fire Monkey with all those fun Mercury retrogrades helping us adapt (look out – the next one comes on April 28 in conjunction with a Mars retrograde – more on that next week). I’m finding with my clients, and within myself, there are extreme feelings of being lost, fearful and/or depressed, not knowing paths that were clear before, and especially feeling “not good enough”.

While feeling “not good enough” can seem to come from childhood issues, the energy is too constant and intense to have been caused by just that. So I looked at the situation deeper and found a very clear reason for these feelings that is under the surface of our collective consciousness.

There is a wave of vibrational change that we all know about – not the day-to-day stuff, but the deeper shift of how we look at everything. I’ve talked about this a lot – the consciousness transformation of moving into the Aquarian Age from the Piscean Age.

But this year there is a significant difference because the energy isn’t about a shift going to happen, the first level of it has happened and we have to radically adjust our vibration or we feel completely disconnected and we don’t belong.

Quick recap: The overall arc of learning over the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age was about the male energy learning their own strength and responsibility as a leader or father through their “power-over” everything. If you were born a man in the last 2,000 years, you were born with the right to be more important than anyone or anything else on the planet.

The Aquarian Age brings equality, communication, harmony and “humankind” instead of “mankind” – our whole-human “power-within” vs. the male “power-over”. This is a big shift in thinking and being. That means that most of those who reincarnated as men in this lifetime have – this year – had their importance pulled out from under them on a vibrational level. There’s no more prep for this transition, it just happened.

Most are unaware of this shift (conscious awareness is not a requirement). And they feel they no longer fit. They’re scared to death because they feel their role is forever altered and yet don’t exactly know how or why.

This kind of change (Age to Age) happens in steps. It’s too big to be dumped on us all at once. We don’t start going to school in first grade and expect to know everything we would coming out of university. We learn in gradations. This is such a big concept to accept, it has to happen slowly and, even though it may not seem like it, gently. Right now, we’ve completed that first slow, gentle step, which as we’re living it, doesn’t feel that slow or gentle.

We think we’d be more prepared because, as souls attached to this planet, we’ve actively known about this shift coming for the past 200 years. But, using the school analogy again, the energy feels very much like a kid knowing for a year that the most important test of his life is coming and he studies for it the day before because he really doesn’t want to take it. He doesn’t want to graduate and face the challenge of the next grade. And because he’s not prepared, he fails, he can’t move forward and then makes everyone else pay for his lack of success.

Let’s change this from being about a hypothetical kid to being about our current male population. Men are having a really hard time with their identity now because they’ve been in power for so long. It’s a hard thing for them to accept that their worth isn’t automatic because of their gender but has to be earned in their wholeness as human beings.

The best I can describe how a lot of the male population is feeling – even though it’s very under-the-surface subconscious and vibrational stuff – is to relate it to all the executives who, before 2008, handled so much money and were responsible not only for their families but for many jobs. They suddenly lost it all when the financial bubble collapsed. Many went from owning expensive homes and sending their kids to private school to being unable to provide food for their families. Many haven’t emotionally recovered even now because they’re stuck in the mindset of what “was” thinking it should still be their way.

Or we can look at soldiers coming home from the military. When in service, they learn significant jobs and are responsible for millions of dollars of equipment and countless numbers of lives. Their training is extensive and they earn respect and position.

But when they’re civilians, all their training and experience means nothing. They go from being vitally important within a system to not being recognized for their accomplishments. Nor can they get jobs equal to what they were doing because their military experience doesn’t always translate into the “real world”.

And with the men of this world in an energy that they must now be complete human beings, not just complete in a traditional role, they are lost, fearful, depressed, not knowing their paths and feeling “not good enough”.

With approximately half the population being male and in vibrational crisis, even if they are unaware of it consciously, and the crisis being so deep and profound, the uncomfortable, resentful, angry energy unwittingly comes off of them in waves and affects everyone. Even if people are not in crisis because they’re automatically shifting their vibes, they’ll take on the crisis-feelings of those around them because the depth of the fear can’t be ignored or avoided.

Usually we can subvert the intensity of these feelings by being aware of them, but that doesn’t seem to help right now. The best we can do is ride it out, try to stay grounded and be aware a feeling of “not good enough” is not 100% ours; it’s just someone else’s fear piggybacking onto us in a cry for help.

Remember that if every human being on the planeiwas lined up with the most spiritually advanced at the front and the least at the back, every step forward that first enlightened person takes has to find its way through the entire population to that last person before we can all move forward.

This is a very hard time, and I’m sorry to say, it probably will be for most of this year. By staying as balanced and grounded and aware as possible, we not only keep ourselves sane but we help the adjustment for those who are having such a hard time in this transition.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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