Favorite Books 8/2/2012

Favorite Books

To continue with my favorite books list that I started last week, here are books – by subject – that I recommend and why.

Even though I consider J. Allen Boone and Ted Andrews “The Authorities” on animal communication in their own ways (Mr. Boone shows how to communicate with any species; Mr. Andrews offers what spiritual significance that communication has), I also highly recommend Temple Grandin’s Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human
Ms. Grandin is a highly functioning autistic who discovered ways to help slaughterhouses kill animals in more humane ways (if that’s possible).  She has an affinity for animals because she’s autistic; she sees them in a completely different way.  Her take on understanding and communicating is unique and wonderful.  HBO did a movie of her life starring Claire Danes (which won her and the show Emmys).  Both her books and the movie are available online and at bookstores.
And just for fun, check out Dancing With Cats by Burton Silver and Heather Busch, and Dancing with Horses  by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling.  When you read them, you’ll understand why I love them so much.
If you’d like to know more about the 2012 prophecies, beware that some are very technical and written with Piscean Age strictness (and doom) that doesn’t really fit the transformation that’s happening.  Many authors take the viewpoint that they are RIGHT and beyond question.  Anybody who is “right beyond question” is someone I avoid. 
Most of those who take that line are the ones who believe there is physical disaster and “The End of the World” coming on December 21, 2012.  I believe this is a spiritual, human evolution, awakening and dimensional shift (with some disasters helping us make that change), so please take that into consideration in my recommendations.  Also be aware people talking about the destruction of the planet are missing the point, in my opinion.  What I feel we’re dealing with is a natural transition for the planet which she will survive…it’s humanity that is at a crossroads of change that can be perceived as destruction, especially if many things we’ve gotten used to are no longer available.
That being said, here are three books I found very informative and helpful.  The first is The Mysteries of 2012.  It’s a compilation of articles from the top authors on the subject, a recap of their own books.  This is the best of the most popular and profound writings. If you like what their articles have to say, you can then buy their books.  It’s an excellent way to compare predictions.
The second is 2012 and the Galactic Center:  The Return of the Great Mother by Christine R. Page, M.D. It’s written ala Carlos Castaneda where the author writes of conversations with her teacher.  It’s a more Aquarian Age treatise with concepts easily explained.  These two give a wide range of perspectives. However, if you want more like a sum up of the whole concept, I recommend The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 2012 by Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews.  It was one of the books I used to get “facts” when putting together my lecture.  All three of these books are available online and in bookstores.
Regarding one of my favorite subjects, the Tarot, there is a bit of a problem in books to recommend.  I learned the Tarot in a hands-on series of classes that encompassed a full year.  In those classes, the notes I took were compiled into three separate books.  Those books are the basis for how I teach Tarot but none of them are published.  The knowledge is passed on through classes and experience. 
So when I recommend a book on the subject, the best I can do is offer my favorite authors: Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollock.  Any of their books help explain Tarot in a structured but non-structured way.  Please take any books on Tarot as helpful but not written in stone.  The cards are organic and very personal, so in reading what someone else writes of their own experiences, glean what works for you then let the cards themselves tell you the rest.  Both authors are widely available in stores and online.
Onto one of my other favorite subjects:  Wicca.  You can’t beat Scott Cunningham for getting the basics on The Old Way down without a lot of attitude.  Try his Solitary Practitioner and Living Wicca books.  Since Wicca is such an organic belief system and its practice is very personal, I find having too many instructions can be detrimental (and again too many authors/teachers have that “My Way is the Right Way” attitude).  Mr. Cunningham gives enough without giving too much. 
However, if you want a lot of detail and exercises and meditations, dive into Christopher Penczak’s series which includes The Inner Temple of WitchcraftThe Outer Temple of WitchcraftThe Temple of High WitchcraftThe Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft and the two volumes of The Living Temple of Witchcraft. That’ll cover it pretty well.  And he’s still writing more.  All are widely available.
If you’re interested in Wicca, you’ll probably also be interested in books on how to craft spells.  Although I have a lot of spell books, the only two books I’ve ever used are Tarot Spells by Janina Renee (which combines by two favorite subjects) and The Spellcaster’s Reference by Eileen Holland.  The first gives details of crafting spells using the power of the Tarot to help facilitate your intention; the latter doesn’t necessarily tell you how to do spells as much as gives the references you need.  Example, it gives you timing (day and time of day to work your spell for it’s highest power); flower, crystal, color, herb correlations and much more, to add strength to your intention. 
Beware of books that say it’s okay to put your power on someone else, as in a love spell to make someone love you.  The Law of Three still works (“what you send out comes back to you three times”).  Also, with all the general interest in spells these days, watch the verbiage in the actual spell words.  You can tell how much of an expert the authors are (or are not) if they use either future tense (“it will happen”) or negatives (“don’t”, “can’t”). Neither of these are the best ways to get your intention to happen.
Regarding Psychic Development, the only book I really like for developing your own psychic abilities is James Van Praagh’s Heaven and Earth.  It’s not really “woo-woo” stuff, and has great exercises and meditations for developing skills you already possess but might not be aware of.  It’s also widely available.
And finally, regarding crystals, first and foremost, get The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.  It’s complete and understandable and easy to access.  The other source is the Love is in the Earth series by Melody.  Beautiful pictures from both authors with a whole lot of information.  These are also widely available as they are considered staples.
This completes my list.  Oddly, outside of the books I mentioned last week, those that inspired me most in what I believe, practice and teach are not metaphysical books.  They came to me at exactly the right time for me to get more out of them than they probably intended, as if I understood them too well.  They include King Rat by James Clavell (about a prisoner of war camp in China in World War II, my favorite book of all time), Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (about the early life of the Buddha) and the Carlos Castaneda series (whether they were based in reality or not).
I’m sure you have books that inspire you even if that’s not their intention.  If there are books you think I should take a look at, please let me know.  If there are other subjects I didn’t get to, again, please let me know.  I always enjoy exploring someone else’s take on life, the universe and everything (thank you Douglass Adams).
With love and gratitude…

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