Favorite Authors 7/27/2012

Favorite Authors

I’ve had a lot of requests over the years for my sources of information and inspiration.  So this week I thought I’d offer a list of my favorite and most influential books (next week, I’ll finish the list with recommended authors on specific subjects).  These books taught me things of significance and permanently shifted how I look at life, the universe and everything.  If I had limitless funds, I’d have an unending supply of these books and give them to everyone who would take them.

The Finding of the Third Eye by Vera Stanley Alder.  A tremendous eye-opener for me (no joke intended), written in 1938.  When I read it in 2002 – actually devoured it as I couldn’t put it down – I felt as if it had been written yesterday.  It’s very topical for what we’re experiencing now.  The author went on a search for ancient metaphysical knowledge and then compiled and explained it in such a clear way, physicists could understand.  It gave me a vocabulary for what I always felt but didn’t know how to express.  It also confirmed many things I had discovered for myself.
When I finished reading it, I felt so in tune it was as if I’d been physically lifted three feet off the ground and I stayed that way for months.  It may not hit you the same way but it will certainly provide some different ways of looking at things.  There are a couple of items in the book I questioned but the mass of information that inspired far outweighed them. 
The cover is an obnoxious pink color with a simplistic drawing of a white dove which doesn’t match the significance of the information within.  Ms. Alder had written four more books continuing the theme, but The Finding of the Third Eye, for me, is the kicker.  It’s available online and in specialty bookstores.  Her others are out of print, I think, but can still be found via used book sites.
Kinship with All Life by J. Allen Boone.  An easy read, even for kids.  It offers a way for humans to communicate with animals, and other humans, and other creatures.  Mr. Boone was asked to take care of a famous movie dog back in the day, a war hero dog.  The dog then proceeded to teach the man how to communicate with all life.  It’s simple to learn once you get your mind tilted in that direction. 
I’ve had a lot of success with the technique throughout the years.  My first attempt at working with it was at a backyard 4th of July party in the late ‘70’s.  While everyone was inside getting food, I was out near the pool, as were three kids playing by the water.  A bee came to them and scared them.  They flailed and screamed to get it away.  I used the technique from the book to communicate with the bee who immediately came over to me, buzzed around my head for a bit and then flew away.  The kids stared at me open-mouthed.  I just smiled. 
I used the technique again to free a bird who had inadvertently gotten trapped in an attic.  I stuck my head up through the attic door which was a square in the floor, heard where the bird was, had the front door to the house opened and, using the technique, sent the bird the very clear visual of the path to get out.  Within minutes, the bird flew right out of the hole, across the length of the house and out the opened door. 
I’m always amazed when it works not because I don’t believe it can, but because it’s really very simple.  This book is available online and can be found in many bookstores.
Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, subtitled “The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small”: The late, very great Mr. Andrews gave us a wealth of knowledge with this book, and his follow-ups of Animal Wise and Nature Speak.  If an animal appears to you, either in a dream or shows up unexpectedly in your life, this book tells you what it means and what you can learn from it.  It also teaches about the deep connection between human and animal and how to develop it through exercises and meditations.  A must-have for anyone on a spiritual path. 
An example on how it helps:  while I was going thru a difficult transition from one job to another, a raccoon came to visit in my backyard.  It appeared several days in a row and then sporadically for weeks.  I looked up “raccoon” in Animal Speak and part of the meaning indicated it was necessary to wear a mask for whatever situation I was in.  To me that meant to keep my own council about my plans as others would try to interfere or give me a hard time.  If I had been open about my plans, as is in my nature to do, I would have been punished and put in a very difficult survival situation.  I thanked the raccoon for the message and he stopped coming around.
I’ve used the book so many times with only helpful and positive results that it would take pages and pages to tell you.  I’ll spare you that.  Most bookstores will have, at least, Animal Speak.  That and the others are available online.
Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping.  This could be considered one of the many self-help books by modern day gurus (sorry, I feel some of them are very pretentious) except I find its information and technique for healing the past far above anything else I’ve read or heard about.  It takes the reader on a journey to discover why awful and/or annoying people and events are in your life, how to find out where they originated and how to heal them. 
There is a basic work sheet Mr. Tipping created to walk you through the steps to understanding and healing which is in the book, but it can also be downloaded free from the website.  He has other books that reflect the same technique (Radical ManifestationRadical Weight Loss), but this is the primer and it really changes how you look at what pisses you off.  I have used his technique multiple times and have had stunning results in not only getting myself clear, but in changing the negativity around me by changing the energy I exude (which I didn’t know I was until I read the book).
Warning, though, this gives you an opportunity to really look at and heal yourself.  If you’re not ready to do the hard work, this may not be for you.  You can only get this book online at Mr. Tipping’s website (http://www.radicalforgiveness.com/). 
Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, M.D.  This very popular book is about a psychiatrist inadvertently discovering past lives and reincarnation through a patient.  Via hypnosis to get her to relive childhood trauma, she jumped back beyond this life to find the origin of her issues in a past life.  For those who don’t believe in reincarnation or would like to know more about it, this is an excellent beginning.  Dr. Weiss, as a scientist, didn’t believe in any of it until he was shown by this patient.  He then explored and investigated until he began regularly using access to past lives in his sessions to heal the present.
My personal knowledge of reincarnation and past lives has come from my guides, angels and ancestors, remembering past lives for myself, and seeing the past lives of others when doing readings.  However, that doesn’t come in book form.  Not yet anyway.   I didn’t have a book to start me off.  Dr. Weiss covers so much on the subject I feel it should be standard reading for anyone interested. 
He continued his writings in Same Soul, Many BodiesMessages from the MastersThrough Time Into Healing and Only Love Is Real.  His books are widely available in stores and online.
Next week, I’ll talk about my favorite authors on specific subjects like Wicca, Tarot, 2012, Crystals and more.  I hope you enjoy these books as much as I have.  And I look forward to hearing what books have inspired you.
With love and gratitude…

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