Even though the sledgehammer shift happened over three weeks ago and we’ve had time to adjust, it’s been very rough on a lot of people. We’ve felt exceptionally drained and hopeless, not exactly depressed but more like in despair. Self-judgment has been our biggest obstacle. We’ve gotten stuck in what we should be doing because our lives aren’t going the way we think they should based on how they’ve gone before.

We’ve been exhausted and unable to do more than the barest minimum with, again, self-judgment kicking in based on Piscean Age expectations and the rhythm of life we’ve been trained in for 2,000 years (i.e., that “bigger, stronger, harder, faster” mentality).

But we’re still in that mode of pure survival, making sure we get through the energetic hurricane that is shifting the vibrations under our feet and all around us. It’s become more and more intense following the shift, like we’re now in Category Five when a month ago it was only Category Four.

Treat the July 1st sledgehammer shift as a new starting point for what we’re being taught in how to adapt to the Aquarian Age. While we’re still inexplicably exhausted, it’s lifted our self-aware into higher heights (which makes dealing with the lower vibrations much more difficult) and, consequently, pulled the final rug out from under the people who refuse to adapt and are now living in blatant and inescapable fear more than ever before.

More on how that comes to a head in August shortly. But in the meantime, give ourselves a break and react to what’s in front of us, not what we’ve been taught to expect. Again, this is the biggest evolutionary shift humankind has ever experienced, so grasping the importance of that can make the day-to-day crazy more manageable.


There’s long been an argument about what rules us: Fate (aka Destiny) or Free Will. Actually it’s both. Depending on our soul-age and self-awareness, we see things from both macrocosmic and microcosmic points of view. Our lives are far more leveled and complicated than our conscious selves can always see but there’s always another level and another purpose.

To me, our Fate is determined by our overall karmic journey, by what we’ve done or not done in our past lives, by our intentions and desires on a higher level unfolding in front of us in our physical lives. I believe before we enter each life, we set our path for that life: what we want to accomplish, learn, experience, people we need to pay back or clean the slate with. This is based on where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced before, what we didn’t finish or learn, and what we intend to accomplish moving forward as we perfect ourselves.

Of course, we don’t usually remember what we chose in our spiritual state when we become physical again because that defeats the purpose (who would consciously choose to have cancer at age forty, even though that is a huge karmic-cleanser?). But the path is still set.

If we’re young souls, we have angelic energy to guide us in setting up our life, much as primary school teachers guide their students in a set curriculum to teach kids the basics. Then we grow and experience and learn in each life until we can choose for ourselves, as we do moving into university. There is a set plan to get a degree, per se, but we have a lot more choice in how we get there.

How we handle our Fate or karmic journey is when our Free Will comes into play. We’ve got the path set, like our journey to get a Bachelor of Arts. But just because we’ve committed to that degree doesn’t mean we attend every class or stick with the curriculum or pass in the end. Our Free Will can side-track us, especially if little-kid-ego steps in. In which case, our Fate doesn’t go away, it just waits until another time, perhaps another life. And sometimes we get lost in the current life, or angry that our path doesn’t seem fair so we don’t want to take it. That’s when we get in our own way, frequently shutting down from learning anything new and blocking other people’s personal intentions. Because, after all, we are all inter-connected.

Fate is the framework of our lives and Free Will is the detail of how we accomplish it (or in some cases, don’t). Free Will determines how we deal with the Fate we intended. We always accomplish our Fate, but not always in the life we programmed. It’s like having to repeat tenth grade when we screwed around or didn’t want to learn anything or were overwhelmed with how our lives were going even though when we started it, our intention to finish it was set.

That being said, know that everyone on the planet at this time came in with great intentions. However, the unusually high number of young souls have already reached the brick wall of “this is too hard” and have shut down, clogging the path for the rest of us (it’s always easier in theory on the other side than living the fact when reincarnated).

We’re in the middle of a battle for our humanity currently dictated by the petulant Free Will of those young souls. Our Fate is about exponential growth into awareness and the higher vibe of the Aquarian Age. That is inevitable. But with the stuck and fearful Free Will selfishness of younger souls, our progress has been slowed, especially this summer, in ways I hadn’t seen.

I’ve written before that Covid would be done at the end of May and it was well on that path, at least in the United States. Then the sledgehammer shift happened, bringing in a time of mercilessly forced change because we really hadn’t adapted much at all, and the Delta variant of Covid started sweeping through the world. Even though it started before July 1, it began running rampant after the shift.

So where is that “we’re out of the woods” energy I was talking about that was supposed to be our summer? That’s where the Free Will of young souls has made the path of humanity take a turn. On the deeper, karmic level of what’s going on, we had the option of finishing our journey with Covid first last year before the vaccine was even necessary, and then again at the end of May this year.

Last year when we got tired of restriction after a scant month or two, we went back to exactly how we’d done everything before without respect for what Covid tried to teach us. So it got worse. Then as we started opening up in June this year after more restriction and the option of the vaccine, we forgot everything the Covid Bigger Picture offered us. The vaccine, whether we consider that good or bad, gave us an out.

It boils down to us being on a humanity-level karmic path of the Piscean Age me vs. the Aquarian Age we. The me’s are holding out in raw fear, turning that fear into self-righteousness, judgment of others, defense via offense and changing the path of this year’s human-growth intention.

So the Delta variant is here to stay for longer than we want it to, with the Lambda variant hot on its heels, along with a stronger version of the regular flu coming near the end of the fall. I spoke with a fellow-Austinite recently who was casually hoping that all this Delta variant stuff would conclude by the end of August so we wouldn’t have to wear masks again or close anything down. While he was a very enlightened individual, I was still surprised at how much he couldn’t see the bigger picture.

We will have to wear masks again, and things will close down, but we will handle it better and businesses will not die because we did learn things over this last year, even if it’s just in our physical reality. Still, August is coming. That doesn’t just mean the hottest month of the year, it means the Chinese calendar’s Hungry Ghosts are coming back, or rather the Karmic Catch-Up Month, as I see it, is right around the corner.

This year, the Hungry Ghosts month starts on August 8 and ends on September 6 with the official day of celebration on August 22. That means, according to Feng Shui, the gates of hell open and ghosts are allowed to roam the Earth and wreck havoc. Or, in a non-Feng Shui terms, our karma catches up to us.

This year with Covid being the forefront of our karmic lessons, expect it to grow and flourish, in August especially. I don’t see it going away in September, but we won’t get even close to a handle on it until after August. Blaming those who haven’t taken the vaccine isn’t the answer. We could have ended this last year if we’d all taken responsibility for being connected rather than get stuck in “it’s all about me!” The vaccine is a surface answer, actually allowing a lot of people to not take responsibility for their “bigger picture” actions by feeling they’re safe (going back into that me vs. we mentality).

SIDEBAR: Not everyone who is anti-vax is about conspiracy theories or listening to the alt-whatever. There are people who are genuinely concerned based on their experience with medical science and the vaccine-crazy pharmaceutical companies. These people are taking responsibility for wearing masks and social distancing. It’s the conspiracy nuts who are clogging the works, but in a “bigger picture” way, that’s their job.

Also expect the political world to get hotter and explode in August, specifically because the intense energy of Hungry Ghosts/karma will bring things to a head. I think it’s very possible if not probable that Trump will try another coup and this one will be even uglier than January 6. It will not be successful but the attempt will be scary (even though I believe government insiders are aware of this but won’t be able to stop it from starting). The energy that causes it, the intense fear that is shifting the day-to-day human journey, will build and build in self-righteousness until these people will shoot themselves in the foot and their me bubble will burst.

That doesn’t mean we will be done with all the political strife afterwards, but the heat of it will subside and not come back. Grumbling and manic energy will still exist, but not on the level it does now, not with the damage it’s doing now.

And we’ll still be dealing with our Covid journey and the whipping up of climate change. I’ve had more than one person at the beginning of June surprised that climate change was still a thing because Covid was over, as if surviving Covid meant we’d already dealt with enough difficulty and climate change should now be done, too, because we shouldn’t have to take anymore.

But it will take the vast majority of us living in the we energy for the tide to turn. We have the support of the now-merciless Aquarian Age vibration so keep the faith that even though things are more difficult than I saw at the beginning of the year, we are still on the inevitable karmic path of enlightenment. We can’t miss that, even if we have to wade through the thick fear energy of the young souls on the planet who have already given up.

So trust intuition even if what’s happening physically in front of us doesn’t seem to match up with higher vibrations, or we can’t see it day-to-day yet. Aquarian Age sensibilities take over no matter how much the fear-driven Piscean Age holdouts want to keep things the same. That can’t happen. The energy has already shifted. And we all get the lesson, it’s just a matter of time. And we’re not in charge of that anymore.

Trust the angelic energy that is working with us because they’re not just working with those who are enlightened. They’re working with everyone on whatever level is necessary to get through to each one of us.

Let Go, Let God/dess/Creator. Even though the path is more difficult than I anticipated, this journey clears the path for humanity’s growth which is inevitable. Hang on. Trust in self, in Higher Source, and see us all as we, even those who can’t step into that.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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