Fall of Consequences 9/17/2012

Fall of Consequences

With the Summer of Karmic God-Smacking over, so begins the Fall of Consequences.  I could say Autumn of Consequences, but “autumn” doesn’t bring the double meaning of “fall”.  And some of us are in an extreme fall.  Yes, at the end of August the 80% lost their power to manifest their negativity just by being negative, but it hasn’t stopped them from purposefully trying to make others pay for what’s not working in their own lives.

They’re being hit with the consequences of unlearned lessons and bad personal choices.  Their flailing is severe because somewhere deep inside, they know they’ve blown it, they know they don’t belong here anymore and they really, really don’t like it.  They wouldn’t be the 80% if they didn’t want to take their consequences out on others.  So watch out!
I go back to the drowning man metaphor I’ve used before:  the 80% are on a downward spiral, as if drowning in an ocean riptide, and will grab hold of anybody and anything around them to either try to stop their descent, which is accelerating, or take someone else with them.  They really can’t do either, but they can cause quite a stir as they fall.
My cousin is getting hit with this via her son’s soccer coach, who suddenly went off the deep end and benched the young man (the star player).  The coach said, in uncharacteristic, unparalleled anger, and in seemingly bi-polar behavior (which he isn’t) that he doesn’t mind losing games if it teaches the kid a lesson.  But he won’t say what the lesson is.  To me this is an expression of an 80%-er taking out his own frustrations and “fall” on his perceived rival (or the epitome of what he isn’t) – a brilliant teenaged player on his team.
My cousin’s comment to me was, and I quote: “In these times, you need to be true to self, even if people who have some power over you are petty and immature, and have their own personal interests over the good of the people around them.  Sometimes in your life there’s nothing you can do to change it so you just have to decide how you’re going to deal with it.”
Wise, simple and elegant.  It’s the Job moment from the Bible.  With everything in upheaval, it’s not about what bad stuff is happening, it’s how we deal with it that’s important.  Basically, we need to stay in our own balance and that balance is challenged by having to come against the drowning 80%. 
Pluto goes Direct on Monday, September 17th after being retrograde since April 10th).  Tuesday, September 18th bring us into an exact square between Uranus and Pluto.  Those who don’t know astrology can understand it this way:
Pluto going direct means the transformation that we’re all experiencing, specifically about individual and group consciousness, is now clearer and easier to identify.  Changes that have been forced during the Summer of Karmic God-Smacking often made no sense and people stood in “Why?” a lot.  Now, at least we can see the “why”.  That doesn’t mean it’s easier to live through, but knowledge of what’s coming gives us better tools to adapt. 
Regarding Uranus Square Pluto, http://www.darkstarastrology.com/ has some good info on it, better than anything I could say (I’d probably just be quoting them anyway).  We’ll be experiencing this extreme change of energy off and on thru March, 2015.  We have four more exact squares like the one on Tuesday.  When that happens, it brings the strongest learning curve to the human experience.  No more lessons, no more games, no more getting away with something.  It’s consequence time to clear the way for the generations to come.
It’s most clearly represented by the current situation in the Middle East and how it’s spilling over into other countries.  When this exact aspect hit the last time Uranus and Pluto were doing this dance, it was January, 1933 and Hitler came to power in Germany.  This time isn’t going to be about a charismatic crazy man trying to take over the world (although do watch the lies coming out of the presidential campaign and let your gut tell you what’s true rather than accepting what makes you feel better in the moment).  No one can polarize us into opposite camps unless we let them.  It’s about us waking up and dealing with “what is” instead of “what I think it should be”.
Normally, humankind gets these lessons with a major event (World War II) or cataclysm (the Spanish Flu in 1918).  We adapt because we have to. This is the first time in our history, with the consciousness shift being so strong, when we can adapt and change the energy before a cataclysm forces us to.  But with the 80% kicking and screaming as they fall, it makes it very difficult to stay in balance.
This “ascension on a learning curve” energy is with us and isn’t going to let go any time soon.  It manifests in countries struggling to find a new identity when what’s been stuck for so long is finally seen to not work anymore, in changing concepts and belief in money, government and any structure that has lost its original purpose.
It manifests in coaches who can’t control their jealousy, in bosses who take their lousy home life out on their employees and in family members who want the one person who isn’t out of balance (or is in more balance than them) to take complete responsibility for everything that isn’t working in their own lives.  Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re that balanced family member.
The only person who can make things ok is that person.  We can’t help anyone else anymore.  We can still guide those who are our immediate responsibility, i.e. our children.  But, I’m sorry to say, that is it.  Adults have made their choices and have to deal with the consequences.  It won’t help them to help them; it only makes our lives worse and takes energy away from where it can best serve. 
The 80% are black holes now.  They will take and take and refuse to learn, change, adapt, or give back.  Even if your sister is the closest person in the world to you, if she is in the 80%, it is by her choice and there’s nothing you can do, so back away.  It sounds harsh, but that’s where we are.
The first things thrown away when people are faced with their own consequences are consideration, patience and empathy.  These people live in fear because they think they’ve lost control.  The truth is we never had control over anything.  Our illusion of control was part of a learning phase.  We’re out of that now. 
Accept the natural flow of things, including the negativity and fear we’re experiencing now.  Understand that you are in control only of who you are and how you present that to the world.  It might help clarify your true responsibilities.
Survive!  This is an important time.  Breathe!  Protect yourself!  Ask “Is this my fear?” daily, or even hourly. While the 80% drowns in their low vibrations, the 20% becomes more and more sensitive.  It’s a blessing and, right now, it certainly feels like a curse.
Please remember we all chose to be here.  Take up the gauntlet and stand in your own power-within.  It’s our only action and it’s all we need. 
With love and gratitude…

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