In case you’re feeling weird today, or lost, fearful, overcome with emotion, feeling just plain off or down for the count, you’re not alone. It’s been a really hard day (and for some, a hard last three days). This energy has also been accompanied by headaches or aches and pains that aren’t usual and seem to have no logical reason for being there.

What happened is that we had a major energy shift over the weekend. We’re in a whole new vibe and it’s taking a lot for us to get used to it. It can physically feel very heavy, like an invisible weight is on top of us.

It’s like we’ve subconsciously been preparing for this energetic change but the Earth got tired of waiting for us to be ready so she shifted gears on us. She lifted us up to a new level of awareness and it’s a shock to the system. It pushed action that is overdue forward into completion, or at least into the next step. It’s like we’ve been learning to drive and, without finishing Driver’s Ed, are suddenly thrown into driving in heavy traffic on a freeway. We either shut down or become enervated in order to function, both of which are uncomfortable.

Hang on. It may take a day or two to get used to this new vibration so try to be aware if/when our reactions are over-the-top. Try to avoid taking any of this out on others. We’re still in Mercury retrograde (until next week on March 9/10) which means actions and words can be misconstrued in a really damaging way.

Take a breath and take it easy. This is temporary. Let our bodies adapt, which happens easier and better while we sleep. So if a nap feels right, take it! This is just a further step into 2020. No matter how discombobulating it feels, it takes us where we need to be.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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