Energetic Shift Preparing for December 21st 12/17/2012

Energetic Shift Preparing for December 21st

Have you been feeling it? All the energetic shifting going on in preparation for December 21st? It’s been intense and will continue past the deadline into 2013 and through the next eleven years although without the same intensity. Here’s some of the info I’ve gotten about what’s going on, what to expect and how to deal with it.

We started this last leg, the build up to the Big Shift, in early October. We’ve been experiencing these lessons of getting in balance all year but in October, the dial was turned up to 11+. People went into severe self-judgment, self-criticism and/or self-pity mode. That’s the clean-up energy pushing us to look at ourselves, to understand and release issues that have kept us out of balance from the time we were born in this life until now. Even those who have done all the work that this transition has required are feeling it.

This is the final step forcing us to look at our Nature versus how we have been Nurtured (or not been Nurtured, in too many cases). We’re experiencing the outside influences we’ve accumulated in our lives that have no bearing on who we really are, which when faced and released, give us a whole new way of thinking. The positive aspect of this might not be noticeable in those who have been refusing to do their own work. In fact, the way they have been dealing with the energy has been pretty nasty.

People who are still lost, stuck and out of balance have been attacking those around them. Not usually physically, but we’ve all seen the escalating violence, most recently with the shooting in Connecticut. It manifests as friends, family, co-workers, bosses lashing out in surprising and extremely judgmental ways. However, the stronger they lash out, the stronger they feel their own imbalance and judge themselves while still refusing to admit they could possibly be wrong. That inner conflict makes for some mean action.

On December 12th, as the Mayans predicted, we moved into the shift big time. The 12th brought the final level in prep for the 21st. I like the analogy of December 21st being the Earth’s birthday instead of the End of the World. She gives birth to a new version of herself. It happens every 26,000 years. All this year, her energy has been in “labor”. Coming out of August, she started “pushing”. On the 12th, the “baby” started crowning. On the 21st, she and we are born again, an Old Age ends and a New Age starts.

For anyone who has had a baby or been with those who are in labor, we know that the mother’s body takes over and all that can be done is to go along for the ride. It’s a feeling of helplessness that there are primal powers in charge. That’s where we’ve been all year, but now is the most extreme energy coupled with the most extreme powerlessness we’ve ever felt. And, as I said, those who aren’t in balance are in extreme fear, so much so their only release is to take it out on others.

On December 21st, we shift in energetic, vibrational and dimensional ways It’s experiencing joy and unconditional love on a whole new level, so elevated, we couldn’t possibly have imagined it before. The info I’m getting and feeling, and has been suggested by so many who write on this subject, is that we lift up to a higher awareness, knowing through thought, sense, heart and spirit that we are all connected to each other, to the planet and to Creator. We will have all-encompassing veils lifted from our beings in a way that makes us feel like we’ve finally arrived at what we’ve been working for all our lives.

It may not be a single event that happens exactly at 3:11 a.m. on the 21st (the time on the Pacific coast when the solstice hits), but we will certainly be lifted to a new level, a New Age, a new awareness that gives us that understanding and is only going to get stronger as we revel in it. And as the newborn Earth comes to awareness, we are finally able to be in energetic and vibrational harmony with her and we will feel we’re home.

Even though everyone is lifted, not everyone is prepared to take the journey. When things change on December 21st, those who have not done their work will find themselves like Wylie E. Coyote having just chased the Road Runner off a cliff: lost with a sudden, awful realization the bottom just dropped out and they never saw it coming. Or rather, they don’t want to admit they saw it coming and opted to do nothing about it. They’ll be left hanging without a clue what to do next – suspended just as the coyote is in the split second where he looks to the camera and knows he’s screwed. Except this split second lasts over two weeks until January 7th, 2013.

I’m not exactly sure the scope of the overall reaction lost people will manifest, but it’s pretty much a given that fear will be the biggest expression.

After January 7th, I feel we’ll be in a nebulous, stunned, see-saw act getting used to the new energy. Then February 10th brings the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, a time of “cosmic awareness, sage spirituality and integration with your Source, Maker or Spirit,” according to Shelly Wu at www.chineseastrology.com. After the chaos and extreme lessons culminating in 2012, 2013 will be the calm after the storm, the recovery after forced change.

So hang on. We’re almost there. And it is so worth the ride. Here are some ways we’re probably already experiencing the accelerated energetic changes going on around us:

Dizziness. Out of nowhere we can feel dizzy for up to 30 seconds. This is a reaction to the Earth shifting her vibration causing us to vibrationally adjust so we stay in balance with her. This has been going on for years but now instead of every once in a while, this can be felt daily if not hourly.

Familiar things seem unfamiliar. I looked at my cat, Katie, the other day and even though I knew it was her, she looked unfamiliar. I had shifted and was temporarily out of alignment with her, or she with me. We came back into sync within the hour. It can be disconcerting if you don’t know what’s going on. And, like with dizziness, the shifting is constant.

Seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. As we adapt to higher levels we are connecting in more than physical ways. Seeing shadows or being very sensitive to sound is preparing us to use our senses on that higher level. We’re also getting more psychic.

Intense dreaming. There is a rash of fear dreams going around that help people deal with their worst fears without having to realize them in waking life. Go with it and know it’s a purge not a prophecy.

Flying off the handle. As I’ve said, people who are having trouble with these changes take their frustration out on others and can suddenly go into overdrive with their anger, blame and punishment, sometimes turning it on themselves.

Personal demons. Whatever is out of balance within self, even if we’ve worked on it for a long time and feel that we’ve done a good job, is shown to us like a mirror we can’t turn away from, making us deal with personal issues that we thought were long past. This segues into…

Self judgment/self criticism. Adjusting to the coming changes can make us feel insecure about our futures, questioning if we’re on the right path, if we’re with the right person. This is very scary for people who have seriously and continuously worked on themselves as it makes us feel we’ve been on the wrong path all along. We haven’t. We’re just fine-tuning. So please avoid making major life decisions until after we pass February 10th.

Over-emotionality. We all agreed to help each other during this time, even though it may not always seem everyone’s participating. But we are, and being over-emotional is one of the responses to taking on so much energy that is changing so fast.

Be aware that our animals are taking the brunt of this, too. So treat them well and with a lot of patience, kindness and love.

And, I’m sorry to say, don’t expect the holidays to be all that happy. Many are looking to what is traditionally a happy time to be REALLY HAPPY! Sometimes with great desperation. But just because we need a release doesn’t mean we can make one happen by assigning happiness to a certain day. All that does is add stress to what is already going to be a stressful time.

For all of these things, the answer is the same: Hold on, ride it out, stay conscious. It’s just the preparation energy and it doesn’t last that much longer. Face your fear. Embrace the changes as they come. Stand in your own integrity. Know we’re being taken to where we need to be as individuals and a species. And try to celebrate December 21, 2012 as the Earth’s birthday. We all get reborn. We all deserve to ascend.

So, Happy Birthday, Earth! As my grandmother always told me, I’m so very glad you were born!

With love and gratitude…

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