We’re in the Aquarian Age now. Not only are we changing how we think and perceive the new vibration of equality and humanity, we’re becoming more sensitive to—and aware of—our energetic world. Kids already know the new vibrations, while most parents are struggling to take that next step. It’s not a new dimension we’re in, it’s an enhancement of where we’ve always been…as if we’ve been living in a world of black and white and only now are becoming aware of color. Our kids are born seeing rainbows yet are frequently raised and taught by those who still see only black and white.

So when we have the year we’re having, with the forced wake up energy that doesn’t quit until the Winter Solstice, adults might not perceive how much our kids pick up on the stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, resentment and extreme fear the grown-ups are experiencing. Adults think they can shield kids by not talking about scary things, by keeping the kids occupied with games, books, and videos. But they feel the scary things—and so much more—all the time because that’s part of new human perception. Then, because the scary vibes aren’t acknowledged by adults (thinking that not talking about it is protection), kids question their own senses and can eventually shut down their natural expanding abilities thinking they mustn’t be real.

What I want to cover in this space is not how we need to listen to our kids more about what they’re experiencing, above and beyond what adults can recognize, but how to protect them against the waves of heavy, negative emotion coming from the big fear we’re in right now…the fear of change.

As Aquarian Age kids perceive energies/vibrations more than any previous generation, protecting them energetically/vibrationally is just as important as social distancing and washing hands. This also is needed for adults who have always been naturally sensitive and for our animals who channel our emotions and heal us at their own expense.

While the crime rate out in the world has almost flatlined, domestic violence has increased. The stress for people who aren’t used to being enclosed 24/7with their partners or families is taking a toll. Several clients (both male and female) have been planning divorces but were waiting for a better financial situation or their kids to get older to make a move. Now, they’re stuck with people they can’t stand, some of whom are destructive and unaware of how much their negativity affects others, which only adds to the stress and fear of the pandemic.

Following are two energetic protections to do for yourself, your kids, animals and sensitive people you know or are related to. While a lot of sensitive people have probably already developed their own version of energetic protection, having dealt with the insensitivity of the world throughout their lives, some are just as lost as the kids, having never been taught to recognize or utilize their heightened energies. If an adult is having a hard time right now and you want to help them with energetic protection, first ask their permission. That can be as simple as asking if you can pray for them (a lot of people still aren’t accustomed to Aquarian Age/metaphysic-speak). It’s not necessary to ask your children or animals for permission—it’s a given that the work you do for them is in their best and highest interest.

The first energetic protection is to create a sphere of white and gold light around yourself or the person you want to protect. Call the white light from the center of the universe to come in through the Crown Chakra and fill the body completely. In the beginning, take your time and use all your senses to do this: see the whiteness of the light, hear its sound, smell it, taste it, feel it, both physically and emotionally. This goes faster and easier the more you do it. Then let the light seep out through the pores and with exhales to completely surround the body so it’s surrounded by and filled with perfect white light. Thank the white light and let it stop feeding the body. Next, call gold light from the center of the Earth to come into the body through the soles of the feet, again taking your time to use all your senses to create this. Then, again, let the light seep out of the body to surround it, mixing with the white light. When the exterior sphere is complete, thank the gold light and let it stop feeding the body. Finally, with all your senses, create a shell of steel around the sphere, shiny on the outside, dull on the inside, and compress it into and around the body so the light and the steel become perfect body armor.

Say: “Please protect (me or name) from all unwanted, unwelcome and uninvited energy on all levels of consciousness and existence for the rest of the day. Thank you.” If you want, also call in any protective energies you already use such as Archangel Michael or a specific saint or deity. Then you or the person is good to go. This works for animals, too.

When doing this for kids, it’s good to have them do this with you so they can get used to doing it for themselves if they need it. Talk them through it. Give them time to use all the senses to make it real. Ask them questions to direct their focus (“What color is the gold light?” and “What does the white light sound like?”) It can be a game. Kids will understand this, unless they’ve already gotten old enough to take on cynicism.

The second energetic protection is used for sleeping at night when people, especially kids, pick up crazy energy from everywhere. This can be done with their participation or from another room—you don’t have to physically be with someone to do this for them. Call in perfect blue light (related to Mother Mary, Isis, Kwan Yin—all mother energies) to create a cocoon around the body and bed of who you want to protect. Take your time and use all the senses to make this real. Then add a shell of shiny silver which you also create with all your senses. Say: “Please protect (me or name) from all unwanted, unwelcome and uninvited energy on all levels of consciousness and existence throughout the night. Thank you.” Ask the mother energy of choice to watch over you or the person/animal, possibly adding Archangel Michael (or similar energy from a different pantheon) or Saint Francis of Assisi for protection during sleep.

If you’re in a situation where there is stress from a person not handling the shelter-in-place orders well at all, there are a couple of things that can help. First, using the Freezing Spell listed on my website (scroll down on the home page to the “Metaphysigifts” section and it is the first offering there). Click on that and it will take you to detailed instructions on how to stop someone’s energy from bothering you. If you need to protect someone else in the household from the negative energy of another (i.e., protect a child from a father’s frustration and anger at the pandemic), after the counterclockwise circle is drawn around the name of the offending person, write the name of the person you’re protecting around the outside of the circle over and over until it’s back where you started. The only issue with this is that you have to put the container with the spell in the freezer where the offending person might find it, so be smart.

You can also use this to freeze general negativity in the house by putting “Negative Energy” or “Fear and Negative Emotions” on the paper instead of the name of an offending person and proceed with drawing the counterclockwise circle and the rest of it.

If in a shelter-in-place situation and you have a separate space, like a private room that you can go to, use the following to seal that room from allowing negative vibes to enter to make it safe. Stand in the room facing the closed door. Pull up gold light from the center of the Earth through the soles of your feet. Experience the light with all your senses. Feed the light into your dominant hand (the one you write with) and direct that perfect gold light through your palm starting at the top right of the door. Direct the light across the top to the left then down to the floor, across the bottom of the door and then up again to complete the seal. You can also use the light coming from your palm to mark a sigil on the door like a pentagram or a cross (or an angelic seal if you know it). Thank the gold light for working with you and allow the feed from the center of the Earth to stop. This will last a while but will be weakened if a negative person enters. Then it will have to be redone. Renew this regularly.

You can also shield the entire room by using your arm (filled with gold light) as a large “paint brush”. Stand inside the room with your back to the closed door, raise your arm straight up and direct the light through your arm as it sweeps down to cover that entire wall, from floor to ceiling, with gold light. Move to the corner and do it for that wall, repeating until each wall is shielded in gold. Thank the light for working with you and let it stop feeding you.

If you’re sharing a bed with someone you’d rather not be close to (this isn’t about sex), before either of you get into bed, stand at the bottom of the bed facing it and create with all your senses a wall of gold light between you, as before (remember to thank it when you release). Even if the other party physically encroaches on your space in the night, the wall of light keeps the negative energy away.

While smudging with sage or a chosen incense clears negativity, when the smoke and scent is gone, it doesn’t stop new negativity from seeping in. Smudging is good, but include white and/or gold light protection whenever you can until we have more choices.

If you’ve never done energetic work with light before, this might seem a “nothing” solution, but I’ve been using the white and gold light protection for myself every day before I start readings for over twenty years and it has made a huge difference. The more focus and clarity you put into it in creating with all your senses, the stronger it is.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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